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  1. Makos can sure perform. I was out in a 25ft launch at the Peak a couple of years back, jigging for kingfish. Saw a splash about 10m away and then suddenly a monster mako launch out of the water about 3m high, cartwheel and splash back in landing on its side. This shark would have been around 4m in length and I imagined if it landed onto a 5m tinnie - all over. Yes, play them out if they are lively and jumping
  2. The folk south of the border would disagree, Jon
  3. Thanks, G. Interesting site. You keep getting dad plenty of subjects to photograph.
  4. So, they all look like past captures? They are fun to catch. Get a few on lures, off my kayak. The big ones go hard.
  5. Yeah, I could get offended at white bait, white shark, whiting, etc etc etc. Where is common sense? Oh, I remember - it was vetoed in the 80's.
  6. I never use split shot due to that very problem of causing the leader to tumble around during the cast and often causing tangles. I have used one small length of sheet lead on the trace, about 30-50cm up from the hook, for the past 45 yrs and very rarely get a casting tangle.
  7. Probably had toilet paper stuck to it, if it was at yellow rock.
  8. stormy

    Bait ball drop in

    Terrific, Jon and girls. I remember snorkelling off Cronulla one day and being surrounded by a massive school of sea mullet. After a minute or so, I got to wondering what else was trailing the school and I couldn't see anything in or under the water, but wall to wall fish. The only way back to shore was to swim with my head out of the water, so that I could see where I was heading and all the time thinking, "is something going to come up and take a chunk out of the slow swimming, giant mullet?" If you think about danger, you wouldn't step out of the house, would you. Good on you and your daughter. Great adventures ahead.
  9. Doesn't the mod pod have a number of slots to locate Scotty rod holders? Is that what you are asking? Just buy some holders and slot them in. I think there are around 5 slots at least in the pod.
  10. Good to see you get some old fella. Back when you were 14!!! That would have been in the late 1950's wouldn't it? Did they have tarred roads back then?
  11. When I was in Japan, I was treated to one of Kyoto's seasonal delicacies. It came out after a range of dishes, including sashimi, raw squid, etc etc etc. As it was being served in a warm 'lemon' I figured it was some kind of dessert type dish. Strange texture and not a terribly pleasant flavour, but rather than be rude, I ate it all. An English speaking waitress/server explained to me (after I had finished the dish) that it was the sperm sacs of cod. Well, that killed my appetite for anything else and I couldn't wait to get back to the room and rinse my mouth. Yeah, roe and sperm sacs are best eaten by ............. someone else.
  12. Yeah, I left when they arrived. Hope they carried their rubbish back out, but highly doubt it.
  13. I was landbased down that way this morning and probably saw you. did you see the small pod of humpbacks cruise past, going north? Saw lots of birds working the washes just north of the cobblers. You got a feed, I got a feed, what more could we want.