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  1. macca02

    Flathead fishing advice

    "Paddle" tail plastics are my goto for flathead (though really any plastic will do, though i think these are really effective as they look like a little poddy mullet). Squidgy fish in a size roughly around 55-65mm in length (black & gold is a personal fav colour) with a 1/6th oz jighead (Size 1 or 1/0 hook matches this plastic size) is a great starting point for shallow water <3m. Deeper water and current depending i'd go a heavier jighead to get back to the bottom quickly. Also with jigheads i prefer to go with something with a hook that is a thinner gauge (nitro bream range) as it penetrates the flattys mouth much easier than the thicker gauge hooks (especially when you're using relatively light tackle/thin lines). I noticed a massive difference in hookup rates in regards to missing fish after using some of the thicker gauge style jigheads. I generally give it a couple of quick flicks up, wind up the slack as it sinks back to the bottom and repeat the process with varying pauses.
  2. macca02

    surf fishing in winter

    Wetsuit pants + Wetsuit Socks/booties is the best approach IMO. They're comfortable, keep you warm and if you did get knocked over they're safe unlike waders. I searched for a bit and tried a few different products but found the above combination the best. I got some 3mm neoprene pants (think the brand was aropec) and 5mm neoprene boots/socks (idry). I'd go the slip over wetsuit boots as opposed to zip up one's, I initially was using zip up one's but it's just annoying having to get the sand out of them and the zipper after every trip. Those 5mm lined neoprene boots might be overkill for during the day - I wear this fishing at night in the middle of winter and find it keeps me warm. The top half is up to you, I usually just wear a t shirt and a good wind/rain jacket with Velcro cuffs so I can keep the wind out. If it's really cold I'll wear a thermal top underneath all of that.
  3. macca02

    Fishing bags

    Mate I've got a WhiteMountain backpack, had it for probably 7 years now and it is awesome. I think it's around the 50-60ltr size. Extremely comfortable, and fits a lot in it. I use it for whenever I have to do a long walk to a spot and take a lot of gear as it can fit everything in.
  4. macca02

    Winter fishing tactics

    Autumn/Winter is the best time of the year for chasing Salmon, Tailor, Bream and Mulloway off the beach IMO. Rocks are also good with Luderick and Drummer being main targets. I find estuary fishing slows down a little so i target beach and rocks this time of year and find it to be more productive.
  5. macca02

    Help with surf/rocks rod reel set-up

    Nice mate! I've got a 12ft Penn Prevail that i use bait fishing off the beach for casting out big baits, for the money they are great rods with good components and i cannot fault mine.
  6. macca02

    Help with surf/rocks rod reel set-up

    For a general combo that will cover bonnies, salmon, tailor and kings (to some extent) a 9ft rod that is capable of casting up to 65g at least. Matched to a 4000-5000 sized reel with 20lb-30lb braid. If you want something more targeting towards kings then i'd be looking at something like a daiwa demon blood 962, 50lb braid and a 6000-8000 sized reel, though this would be overkill for everything else. I find 9ft the perfect length for spinning off the rocks.
  7. macca02

    Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    Yep they perform amazing for the money. I've got the older model and it outcasts all my other 9ft spin sticks(T-Curve offshore). 65 and 85g raiders it pelts with ease and has alot of power to handle a good fish off the rocks. If i'm going to be doing any sort of lure work off the rocks/beach it is my goto rod.
  8. macca02

    Rigging your own gang hooks for Tailor?

    Thanks Xerotao exactly the info i was after. What brand swivels do you use? And also are you using the straight shank or offset gamakatsu gangsters. Think i'm going to try them as i have bought pre-made mustad ones before and they're definitely not as sharp as gama's. I'm going to experiment with some rigged without swivels, one rigged with swivels linking each one, and another rigged with just a swivel on the last one/connecting to the line. I do think the swivels would allow for extra bait movement and prevent fish throwing the hooks/dehooking themselves.
  9. macca02

    Electric trolling motor questions

    JonD you definitely get what you pay for, its like comparing a $50 jarvis walker kmart combo to a $200 shimano/daiwa combo. At the end of the day they both catch fish, its just ones nicer to use. The watersnakes are good value for money and a good entry level motor to begin with, i started off with one and was happy with it (this was a non GPS model), though it did have a problem with the head unit circuit board which i ended up sending it back for (their service department are really good, they organised a courier to pick up and return it and i had it back within a week or two from memory). When i got the money after a couple of years I eventually upgraded to a motorguide xi5 and could not be happier with the decision, part of it is the GPS abilities (which i'm sure watersnake also have now), but the other part is the quality (from the unit to the remotes), quietness, reliability and responsiveness which IMO were much better than the watersnake. With all that being said i'm sure they've improved and gained more features in the past 5 years since owning one.
  10. macca02

    Rigging your own gang hooks for Tailor?

    Pillies for bait mainly, though haven't tried spinning gars so would love to give that a go aswell!
  11. Looking to target some tailor off the beaches with Gang hooks, just wondering if anyone here makes up their own and links them with swivels? if so what hooks e.g. (Gamakatsu Gangsters, Mustad 4202d etc) and swivel brand/size do you use? i feel like it might be a bit of trial an error getting the right hook and swivel combination.
  12. macca02

    Electric trolling motor questions

    Also own a 55l 12 volt Motorguide Xi5, though my boat is rather small and light (3.9m old style tinny) - very happy with it. I owned a Waternsake prior to this which for the money was good though its nowhere near as good as the motorguide IMO. Motorguide is built better, quieter, more responsive, better features, better battery consumption etc. Only issue i've had is corrosion on the lower unit (paint bubbling), it hasn't affected anything other than looks, though i'll get it fixed under warranty before the 2 years is up (got a few more months to go). Personally if i was to get one for a 4.6m boat i'd get a 80lb 24v system regardless of brand.
  13. Looking at going to Darwin mid April for a week, hoping to get away for a half-full day charter. After a small charter (e.g. tinny, not a huge boat with 15 people) to go on with my girlfriend to chase barramundi inshore. Tarpon and other species would also be awesome, though i'm not sure what to expect up there in April. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations or experiences? Understand if specific charter operators can't be named, if so please just PM Me. Cheers!
  14. macca02

    Squidgy Fish VS Squidgy Wriggler

    For Flatty's - Squidgy fish Black & Gold 70mm is pretty much the only plastic i use, its my goto confidence lure.
  15. macca02

    albright knot questions

    What lb braid and leader were you using? I find double Uni is fine up until 20lb leader. (You need to make sure you trim the tags really close on the fluoro). I run it through the guides and don't have any issues, unless the rod has micro guides or am using 20lb> leader. For anything over 20lb FG is the go!