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  1. Hey great catch. There's a rusty sign down near where my boat is moored. I'm going to give it a try on the weekend. 😁
  2. Can anyone tell me what this fish is? Caught at Wallis Lake recently by a friend. Thanks for responses.
  3. Thanks everyone for the info. Got very little at Narrabeen today, just small pickers. Didn't try for crabs, maybe in a few weeks up at Pittwater. I have some crab traps, but they are a bit of mucking around in a kayak. I like the idea of onion bags, but not sure if I trust a QLDer.
  4. Hi everyone, I did a search and couldn't come up with much, so I hope someone can offer advice. I am heading out in my kayak over Easter, and I'm looking for tips on how to catch crabs I have to get them on the line. Any advice on what bait, line, hook etc I should use, or is it not that important. I'm probably going to Narrabeen Lake and maybe around Iron Cove or Lane Cove. Thanks for any tips. Twoblues.
  5. Interesting insight Oldfella. All sounds logical to me.
  6. twoblues


    Reports of millions of maggots on Newport and Bilgola Beach. Should make for interesting fishing reports in the coming days. I'd imagine these things would attract fish to the beaches. Two Blues.
  7. Hey Raiders, Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I don't get to check in here too often. Occasionally I have purchased imported tail-on raw prawns to use as bait. With the white spot disease in the news, I heard it mentioned that using imported prawns for bait is strictly illegal. Of course, I won't ever do it again, but I wonder if this is common knowledge amongst fishos?
  8. I used my Dragonfly for the third time last weekend. The wiring harness connected correctly, but the locking "butterfly" did not lock the harness in place, and in fact, the wiring cable fell out of the back of the sounder. I tried to remove the "butterfly" to reconnect the harness, but it was very difficult to turn and remove. The upshot was, when I got it all reconnected, the sounder would not even have power running to it. I found later that the large plastic locking screw (at the rear of the sounder) had revolved, and although I haven't touched the thing in case my warranty is voided, I
  9. "Who is constantly outfished by their partner?" My partner
  10. Thank you all. The Grey Nurse idea probably explains it all. If that is correct then there should be no problem tossing out a bit of burley. Cheers, Two Blues.
  11. Thanks Noodles, but it still doesn't answer my original question. What is the purpose of "bait free" (my thoughts are that they assume you catch less fish that way?), and does it mean I can't berley there? Logic tells me I can't berley, but if I do why/what law would I be breaking?
  12. Thanks for the info Noodles. the area I am talking about is in front of the Island but right up against the shore. It is (was) an area where you could not anchor, and you could not use bait, but fishing with plastics etc was permissible. The local tackle shop at Nelson Bay gave me advice on where/what you could do, and sold me the plastics. This was last summer and maybe there has been a change of rules since then. I was out there one time and the "Inspectors" came over to me and checked that I was fishing in accordance with the above, and they were satisfied I was within the rules. So no
  13. I fish in Port Stephens and have been up to Broughton Island once or twice, where you are allowed to fish but you are not allowed to anchor, nor fish with bait. I like using soft plastics for snapper, and have had limited success. My question is, given that you can't use bait as such, is it legal to berley in the area, or is berley classed as bait in this instance? Thanks for any advice that is offered. Twoblues.
  14. Maybe this needs to be in another section of the site, but I feel it is important to all of us. Page 72 of todays telegraph has an advertisement for "Expressions of Interest" - Recreational Fishing Representatives On Advisory Council On Recreational Fishing And The Recreational Fishing Saltwater Trust Expenditure Committee. Sure is a mouthful, but they are looking for recreational fishos (such as US) to assist in decision making on fishing issues and where they can spend OUR licence money. There are four positions available covering the NSW coast. 3 Meetings per year and are paid positions
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