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  1. bluefin

    Botany Bay Kings and Squid with Stewy

    Thanks, Enjoyed the Video !!!!
  2. bluefin

    Bream on hardbodies in middle harbour

    If you can find some sand flats, walk them.
  3. bluefin

    Bream on hardbodies in middle harbour

    Don't forget drifting the sand flats casting ahead of the boat, Try a lighter leader, 6 or 4 lb, But be prepared to loose a few to flathead going to 4 lb.. . Sandflat fishing is my favourite with HB lures, Dawn to sunrise is my favourite time. on a rising tide. And Slow Down, A slow roll is my choice in retrieves. I also agree with TheFoosh and all his comets!. Find the food, yabby holes, bait fish , oysters, and there is a high chance the fish will be there! Have you watched Sand Flats Fishing on you tube ? Howard. PS. I mainly target Flathead, I use a 4 lb leader with what I call a bite trace, about 20 c/m of 10 or 12 lb between the 4 lb and the lure !! 4 lb gives you a longer cast!
  4. bluefin

    What's your preferred lure type??

    All 3. Depending on where and when I fish, and what for. Howard.
  5. bluefin

    Gulpless !

    Opened a packet of gulp nemesis yesterday which I bought 12 months ago. Still had liquid in the pack. Tails had stiffened up and were useless !!!!!!!! Lesson. By as you need them , Dont stock up!!!! Not Happy Jan. Howard.
  6. bluefin

    Show us your fishing buggy

    I bought it at a show, cheaper to buy 2, so my wife bought one and her brother the other, I like to travel light on the beach , and move around a lot . So have never had it in the beach !
  7. bluefin

    Show us your fishing buggy

    I have a Beachwheels , Carries Esky and seats from the car to a picnic table perfectly !!!! I have the Beachmate. Howard,
  8. bluefin

    PejarDam Regards Howard.
  9. bluefin

    What herbs do you use with fish

    Not Herb related But Good. When camping and catching Bream or Trout, I would fill the gut cavity with tomato and onion, Wrap in Alfoil than on the fire. A great meal with potatoes in the coals also.
  10. bluefin


    I still have a few around, went out of favour as more "modern " lures came out. I still use 1/4 X 1/2 inch chrome lures and have people ask what they are. Howard.
  11. bluefin

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    At the waterfall. There are pools above it with bass, But I am going back 30 years !!!! The creek in front of the Crosslands boat ramp has a pool at the end , have caught Flathead there. Howard.
  12. bluefin


    Rated to 10 kg. Regards Howard.
  13. bluefin

    Jew Rod

    Thank You.
  14. bluefin

    Ultra Light Bream Reel

    I have stradic fa, fb, fk and Daiwa Aegis on my 1 to 3 and 2 to 4 rods, the ci4+1000 fb is the lightest but the 2006 Aegis feels so good. But the tournament drag is a pain, so many turns to get some decent drag. And a max of only 2 kg. Stradic FK 195 grams, if it is too heavy then the fb at 160 gram is your best choice. Luvias 2004 is 175 grams ? Howard.
  15. bluefin

    Flathead on light leader

    I fish almost exclusively for Flathead on lures. I use 4 lb leader With about 30 c/m of 12 lb tied as a bite trace on the end. I use 4 or 6 lb leader to cast further. It probably reduces the bream by catch, but the Jew by catch is covered !!! I was fishing with the local Guide last week, and he uses 8 lb leader with no problems. We caught over 12 flathead that day without loosing any to bite offs. We were using 1 to 3 and 2 to 4 kg rods with a firm drag. Not too tight so the fish could run a bit ! Howard.