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  1. Thanks Damos. You should give it a go! Get's addictive. Thanks mate. That's good to know. More chances for mulloway bycatch! Water in that part of the George's definitely qualifies as being coloured. Thanks Yowie. Thanks mate. Thanks Nathan! It does indeed. Cheers. I guess they have to be tough to survive. I've felt guilty at times about how the fish goes when I've been busted off. This makes me feel better. Even more reason not to use stainless steel hooks. Thanks mate. Hopefully a report is coming soon haha. Thanks mate. Good to know they work! Maybe I will see you around.
  2. Hi everyone, Had another good day in the George's in the hobie. Have developed a bit of a mulloway obsession the past couple of months and have been targeting them almost every time I go out in the yak on soft plastics. They've been out in good numbers around the 60 - 80cm range. Today I fished the low with the start of the run-in tide. I was fishing drop-offs at a few different river bends. Right at the change I had my first run. It was a blistering run and went for a few minutes. I knew I was on to a good fish. However, the line suddenly went slack and I had a dreading feeling. The hook had pulled. I suspect a head shake may have freed the hook. It was probably 80cm+ compared to the previous mulloway I've caught in the Georges. I had no hits for 2 hours and decided to try some calmer water out of the current. This is when I noticed some surface action 1 metre from the mangroves at a depth of 80cm. I was thinking they were bream or possibly tailor chasing some bait. I already had my jewie SP on so I just cast it out right into the bait ball. It got hit immediately on the drop and a couple of small runs later I landed a 72cm mulloway. It is the first time I've seen or caught a mulloway in the shallows. Not only that, this jewie had a full snooded rig with 1metre of line down its gob. The 2 hooks were well and truly on their way out and had pretty much rusted through. I removed them anyway before release and I'm sure he was appreciative. The fish was in very good condition. It's good to know that the hooks actually rust out without too much harm to the fish, when they are hooked in the mouth. Gear used was a stradic 2500, 8lb braid and 10lb fluro leader, green and red flecked paddle tail shad. Got home and found out my new gear had arrived. Can't wait to test them out. Thanks for reading, Joe
  3. Thanks mate. It is a nice and different way to enjoy the water system. As a bonus it is a good motivator to exercise! Cheers! Nothing like fishing your local waterway. Thanks Jim. I'm slowly getting there I think. One day I hope for the metre mulloway! Thanks Crusher!
  4. Incredible mulloway mate. Congrats on 2 fish of a lifetime!! Cheers Joe
  5. Hi all, Went for a quick kayak session today flicking soft plastics in the George's River targetting mulloway. I like how quiet it is now in terms of boat traffic. Started at around 7am at the change of tide. Caught 2 mulloway at 64 and 74cm in the first 2hours of the runout. I was fishing a drop off in an eddy current created around the corner of a headland. Both caught on a gold flecked squidgy paddle tail. 8lb braid to 10lb leader. I've found in the kayak I haven't really had to go heavier and I was a bit lazy to bring too much gear. Both were securely hooked in the corner of the mouth and came in with not much trouble after the initial fight. Both released after some photos. Quite difficult to do by yourself in a yak! On the peddle back I flicked a prawn squidgy around some rocky ledges for 4 bream between 27 to a bigger model at 38cm. Kept 2 for the table. Still in search for the metre fish! Thanks for reading, Joe
  6. Thanks mate. I have burley going the whole time I'm on the boat (even when I am trolling) and agree, without it would get no where near as much action. The rat kings were taking cubed pilchards as well but were harder to entice then when I went a few weeks back. Thanks Gab. Mostly the smaller ones but occasionally you do get a legal one in the mix. Yep they are well and truly hooked on the experience!
  7. Hi everyone, Haven't posted in a while as haven't been out fishing much. Had a weekday off which is pretty much my preferred time to fish now; don't like to contend with the weekend crowds. Got out to botany bay at 6am with the boat and a couple of friends who have never really been fishing before. Got out on the water when it was still dark. Waited for first light then trolled various lures at varying lengths and depths. Started from the runways and made our way out the heads. Picked up the first and largest bonito of the day at 60cm at one of the red channel markers where it was hanging around a baitball in the middle of the water column. Caught the other 2 bonito outside along the coast. No surface action and the bait was hanging down deep. The deep diver got all the hits. Only spent a short time out as my friend got sea sick. Headed in to la perouse and picked up one squid. Anchored at the runway and cubed for some salmon, rats, bream, snapper and trevally. Took the 33cm snapper, one 29m bream, one 32cm trevally and one of the salmon for the table. Released quite a few bream and trevally that were just legal as we had enough fish between the 3 of us. Unfortunately pickers took our live squid bait. Got back home and cleaned the boat by 12pm. Friends were chuffed and looking forward to the next outing. Thanks for reading! Joe
  8. Hi Krause, Have not been yakking as much as I used too; last time would have been in November in Berowa creek for some bream and soapies. I'm in the middle of customizing a kayak trailer to fit my 2 hobies and my off-roading and camping gear. I can't be bothered lifting the kayak onto my car roof anymore haha. Have been taking the boat out instead due to time constraints. Just 2 weeks ago had a great session in Botany bay at first light with bust ups everywhere infront of the 2 runways. Got into a good number of bonito, tailor, salmon and kings on the troll and micro jigs. And I had them all to myself as everyone else was at molineaux. Once I finish the kayak trailer would be good to arrange another session eh? Cheers Joe
  9. I was staying on the Hawkesbury river during the end of November and there were lots of blue swimmers about; of good size too. Unfortunately all our traps were stolen on the same day. Only got the chance to lift them one time!!! I know how you feel. Shame that there are a few people out there that do the wrong thing. I will have to keep the traps in view from now on. Joe
  10. Hi mate, Nice video! Just be careful with the 'baitgrounds' as I am pretty sure it is out of bounds as per the port authority. I've seen maritime and police move people out of this zone on multiple occasions. I know a lot of people still collect bait from here but it is something to be aware of; unless rules have changed for which I'll be happy to be corrected. Tight lines! Joe 9f-botany-bay-lower-georges-cooks.pdf
  11. Just thought I'd thank you again Frank for your advice. I took your advice on Dolphin's ramp. It worked a treat and everything was safe and sound when I got back! I can see how it might be a bit difficult to launch at low tide due to the shallow depth but overall quite a well maintained ramp. Cheers.
  12. I've just come back from the Hawkesbury around bar point. I had no luck with muddies but was quite successful with blue swimmers. I was there for 4days but unfortunately only got the chance to put 2 pots out for 1 day before they were stolen...The locals had not caught any muddies either and said it was still a bit early.
  13. Thanks mate. You always hear of smashed windows and stolen goods but I was thinking parsley was going to better then mooney. I guess another consideration is berowa but quite a drive... Thanks Frank! I will give them a ring. Only have a 470 coastrunner but bringing 2 kayaks as well so will be bit of a launch for all 3.