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  1. Massive schools of huge kings (over 1m) busting just off Balmoral beach near the wharf every morning last 2 weeks. Approx 1- 3hrs after sunrise. Can’t miss them they are taking metals too. Edit. Don’t bother unless you are using ultra heavy gear!!
  2. The screw that holds the arm might have come loose and the arm has come away from its position. Might have to take it apart and check the springs and stoppers are all correctly placed and put it back together.
  3. Yeah I was thinking. If a beginner can learn the leader knots then I don’t see any other real reason to not start out with braid.
  4. I think all the extra inspections are to stop stolen vehicles being taken to other states.
  5. If you mean type of line, mono line is best for a beginner. Easy to knot and learn the basics. What are you going to fish for?
  6. If I was in your situation I would get one large deep cycle battery to power everything rather than muck around with 2 separate batteries. Im guessing your electric motor would be not bigger than 54lb. I would get a deep cycle battery 140ah minimum. Bigger is even better.
  7. Thanks for the information and it’s not your fault but that is confusing. First it says the owner of the property (soil) has the say in the right to fish on the area, then under section 38, the public has a right to fish these areas.
  8. I want to fish some creeks located in Sydney in a semi rural area that have private property on both sides. Do the land owners, own the creek or am I allowed along the creek if I access it walking from the main road?
  9. I understand the reason why they SAY to pump the oil from the bottom but what is wrong if you just put in the specified amount from the top? Surely it would all flow down and any air pockets (if there happens to be any) will disappear as soon as the gearbox starts turning. Obviously, if less than the required amount goes in and the top hole is overflowing then you either wait for it to go down or turn the gears until you can add the whole amount. What about when you tilt the engine all the way up and then back down again? Same thing.
  10. I have used them quite a bit, mainly because they have some colours that no one else has and I liked them. Have caught plenty of squid on them. Strike rate is no different to expensive jigs. I have found the spikes to be not very sharp and are very difficult to get them sharp yourself. Still, they catch a heap of squid.
  11. There is nothing wrong with your sounder. You didn’t see any fish because there were none directly under you. That’s why you can see your bomb at rest but not when travelling slow because it moves back, away from the beam. The Furuno has a slightly narrow beam angle so you won’t see arches, just a line or “marks” when a fish is under you. I have the 585 and it’s a brilliant sounder
  12. Set up ready to reverse and get out and have a look if you think you need to. If while reversing you are not sure where you are at, get out and have another look. Only takes a few seconds.
  13. Back down to where the rear of the boat starts to lift off the rollers then come forward so it’s just sitting back on the rear most roller. That’s the spot you want Like Rick said, you don’t want the rear floating when the boat is fully wound on. You want it sitting on the rear roller with a little weight.
  14. After many years loading boats, how far (deep) you back into the water determines how easy it is to keep straight and load a boat while either driving or winding on. You need to trial to find the best spot and remember the water height on the trailer.
  15. Hey Jim. I have had a serious ankle injury and it sure sucks. All the simple things we take for granted like showering, walking, getting a glass of water, cooking going to the shop etc become 10 times as difficult. You really appreciate the "luxury" you have when things go back to normal. Hope it all heals 100% for you mate.