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  1. First choice would have to be an ugly stick ! 6"6" 4 to 8 KG. Howard.
  2. Interesting, Can't say I ever have !!! Howard.
  3. bluefin

    Fave Species

    Flathead. I hunt them with a variety of lures, Jews are often a by catch. Howard. Ps 2005 post !!
  4. I have my eye on the boat loader !!!!! Howard.
  5. Daiwa TD Black. I have a few Gen Black and they just feel right !!. I have Shimano tk3g, and Samaki Zing, But daiwa just feel better , Lighter . Howard.
  6. No. But we were using Butterworth 8144 at the time at 12 ' I think these were shorter Im guessing 10' . a lot of people were using the 8120 and 9120 . I ended up using a sabre SS220 . so there was a move to shorter rods.
  8. Ironglass ? American Blanks. GH = Gospel and Hanstead, The Importers. I made up a few, Very nice rods, Came out about the same time as Star Wars. I named one Darth Vader !!! Black Blank !! Nice Spinning rods off the rocks, with a seascape 6 to 1 Reel . Howard.
  9. Hi Donna, I have a Makocraft car topper 375 with a 15 on the back. we intend to get a caravan oneday !!. So I bought a Barcoo Stainless. I use it as an everyday trailer. No complaints !!!! Howard.
  10. Monday Cancelled. Were helping feed evacuees at Willawarrin. Many houses lost and one dead. Will be very emotional for Me !! Prayers needed !!!
  11. Have a look at this first. Then the video in this, Scroll down a bit to the Video. These have been out for a while. WHY WASNT I TOLD.. Im trying them Monday. Will let you all know !! Howard.
  12. Wild and Wicked !!!!!! love them. My river Jew rods !!!!! Howard.