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  1. jtp

    Port Hacking Landbased

    Thanks mate. I find the squidgy prawns work pretty well with some sort of scent. I was using the provided s-factor. Pretty wide range of species. Thanks Berleyguts. Fishing is a very good motivator for exercise I found! Cheers mate. Thanks Sam. Haha I'm off to buy a new rod soon. Looking at an upgrade. So looks like it's going to be alright.
  2. Hi Everyone, Haven't posted in a long time. Have been caught up with work. Thought I'd put up today's landbased session which is a little different to my usual style of fishing (kayak/boat). I was supposed to get to my spot in the port hacking river by 630am. It takes around a 30min hike through bushland. This didn't happen. I arrived at 10 o'clock to get the start of the runout. Conditions weren't great. High winds and side rain, but this settled down after a bit. Started off using soft plastics (squidgy prawn) with 6lb braid and 8lb mono to start as I've caught some good bream and snapper here before. Straight away I get a good hit on the descent and reel in a tailor measuring 38cm. I try again several times but get bitten off everytime (seemed like there was nothing else there except tailor). Switched to a rapala and cast after cast I was bringing in tailor (6 in total from 36cm to 42cm). They were all released. Suddenly on a retrieve something else hits and gives a much better fight. So good in fact that it broke my rod (there must have been some previous damage). Brought in a good bonito at 58cm. Given that my rod was broken and no further fishing was to be done I kept the bonito for the table and headed home. All up fishing time was under an hour. The drive and hike took 3hours. Thanks for reading. Joe
  3. Hi everyone, Very late notice but have a day off tomorrow and going for a morning session at botany bay launching from kurnell at 5amish if anyone wants to join. Cheers Joe
  4. jtp

    Been a while [Hawkesbury Jew Report]

    Thanks for the update Henry. I haven't fished Juno in quite some time. Happy to hear there are still fish hanging around. Might just have to give it another go sometime. Cheers Joe
  5. jtp

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    I vote for an early morning session next meet haha! Not sure if i'm ready for another hairtail session just yet, unless it's on my boat.
  6. jtp

    Cooks river

    Haha Henry, it did smell a little bit but not too bad. There was a lot of floating rubbish snags though... Nice one swordie's bro! I'll have to try my luck again another weekday I have off. Cheers dude. They were a pretty good fight on 6lb.
  7. jtp

    Cooks river

    Hi everyone, Went for a short early morning session in the yak today before first light (4am) at the cooks river. It's getting pretty damn cold. Struggled to wind in fish today with frozen hands. Have never fished it before but thought i'd scout the bridges. Unfortunately there must be short in my circuit; couldnt get the sounder started. So just fished the pylons blindly using a shad sp and soft vibe at the bridge. Caught 3 nice fat tailor from 50 - 52cm, bream at 29cm and a small flathead I didn't measure. All caught in the first hour of the runout. I might head back before the next moon for a try at jewies but not sure i can stand the smell! Thanks for reading Joe
  8. jtp

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Thanks Krause for organising the get together. It was nice to meet everyone. I'm sure next time will be more successful! I need to bring more socks though..
  9. jtp

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Just finished work. Pretty knackered. Ill probably delay launch till 1pm with everybody else otherwise you'll see me in a camo hobie with a light blue esky. See everyone out there Joe
  10. jtp

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Will do. Ive just set up my trolley system to allow for depth adjustment on the go (ive got 30metres of rope) and for quick release with a buoy if i need to detach to chase a fish/untangle or for safety reasons. It can probably use some refining so itll be good to see everyones setup. Ill prob launch around 9am. See everybody out there! Joe
  11. jtp

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Thanks Henry. I'll bring leftover pilchard for berley as well. Cheers Joe
  12. jtp

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Just bought an anchor (normally I would just pedal to keep myself stationary but doing that for a couple hours might be a tad too long). What is the depth like in waratah bay? Also I bought a block of pilchard I'm happy to split with someone as I'm pretty sure i'm not going to finish it. My bait freezer is filled with leftover pilchard (for berley) as it is. Cheers Joe
  13. jtp

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Don't want to jinx anything, but I finally have a weekend off work that coincides with a FR outing. I'm pretty sure i'm in too. Where exactly are you launching from at bobbin head? off the jetty? Is everyone still going if it rains? Also keen for a morning start but happy to stay late if the weather holds out.
  14. jtp

    FR Yak Meet Mark III

    I have quite a few work commitments so don't think i can make the dates above but was planning on an outing on the 16th. Odd day off but if anyone else is wanting to go for a fish let me know! I fish anywhere between hawkesbury to windang. Also have a spare hobie outback but cannot fit both kayaks on my set of roof racks. Cheers, Joe
  15. Hi mate, i normally just drive along the beach until i find a good long and close gutter somewhere quiet and away from everyone else, which can be hard as it gets packed at times! Good luck.