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  1. Just voted, yes 20%, no 80%. Goood luck
  2. Hello Penguin, Yes, i do agree with you. There was no bonito or macs today. We trolled the Botany south head today for donut. There was alot of seaweed floating that made it hard to troll. Came back to Moli point, there was a rock fisherman already. We just left him and went to the third run way. Packed up about 1 pm., get ready to pick up the kids. Congrats on your catches, Cheers
  3. Mate, since you going to South, on the way down/back just stop at either Coal Terminal Break Wall or Bass Point. Just stand there for few minutes and observe how other people catching and learn from them. Prepare yourself a rig that already loaded (such as a float - sinker - swivel - trace - a skirt - bead - a hook,the bead there to stop the hook pulls through the skirt)and just in case you do not have the skirt just ask one of the guys they will happily to get you one. Please use FC 30 lb trace about two metres long and i am sure you be on it. Good luck and have a good trip. Cheers,
  4. Hey Fishbones, "What a week", you are definately not wrong. All i ask just half what you caught in a day i will be very happy man. Good luck to you tomorrow and hope to see some photoes. Cheers,
  5. Mate, if you have no time and want something close with a good percentage of success then i would try Doolans bay boat ramp and/or Lilli pilli bath. Good luck. Cheers
  6. Awsome, great catches, great result and a good team work. Well done boys. Cheers,
  7. Good on ya champ. Haven't seen that many before. Cheer,
  8. Hello Slinky, I apologise of i ever offend anyone for my abuse language. I will behave in future. I hope everyone understands the frustration. Some people having fun at other's expenses. Once again my apology. Cheers,
  9. Top stuff DT, That's a way entertain your mates. I am sure they appreciated, just look at the smile on their faces. Cheers,
  10. Hello Raiders, I am sure there will be alot of responses to this topic. We should tell the idiots to go and get a life. Not long ago one of my windows got smashed just for the fun of it,not just my other vehicles too. At the entrance of the boat ramp it said " only for vehicle with trailers/boats only after 8 pm permited", they still drove in regards there is a sign or not. I am sure alot of incident that happened but we never report to the police. If it happens to anyone, please report to the local police and they will patrol it more frequently. Henry
  11. Thank you master Slinky, very educational. From now on no more broken finger nails, bleeding fingers and most of all pain for days after. Cheers,
  12. Congrats on your new family member, Just wonder were they IVF or natural? Good effort and clear pictures. Cheers
  13. Sorry about loosing your lure. The frigate got the upper hand this time. Anyway, good reason for you to visit the tackle shop tomorrow . Cheers,
  14. Well done boys, good pics and report. Congrats on your mixed bag.
  15. Mate, Try the Stella 5000SW. Not too heavy for flicking around. Exist 3000 could be one of your option. Cheers,
  16. Mate, how did you present your bait?. Fluorocarbon trace and un-weighed bait and slowly let your line out. Hope this helps, Cheers
  17. Well done on your catches mate especially those tailor, they are quite big. We were at Botany heads yesterday. Catching few bonito but no tailor. Cheers
  18. The best present that you can give to your 10 y.o boy is your TIME. Congratulations with your catches.
  19. Hello everyone, What about the Daiwa GS-9, we are current using. Even though it is a slow reel with a low ratio 3.3:1 but it has alot of torque. This is low maintenance reel and within your price range. Please see if you can get the reel that made in Japan (new ones are made in Thailand) Good luck
  20. Hey Matt, what did you do with the head?. Sushimi maybe?. On everyone's mind what would it was that munched your king, (just a thought) next time it happens again, would you put a big hook on what left to see. I am sure it will come back for. It takes one to know one. Has anyone dare to do it? Cheers
  21. Mate, 10/10 bravery, i bet you did not know there was a tsunami warning. With this rough condition, how long did it take you to get out and get home?
  22. We will be on the water in Port Hacking Sat at 4.30pm. Probably chasing tailor due to some postive reports lately. Have a good weekend everyone Cheers,
  23. Bad luck on the king mate, did you cast out any pilchard today? It could happen twice since live yakka was not on the menu today. Hope we be out tomorrow. If we see you, will come over and say hello. Cheers.
  24. Well done mate. you got to be happy with that. Cheers,
  25. Well done on your catches Fish53. We were at Molli Pt. and HWO with only two salmon and one frigate. Positive reports, no surface actions, went home at 1 pm ready to pick up the kids. Cheers,
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