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  1. G'day all, I am planning to go down to Greenwell point next week for a few days. I was wondering if anyone has had any success at crabbing down that way? If so, could you provide any tips / spots etc? cheers
  2. s9657bd


    Hi guys, unfortunatley this trip did not eventuate and I am still squidless. Looking for someone to show me some techniques on rigs and how to catch squid. thanks
  3. s9657bd


    Sounds like a plan IMICK. I'll pm you with some details.. thanks
  4. s9657bd

    Very Strange Fish

    Not sure what that it but one thing for sure is that it is dam ugly.. Maybe a cross between a rat and something... LOL
  5. Good sized Black Rock Cod.. Pretty sure they're endangered too..
  6. That there is a Bonito.. Good for a ffed or bait.,
  7. Great work there mate... Hope they work as well as they look..
  8. Going by the description , with the black - definatley Cobia
  9. Good catch.. Looks like he was in the Hawkesbury??
  10. Your name: Brian Your Location: Greystanes Fishing technique: Would like to master the art of squidding.. Availability: Weekends only Preferred location: Sydney harbour Provide your own gear? Yes
  11. I have found that shads in anything from 3" to 5" in satay chicken and lime tiger normally do the trick.
  12. Never caught any LB but try the 5 inch or 7 inch shads they wouls definatley be the way to go.. Also ...
  13. Pity about the bust offs, but at least you got a few.. Well done and great report..
  14. Tops stuff... So how long before you start taking order??
  15. Good work.. Hopefully you can get on to a bigger model this time..