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  1. Im going back a while, but most of the bays contained Yakka along the rocky shorelines. Grab a few large potatoes and a scaler and burley with potato scrapings !! Prawn or fish for bait small hook. Howard.
  2. Measure it please, Is it 7' does it feel life it could be 2 to 4 KG ?? If so probably 2 to 10 Gram. Howard.
  3. Exciting time mate. I will let others comment. Never had a boat that size. Howard.
  4. I have been catching a few larger models lately on 3 ". and 40 m/m HB lures, The thought came to me that big fish like Jellybeans Too !! Howard.
  5. Im starting to use weedless more and more. Mainly for mangrove roots as I fish for Flathead in the shallows a lot. There is a lot on You tube regarding weedless rigging, Zman go into it in depth. The softer the plastic the better. Not sure about hook up rates, I was wondering about that also, So far so good ! What fish are you chasing ? Howard.
  6. After giving so much advice last week, I thought it best to post these from today, Bream 36 c/m Flathead 65 c/m. Tide was racing so I used a 1/4 oz jig head in 3 to 6 meters of water so I could bounce the bottom. 3" Holt swim prawn. Sax Scent Crab and Fluro orange on the belly to mimic eggs on a saltwater Yabby. 10 lb braid, 12 lb Fluorocarbon leader. 2 to 6 kg rod My Jew outfit usually. But needed it to cast and work the 1/4 oz jig head. Usually use 1 to3 kg rod 4 lb braid 4 to 8 lb leader. Howard.
  7. I would have been one of the 6 to 1 geared Seascape men at south Avoca from around 1972 ? I can relate to this ! The 499 and seascape retrieved the same amount of line. But I could spin the handle faster. That often made the difference on Bonito and Mac Tuna especially !!. Speed Kills !! I still have a heap of 1/2 x 1/4 chromed, and Hex rod lures. Howard.
  8. Im very impressed with the Splash Prawn, and it's ease of use !! Straight line pop, pop, pause, Or continuous pop for whiting. Great Fish !!
  9. General rule If your not bouncing the bottom, You will miss most Flathead !! Strike firmly !!
  10. A lot of this aligns with Jew in the Hastings! I fish with lures. With Sax Scent. Troll and cast. I fish deep holes and channels at slack tide. I look for Baitfish. Early morning my favourite. Look for them on the sounder. Stolen from a charter facebook page
  11. I shouldn't have shown a shop, Can you edit it out please.
  12. What reel do you have on the hyper ? with 8 lb braid. OK rods on the way. That reel with 16 lb mono wont cast well ! Get the 2000 or 2500 reel and some braid .
  13. 1/8 + 3.5 gram + the SP weight will be will over 4 Gram. Try it. Don't get tied up in figures !! The whole point of a leader is to give some invisibility to the line behind the Lure. MY leaders are often weaker than my braid. It is common practice. My last word on the matter!
  14. Use the 8 lb first. I think it will be fine ! Yes it will throw a Yabby with a 00 ball sinker ! best with 6 lb leader. Try before you change anything !! the only way you will know. I often throw and troll 3.4 gram crank baits.
  15. You can still use 4 and 6 lb leader on 8 lb braid. Set your drag according to your leader. The hyper is designed to bend enough with 4 lb line. As I said I have the TD black Weasel version 2 to 6 kg! Very versatile, 4 lb leader for Bream, 12 lb for Jew ang Flathead ! I fish with this rod almost weekly ! Howard.
  16. http://wp.fishingmonthly.com.au/category/reports/nsw-fishing-reports/ Howard.
  17. I now fish almost exclusively for flathead in the Hastings River. The Ecogear zx is one of my favourites, small lifts and pauses. Recently I been very impressed with the holt Swim Prawn in green and Saltwater Yabby mainly 3" 2/0 or 3/0 hook. 2" not bad either. Howard. Check out parts 1,2 and 3. I have a daiwa weasel. leader wise for flathead 12 is is perfect. If you want to target Beam in clear water . use 4 or 6 ib leader. 2 to 6 kg is a very versatile rod. I like green in my lures for Flathead, Or the yabby colour.
  18. Tides determine where I fish , not so much when. I love a pre dawn start. Low tide I fish drop offs. High tide I fish the sand flats. Jew love the deep water on an ebb tide. The rock walls must have a run in the tide. No flow No Go !! Howard.
  19. Drag increase as line on reel demises. Full spool 1. Half spool doubles the drag . Empty spool Triples the drag. 1 , 2 ,3 Ratio. Most small spinning reels only hold limited line. With Braid, 100 meters of line out reduces the line diameter on the spool very little! And the spools start holding line well over half the spool diameter. So an empty spool May ? double your drag !! Hope this makes sense !! Howard.
  20. Drag set by leader or mainline? which ever is the weaker !. Drag setting? Enough to set the hooks. Game fishing was 1/3 Bream and Jacks in timber or oyster racks. 100% I use about 1/3, enough to set the looks. But no enough to straighten them or pull them out. The fight to me is the best part. I mainly use 4 lb leader and small hooks HB and SP fishing! This was on 3 lb straight through Fluro.
  21. Sometimes, Flathead like Jellybeans. ( 40 m/m jerk bait ) Keep trying !!
  22. "no boating should be permitted for fishing or recreation or excersize," Not sure about this ? A very emotive statement.
  23. Extra drag was gained by applying Thumbs to the side of the spool .
  24. I used Seascapes for many years, Never blew up the rears all 6 to 1 Always pumped the fish in to take pressure off the gears. all pressure on the anti reverse lug. Never used the reel as a winch. "Another way to test if the drag on an overhead reel is smooth is to put a medium amount of drag pressure on, clamp your thumb on the spool and wind the handle." This is a guaranteed way to strip the gears.
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