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  1. hornets

    Flatly PB with kids in yak

    Took two of the kids in the kayak in shipwrights bay for a paddle got a couple of small flatties before the run out started went back and got four yr old for a quick fish with her as I knew it wouldn't last long . A boat on mooring went so I tied up and picked a couple up with her . She got spiked and tears started . Just one more cast and we wil go when my little killer tomato 1/16 gets smashed . I quickly got off the mooring with the sons help and watched as this flatly went for a twenty meter run . After 5 mins getting ready to get this monster on board with a Berkeley yak net and a towel to tail grab it we had it in and the daughter was screaming so she moved to the front . We went back to the beach where we launch mind you its only 40 m away and rang the oldest to see this fish of a lifetime . We revived or after about 15 mins in the shallows with the boys holding her under the belly . It was the best family release with everyone holding her even the 4 yr old . She went 740mm to beat my previous . Great morning only metres from home
  2. hornets

    Pb kings

    Decided to get a last fish in before soccer consumes the weekends . Couldn't get livies so trolled out to fad and back for zip then Went south of Kurnell to sound a shelf or two Found a lot of action on the sounder and anchored up . We had a lot of burley as I was told to empty The fridge . We had only an $8 box of California squid and a mix of every thing as burley . There was a huge school of trevs which amused my son with when we got reefed in succession with both small set ups and only squid heads on them . The hoods weren't touched . 10 mins of solid burleying and my okuma screamed . I quickly locked the drag as we were in only 14m of water . It pulled line like nothing else 4times and I thought I was gone but it held and I got which I thought finally 1m to go 970mm . We had two We were getting ready by dumping all the Pillies and clean up to meet the rest of the family for lunch at Kurnell when the Salina 10000 goes off and my 14 yo was out of his depth or weight division so I locked it up and tried to slow this one which felt bigger but only went 860mm. They were both so fat but the big ones stomach was empty and the smaller had two Pillies in it . Well both beat my previous pb but I was suprised that I got them with no livies just small squid .
  3. hornets

    South cliffs

    Plenty of spots for yakkas . Bundeeena wharf just behind shark island outside , I've got them just near deer park camp public mourings as well and behind jobbon bommie .
  4. hornets

    South cliffs

    Went down south of port hacking with a mate to his favourite spot Anchored up and some of the biggest yakkas I have seen turned up to Load us up . We spent all morning there for 40 plus rats who were putting down 25cm like pills . I finally picked up off the back with Bobby cork a keeper 80 cm and 5.5kg . We ran out of squid and livie a so went out to the flatty ground to finish the day off But as they say no run no fun and only got two keepers . I great day with someone else's Spots .
  5. hornets

    Old bar near Taree

    I'm going up to old bar north coast in a couple of weeks . Has anyone been there and what is the fishing like off beach and just got the young boys a two person kayak for Xmas and not tAking boat up so in the manning river .
  6. hornets

    Recommendations for new kayak for my son

    Thx guys I ended up getting a double from riverwood Warehouse for $600 with 6 rod holders for the two boys . They are lucky for an early Xmas present . They can't wait to hit the water . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Can someone give me a recommendation for which kayak to buy as first for my son to fish the Georges river .
  8. hornets

    Botany Bay today... Very quiet

    On fishing reminder it said it was poor fishing day as moon is coming into full . I don't know how much of it believe but this time of year in between seasons it works for me . Just hang out for another month and it gets better with every species
  9. hornets

    Slow day off the stones - Little Bay

    I was out with the kids and decided to just run some divers around the heads to run the boat for the first time this season . I came around the point and saw the bust up right on cape Bailey and a diver goes off . Thinking we jagged a salmon to my suprise we picked up a bonnie 450mm . I ran around the school for half an hour flicking the smallest white bait I had but nothing . This early they are so fussy . You've got to love that there are still idiots running straight through schools thinking they will get the fish .no idea some people and I guess the other 6 or so thought the same as me as every one tried to get one . It was slow everywhere yesterday but the beach was unreal . You have got to love hot weather .
  10. hornets

    Wanda 05/05

    Didn't want to eat that gummy it would make a good feed
  11. hornets

    Botany Offshore - Stripeys

    You can cube them up and put them on skewers but don't over cook them keep them rare in the middle by the time you serve they will be good with dipping sauce
  12. hornets

    Botany Offshore - Stripeys

    It's the first time for a couple of years we have had them in close because of this current now . The little xmas trolled fast do the trick all the time with them . They realy go hArd as my 11 yo got one yesterday . They are excellent sushimi but bleed them straight away then ice . Quite a lot of one fish for entree before dolly . They will be around while the current is close . Enjoy the fun .
  13. hornets

    Bb wide fad 7/2

    They ranged from 670mm to 790mm Rigga I have5.3 glass boat but saw 4m glass boat at wide fad 16 km out , just got to pick your days today perfect swell and wind . First fad next to the peak
  14. hornets

    Bb wide fad 7/2

    Took the 11yo out for his first trip to b&b wide fad for dollies . Could only manage 10 yakkas , troll out there and picked up 7 from 10 yakkas then they wouldn't touch anything else so trolled back and picked up a stripey which excited him as now he has his favourite sushi tuna .
  15. hornets

    sydney south big dollie

    That is fish of a life time. I always worry that same thing when fishing so light what if a monster gets on . I was out monday and only fish with 2000 diawa with 8lb and 16lb leader . You deserve the record for patience when they can get down that deep they are hard to get up . Top job .