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  1. macca02

    How is everyone storing their soft plastics?

    I use a mix of squidgies, zmans and gulps. I've tried many different storage methods and have just gone back to keeping them in their original packaging. Squidgies are the easiest of the bunch to store and use I've found.
  2. macca02

    Alternative to the FG knot for light rigs?

    I use double uni for 3lb braid to 6lb FC leader and have no issues. I generally run long leaders (few wraps on the spool), I use double uni up to 20lb leader, anything above I I'll do a FG. Double uni is plenty strong if tied correctly as with any knot make sure you lubricate, that the wraps bunch up correctly and test it/make sure it's completely pulled down before snipping tag ends. I'll go 6-8 wraps of the 6lb fluoro and 12 wraps of the braid. The only times I have issues with the double uni is using rods that have microguides, the knot can be a bit too bulky for this.
  3. macca02

    Pirtek Fishing Challenge

    Nice mate - you fishing brisbane waters? Think i'm going to try and target flatties for the day.
  4. macca02

    Pirtek Fishing Challenge

    Any other raiders heading out this Sunday for the Pirtek Fishing Challenge? If not its probably not too late to sign up, plenty of prizes and supports a great charity. Hopefully weather wont be as bad as it has been the last couple of years.
  5. macca02

    Jig heads

    Try a finer/lighter gauge jighead hook (nitro bream pro range I've found to be great). They penetrate through the tough mouth/lip way easier than thicker gauge jigheads, as such setting the hooks (especially on light line) is much easier. I had the same issue and the switch to fine gauge hooks/jigheads solved it for me.
  6. macca02

    Beach Worms

    I've found the exact opposite?? I've always found the beaches that aren't steep and coarse to better worming beaches (but i'm certainly no expert, just an observation from personal experience of trying to bring up worms on various beaches).
  7. macca02

    Electric motor

    I'll second that! I've got a 12v 55lb model and they're awesome! It makes you think how you lived without one before.
  8. macca02

    Attempted crabbing with the boy

    Any tips with netting them craig? Last time i tried in brissy waters i struggled handlining and netting them myself. I landed one and dropped 3 at the boat . Do you find they let go when they get too close to the boat, or is it more when they breach the surface? I was worried they'd drop off if they got too close to the boat so was overextending when trying to net.
  9. macca02

    Internet ruins the fishery

    Yep very true. Noticed this in my local, a spot that might get a few boats on a weekend went to 15-20 boats every weekend (with people travelling far/out of their way) since a few big unusual captures were posted for that area over facebook.
  10. macca02

    Soft plastic glue

    Very interesting / good obeservation! I'll have to keep a lookout for the squidgy ball jigheads i haven't seen any for a long time.
  11. macca02

    Kingfish off the beach

    I don't see them as being a viable target off the beach to be honest. I'm sure people have and there are probably beaches out there where it is viable, but for most beaches its not something i'm aware of being a successful way to target them.
  12. macca02

    help with new landing net

    I have a regular sized one - though i'd probably consider the larger (think they call it a snapper net) one purely for the bigger/deeper sized net in case you get a big flathead or mulloway. I haven't had a fish bounce out (yet), but for bigger flathead there's been times where it feels like its been close when they've started going crazy.
  13. macca02

    help with new landing net

    The berkley rubber/silicone mesh nets are great. I've owned both them and environets and I much prefer the rubber nets. Fish don't get caught in them like a traditional net (though the environets they don't get caught in at all). But the main reason I prefer them over environets is they are much more agile & easy to use. They're lighter and have way way way less resistance in the water. When it's just you in the boat and your trying to steer a big fish towards the net on light gear whilst extending out to net the fish, having something that freely moves through the water can make all the difference when landing the fish.
  14. macca02

    Flathead fishing advice

    "Paddle" tail plastics are my goto for flathead (though really any plastic will do, though i think these are really effective as they look like a little poddy mullet). Squidgy fish in a size roughly around 55-65mm in length (black & gold is a personal fav colour) with a 1/6th oz jighead (Size 1 or 1/0 hook matches this plastic size) is a great starting point for shallow water <3m. Deeper water and current depending i'd go a heavier jighead to get back to the bottom quickly. Also with jigheads i prefer to go with something with a hook that is a thinner gauge (nitro bream range) as it penetrates the flattys mouth much easier than the thicker gauge hooks (especially when you're using relatively light tackle/thin lines). I noticed a massive difference in hookup rates in regards to missing fish after using some of the thicker gauge style jigheads. I generally give it a couple of quick flicks up, wind up the slack as it sinks back to the bottom and repeat the process with varying pauses.
  15. macca02

    surf fishing in winter

    Wetsuit pants + Wetsuit Socks/booties is the best approach IMO. They're comfortable, keep you warm and if you did get knocked over they're safe unlike waders. I searched for a bit and tried a few different products but found the above combination the best. I got some 3mm neoprene pants (think the brand was aropec) and 5mm neoprene boots/socks (idry). I'd go the slip over wetsuit boots as opposed to zip up one's, I initially was using zip up one's but it's just annoying having to get the sand out of them and the zipper after every trip. Those 5mm lined neoprene boots might be overkill for during the day - I wear this fishing at night in the middle of winter and find it keeps me warm. The top half is up to you, I usually just wear a t shirt and a good wind/rain jacket with Velcro cuffs so I can keep the wind out. If it's really cold I'll wear a thermal top underneath all of that.