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  1. I have 2 Jew outfits. No 1 Daiwa Wild Weasel 2 to 6 kg up to 14 grams. 2 nd Veritas 7" 4 to 8 kg 10 to 48 gram. This is a new addition, and now has a permanent place in my Armory. Very nice to fish with !!! Great for deep water winter fishing up here in the Hastings !!!!!! Howard.
  2. Wow look at how far this has gone. The first time I ever went out with Barbara was fishing in a small boat at Crosslands. She outfished me and was hooked. We have been married for 46 years and still fish together, Beach and small boat. I used to buy 2 of everything and that was good. But now we have 2 of everything.( Fishing Wise ) Barbara doesn't need Makeup !!! The largest part of my purchase was a replacement rod tip, top of 2 part rod . I broke it ! Plus live beach worms which I traded for 3 Whiting and A bream all around 30C/m for dinner tonight. A samaki Regit in white bait which caught 2 tailor ( under size) And 2 sax scent 1 crab 1 bloodworm. Oh and some 12 lb fluro leader. And a bait bucket for my grand son . and some sunnies for him. I think that was all .😎 Howard.
  3. I was telling Jason in the tackle shop I would be in trouble for spending so much. He gave me an interesting perspective. If I ash My wife if I can spend $200 on fishing gear. Il get into trouble.! If I buy $200 in fishing gear and then tell her Ill get into trouble, But Ill have $200 in fishing gear !!!!!!
  4. I went for a look at the beaches up here today. Lighthouse and in front of Lake Cathie 4wd access both look good !!! Howard.
  5. Soldier Crab. Good Bream Bait. Howard.
  6. Years ago I bought 2 CI4 stradic 1000, Now I wish they were 2500 !! Very little weight difference but larger spool casts and retrieves better, I know because I now have 2 2500 and 2 3000 stradics to compare to !!. DAIWA REVROS LT I like these too , I have 2 and like them !!!
  7. With Autumn upon us , I am looking for some great fishing in the deeper water for schooling bream, Jewfish, and big Flathead. Out comes the Wild weasel. 2 to 6 kg. 2 to 14 gram. I run 10 lb braid with a 12 lb leader. Lure wise , Samaki Vibelicious 10 gram. ( they now have a 14g Im yet to try ) in Whitebait !! Probably the only lure I need !!. But for a change I use the zman Minnowz 3" and 3"grub in motor oil. 1/4 jighead, ( Painted Deep Purple Ha Ha ) Trolling A Bomber 24a Gold orange or Brown orange if you can find them. These dive to 4 to 5 meters( i know because they hit the bottom !! ) and catch a lot of Flathead and Jew . The weasel is my perfect winter rod. Stiff enough to work the 10 gram vibes. But yesterday I was casting a 3.5 gram Metal vibe with it working a shoreline. No problem at all. This is a great all round rod !!! Love it !! Go find some fish. Howard !!!
  8. Where is the big Anal Spike of a bream. ? Howard .
  9. Op shop score for my granddaughter . But not responsible enough. So there mine now !!!!! You can only see the top shelf rails, there are 2 more lower down. Certainly kept them busy and I now have the most colourful Tackle box !!!!! Howard. PS they want me to find more for them !!!!!!!!
  10. 2 outa 3. Aint bad!!
  11. Hi everyone, Hope your all well ?? Fished thursday and friday this week. Did well with 3 Bream on Soldier crabs in an eddy, Dirty water run out tide . 1 Tailor and 6 flathead. Plus a few undersize fish.On lures . Painted Jig Heads. A while ago there was a push to use coloured jig heads. Did anyone paint theirs and was it worth it ? A bit of red on the underside could look like the flared gills of an injured fish. Im thinking I have the nail polish and 3 grandkids. A bit of craft ?? Howard .
  12. I just partitioned off half the double garage to create a craft room for my daughter. A good time to clean up and rearrange my fishing and camping gear. I gave myself a meter behind the garage door before her wall for storage and the wall down the middle i will move all my rods on to !! Win Win !!!!!!!! Howard. Also thought I would share my birthday cake with everyone, My daughter had it custom made for me .
  13. Rebel. The older I get the grumpier I Am !!!! My wording was a bit aggressive, And yes I have fought against this Advertising driven information My whole working life !. I have no anger, just frustration. Howard.
  14. I am also blessed with a grandson who loves fishing !!!!! We usually lure fish, but this day we had 2 others with us so we used worms. We got over 25 fish, not all legal, But they enjoyed it.