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  1. bluefin

    Mid north coast guidance

    Have a look at your Private Messages. Howard.
  2. bluefin

    Old days

    The Iron Assassin we cast in lead and Chromed. Very good lure off the rocks !! Howard.
  3. bluefin

    Old days

    WK action had a swivel riveted. on top of it. Abu Krill was Dimpled.
  4. bluefin

    Old days

    Remember the WK Action? I used the Abu Krill too. A lot we made our own moulds and cast them in lead .
  5. bluefin

    Old days

    Speed King Jig Has lost it's fiery tail. White Or hot Pink ?
  6. bluefin

    Alvey Repairs

    We really need a photo . It may have an anti reverse that is not working. Some Alvey 's have them. Howard.
  7. bluefin

    Old days

    Burleyguts, Baz, Can we still buy fmt72l's made up off the shelf ?
  8. bluefin

    Old days

    I made a few 35 years ago. All were extended 6" with a cut off from another rod. I was still using 3 up until a year or so ago. My daughter broke 2 , and my son the other in car doors. I cried !!!! Just replaced them with ugg sticks, Nowhere near as good. but just used for bait fishing . I have 3 superbarra, one was a christmas present to my girlfriend, now wife, 36 years ago. I still have them. 2 spin 1 BC. I now have a garage full of carbon rods !!
  9. bluefin

    Old days

    YES thats it !!!!!!!!!! I actually typed FT 70 then removed it because I thought I was getting mixed up with the FMT 72l Butterworth. I tried the 9 to 1 but couldn't turn the handle with a fish on !!! went back to the scape !!! Thank you everyone !!!
  10. bluefin

    Old days

    There was a spin stick a good mate used that was half aluminium tube. Very good rod, But cant remember the name. I have used Butterworth 8144.and 8120 ? Ironglass, and sabre 220. Seascape minor, standard and Major. Poly 2b. Everol 2 1/2 . 0 and Pen senator, Jigmaster. Anyone remember the 9 to 1 bolt on conversion for the Jigmaster ? And the newer Shimano tld 25. Im Old !! Howard.
  11. bluefin

    Old days

    Im not able to access my gear, Will take some photos when I can. I don't rock fish now, May be a spin off the beach for old time sake !!
  12. bluefin

    Old days

    I still have 2 seascapes and my spin rod. Sabre ss220 . 1/2 by 1/4 and hex bars chromed. Iron Coffin and Assasin. Now days it's a Wilson live fibre, 10'6. and a Stradic fk . 15 lb braid in the Surf. With Plastics. Howard.
  13. bluefin

    Check your Minn Kota

    Thank You, Howard.
  14. bluefin

    Port Macquarie land based fishing options

    When are you coming up ? You can cross back creek at settlement point, which will give you access to yabbies for bait if you wish, then a couple a km of sandflat all the way back to the town centre on the ocean side of the island.
  15. bluefin

    New Spin Reel.

    Gee I hate this " picture or it didn't happen crap" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You either believe him or you don't. Your choice! saying PROVE IT , Really annoys me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Howard.