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  1. I know Ollie. He is on here as Sydangler. He still lives around Manly, in fact I think he's moving house this weekend. Pm him or me if you need to contact him. Welsh Dave
  2. At least these guys had blue flags and were there first. Last week at Longy a few of us were anchored up at the wall and a black rib boat came through , no flag , 3 or 4 spearos fishing within 2 metres of boats fishing. One guy asked them where their flag was and he was told to #### off. And the boat left the divers on their own for long periods. Totally unacceptable .Bloody dangerous too as more boats were arriving and may have run over them. We are not allowed to be within 60m of divers if I am correct? Its a big ocean, lots of room to share, but fare go!!! that made me angry. Dave
  3. davegroves68

    Members Boats.

    Here is my new toy. Downgraded from a half share in a gas guzzling 25 ft Betram to a cheap to run , fish twice a week 4 metre Seajay centre console. Will probably fish more often and catch more fish. Still a bit sad to see the Bertie go, but with 2 young girls and each trip outside the heads costing me $100, something had to give. And with other friends with boats , I still have options to fish wide. Dave
  4. Love the zip tie idea! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi all, I have just got a 2nd hand Furuno GP7000F GPS/fishfinder combo from a mate who ran a though hull transducer on this unit. I am looking to fit a transom mount transducer and was wondering if anyone on here has any idea which model to fit? I fish inshore mainly. Usually no deeper than 100m. but I might venture further in the future. Thanks in advance. Dave
  6. Hi Craig, just keen to know as I am practically a neighbour, and fish of Long Reef. What boat do you fish out of? I have spent the last few months looking around for something I can put in at the ramp there and fish solo. Would be very keen for your input. Cheers Dave(from Brookie)
  7. Thanks Huey, I have just measured my garage again (properly this time) and it is 2.26 wide at the door so it seems the Outlaw is once again an option. I will try and get up there for a look. Dave
  8. Thanks for the input guys. That hinged drawbar looks useful. My garage is 19 feet long so i'm ok there, trouble is, its only a tiny bit over 2 metres wide, so I think that rules out the Outlaw Huey as I think they are over 2m beam? I am curious how a side console goes fishing solo as that's why I want a smaller more manageable boat and was leaning towards centre console. Looks like I need a trip up to Cowan and have a chat Huey. Cheers Dave
  9. Good to hear it went well Steve. I look forward to coming out with you soon Dave
  10. Hi all, I have recently sold my Bertram 25 owned with a mate and am now in the market for a centre console that will not have the running costs of the Bertie. I am going for aluminium as its lighter for towing and I am restricted to about 4.2 or 4.3 metres as I want to keep it in my garage. There seem to be a few 4.5s or larger on the market but no 4.2m boats so I am considering buying new. I like the look or the Brooker 4.2m centre console or possibly Anglapro Bandit 424. I just wondered if any members have used these boats and what they think. No more than a 40hp on the back and my budget is to $16k so these are possible. I would be using it purely for fishing inshore, dropping it in at Longreef (done it many times with friends boats, so I realise the issues there) and for harbour fishing. thanks in advance Dave
  11. I ended up having to turn our radio off for half an hour because she was annoying me so much. It was ridiculous. These low lives don't seem to realise that clogging the airwaves could put peoples lives at risk.
  12. I was on the habour catching a few pinkies while watching the Fleet Review. Very impressed. Got a brother who did 24 years in the Royal Navy back home so I have been on and seen many ships but never in such beautiful surroundings a Sydney Harbour. Hats off to The Royal Australian Navy. Welsh Dave
  13. I heard on the radio Ch 21 that they were very big fish at the surface but very fussy and no one was hooking up.
  14. Rule mate. I've had mine in for 4 years and it's still going strong.