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  1. bluefin

    How is everyone storing their soft plastics?

    I used to take everything with me. A HUGE tackle box. Have been trying to take only what I need for the outing with me . Plus a few packets of SP's in their packets .
  2. bluefin

    Lake Cathie- found a feed!!!

    Cathie is an unreal fishery. Known for its Whiting on surface lures and Famous Prawns. Small but soooo sweet !! The Predators are there too !! Glad you enjoyed it. Very relaxing place, to fish from a boat even. Has a calming effect on me. The Hastings some how is more hectic. Howard .
  3. bluefin

    Rod or Reel?

    Jon D , I use a 2 to 4 Samaki and a 2 to 6 daiwa gen blk in the river for Jew. Best is high 80's. Way too much fun to go heavier out of a boat. 5 lb braid and 12 lb leader. BUT not a snag in sight !!!! Open Water !!! Howard.
  4. Just realised your in Port. Have a look at Youtube fishing 31 south, go to videos, worth a look if only for the spots he fishes .
  5. I fish the hastings river, Lures only. Deep water would be the Samaki Vibelicious. 70 m/m Whitebait colour. Metal vibe for all depths, Ecogear ZX. Flathead love green, Bream Red. Soft Plastic, has to be Z man grubs in motor oil, Z MAN MINNOWZ 3 INCH. Motor oil. Closely followed by Dragon Maggot 2.5 inch in motor oil or red. Z MAN SLIM SWIMZ 2.5 INCH Im going to try soon, they have my interest. Nice baitfish profile. Hard body is the ATOMIC HARDZ CRANK 38 in Ghost Gill Brown. There are 3 depths to choose from . Jew trolling deep holes, BOMBER LONG 24A Brown I find good as the river often has a touch of brown to it . A bit of reading for you . Howard .
  6. bluefin

    Jig heads

    Depends a lot on what mood the flathead are in, they often grab the SP, hang on until at the boat , then open their mouth and let go !!!! Never actually being hooked. Scent helps ( Sax Scent aussie made ) and going to a smaller plastic. Some use a stinger hook, but I haven't ! . Howard.
  7. A mate of mine worked up there for a while and had some great outings . Howard.
  8. bluefin

    Micro jigs

    Bob Thank You . Thats easily obtained and inexpensive !!!!. Any advice in hook style ? Have used in line hooks straight to the split ring, made sure their gape was wider than the jig . Howard.
  9. bluefin

    Micro jigs

    kingie chaser, The micro jigging i will be doing will be in 20 meters of water in the river . Vertical jigging out of the boat. Im after Bream , Flathead and Jew. My usual targets on vibes and SP's. Just a different method. why not dacron or kevlar? I don't have any. 12 to 16 lb fluro is all I use now. I was wondering why 40 or 60. which I have, wouldn't do the trick? Easily replaced if damaged too much .? Hook design Im wondering about too. Thanks .
  10. bluefin

    Micro jigs

    Have been inspired to give this a try.Im changing some of my 10 15 and 20 gram metal spinning lures to suit. One way is to remove the treble and ring, and attach an inline hook to the top ring. It works Im told, But I wonder it putting the hook on a piece of Braided Kevlar or just plain old Fluro to give the hook more flexibility would be better?Has anyone used Momo or Fluro for this, Also what design of hook ?Thanks Howard.
  11. bluefin

    Botany Bay Kings and Squid with Stewy

    Thanks, Enjoyed the Video !!!!
  12. bluefin

    Bream on hardbodies in middle harbour

    If you can find some sand flats, walk them.
  13. bluefin

    Bream on hardbodies in middle harbour

    Don't forget drifting the sand flats casting ahead of the boat, Try a lighter leader, 6 or 4 lb, But be prepared to loose a few to flathead going to 4 lb.. . Sandflat fishing is my favourite with HB lures, Dawn to sunrise is my favourite time. on a rising tide. And Slow Down, A slow roll is my choice in retrieves. I also agree with TheFoosh and all his comets!. Find the food, yabby holes, bait fish , oysters, and there is a high chance the fish will be there! Have you watched Sand Flats Fishing on you tube ? Howard. PS. I mainly target Flathead, I use a 4 lb leader with what I call a bite trace, about 20 c/m of 10 or 12 lb between the 4 lb and the lure !! 4 lb gives you a longer cast!