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  1. Mick worked a popper as soon as we pulled up there and a big yellowfin launched out of the water with it in its mouth but the hooks didnt stick - straight after that I hooked up on a jig and it ran deep and fast - ended up snapping an Okuma 24kg jig stick on it and fought on with only two eyes on the rod - luck rolled our way and we boated a yft - no doubt at they run heaps harder than kings - being down to one jig stick we ended up jigging using tiagra 80w's and were still landing them one after the other - crazy stuff!
  2. Yes reported to Marine Rescue then water police called us a few hours later wanting to know the likely hood of people being in the water from the upturned tinny - I don't think they retrieve them that far offshore when they are on the drift, this thing was out in about 1100 or 1200 fathoms and they never asked us for the co-ordinates after we called it for having been in the water for more than a year or two.
  3. Great trip with Cammo and Mick onboard Tintola. We trolled up to Port Stephens yesterday then trolled back today - we were out to find the warm water that had been pushing down on the charts in hope that there might be an early season marlin about... both big days on the water but well worth it in the end. Yesterday we hooked a YFT off the back of the Norah Head Canyon but nothing else for the day (other than a thousand beers, turkeys and jacks). Today was a different story though, our first for the day was an XL Mako that took our shotty as we passed back through the Norah Canyons, managed t
  4. Pretty quiet day out there yesterday Damo, we got one YFT on the first tide change then nothing for the rest of the day.. there's small jellybeans jumping about out there around Browns but they're too interested in the sauries to take a lure - there's lots of birds showing where and when the fish are about to rise, but very hard to keep up with them.. they come up quickly then go back down deep just as fast... we trolled Sthn cans out to 2000, up to heatons, back to the nthn canyon, back to browns then trolled in - apart from the jellybeans at browns and lots of whales, we saw nothing else all
  5. It's an interesting one.. the EAC push from the North looks to be making constant progress on the Leeuwin - I wonder if that'll see the end of any more bluefin runs and bring in the school YFT??
  6. We'll be out either day, most likely Tues, Reel Game - probably look for this break if it's still within reach when the wind dies off.
  7. Not sure what brand it is - just a stock standard 1kw married up to a Furuno 585
  8. Great day out yesterday, we left the ramp well before first light and put the spread in somewhere between Browns and Heatons on first light - the first tide change produced a nice blue fin for us and so we continued east in hope of more action. Saw a huge school of tuna jumping high out of the water for sometime however didn't manage to convert to a bite. Some time later the radio was full of hot action back down off the back of the canyons so we pulled the gear in and ran 32nm to get to the area - in awsome conditions we managed 30knots the whole way down. Cracker day, ended up landing 6 f
  9. We'll be off Sydney tomorrow - we ran down to JB last week in search of them only to miss the Sydney bite - see how things pan out tomorrow - good luck everyone
  10. Yes we're out tomorrow - Reel Game, cheers Secho
  11. The first YFT of the season for Reel Game - good day for us today. Mick and I hooked this fish just after first light (back home it weighed in right on 50kg dressed). A few hours after having landed the fin we fought a cracker Marlin for 10 or 15 min but with only two of us on board and a full spread set back in the water, we eventually lost the fish when it tossed the hooks a long way back from the boat - probably call it for about 100kg or so. Later this afternoon we found a smallish sized Mako swimming about but didn't get the bite - still a great day - here's a couple of pics of the YFT
  12. We'll be out Thursday - Sailfish Cat, Reel Game, Ch 21 - Happy to share if we come across any. Cheers Secho
  13. Our number one producer for tuna over the last three seasons has been a Carolina Custom Flying Fish Chain. It does well for us on both YFT and bluefin.. we usually run it from the short or long corner. The only problems we've had is during the fight, other bluefin tend to chomp on the flying fish which once cost us a big blue fin and obviously lure as well. We started running the same lure as a bit of a tease during marlin season and it ended up being just as productive - we bought our ones online from USA for about $130 USD each, but unless you're doing a big order, the $80 freight is also
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