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  1. Gary,That's the only thing on my wish list!!!
  2. Long time between posts. Picked up my new Rayglass 2350 last week, its got Mercurys latest TDI diesel sterndrives fitted to it. It will be on there stand at the boat show and then I get to enjoy it. Had all the latest bling from Simrad fitted to it. Can't wait to use the structure scan. The MRS loves it (only because it has a toilet)!
  3. Did you measure the blue swimmer across the girth? There could be a Fishraider record there.
  4. When I go crabbing, thats all I do, set the traps out and relax, might flick some plastics close by, thats it, unfortunately not everyone can be honest.
  5. Hi all, Seen a photo floating around (no pun intended) taken on the weekend on what looks like something is submerged in the water at the Botany Bay/Foreshore Rd boat ramp. Any FR's there or know what happened?
  6. Good on you for letting the big girl go, sure she'll produce many more little crocs.
  7. Try and buy one constructed of fibreglass if your budget allows. They keep things colder and ice lasts days in them. Great when your having partys at home.
  8. Well done Mike. Look foward to the pics.
  9. I much prefer the H7R over the H14R, yes the H14R is brighter but is alot bulkier, heavier, etc. The H7R is more than bright enough, i rarely use it over half power.
  10. I can solve you problem cheaply and easily. My trailer hitch is called a McHitch it works off a unijoint and the trailer can be up to a 90 degree angle. I have found my trailer doesn't bounce around as much any more when getting towed and feels alot more stable. Check them out on his website mchitch.com.au
  11. Good find Pete. Very amusing.
  12. Im obsessed with the things, i have a led lenser h7r and 14r and a coast h7. the led lenser h7r is my favourite, bright, rechargeable and light.
  13. Well Done. That is one memorable fish. You've got bragging rights for quite some time with that one.
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