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  1. Thanks mate. I initially looked at the Busta and Dory models but personally I just can't get past their floor design. I get that it has it benefits with stability & safety being much lower, though for me the floor being open and not snug/boarded up is a real annoyance which I've previously experienced (sinkers/gear falling under, fish getting under the gap between the floor and the seat). One of the first mods I did with my current tinny was to put a false floor in which was snug/sealed to the sides then after using it for a couple of years I boarded up under the bench seats because it was a pain with having things fall through. I feel like I'd be taking a step back in floor layout with something like the Busta and be wanting to pull up the floor and put a new one. The floor design, beam and heavier duty style of the renegades is what's got me drawn to that style of boat. I'll have to take a look at the 460 in person, it does seem the most future proof in a way incase my fishing style changes (e.g. some soft offshore work), Though I'm just worried it'll be too "big" for %95 of my fishing and be more expensive to buy & run and more cumbersome for me to handle on my own & tow. I know too many people that have bigger boats (Admittantly bigger than 4.6) and don't take them out often because it can be more of an effort to do so solo. I want something cheap to run and relatively easy to tow and that If I only have a few hour window I can duck out for a quick fish without it being too much of a hassle. I'm leaning towards the 440 TS at the moment but still probably a couple of months before I can purchase so plenty of time for me to keep changing my mind haha. Cheers for everyones input so far it's been super helpful!
  2. Legend! Thanks mate that's really helpful, would love to take you up on the offer for a quick fish out of it! I have a first baby coming at any moment so for the next month I'm probably not going to have a lot of free time. But I'll shoot you a PM! I was also looking at the 460s as I was told a lot of people start with a 420 and end up getting a 460 for more room/offshore capability, though realistically (and budget wise also) I think 95% of my use would be estuary fishing solo with only a little bit of just venturing out but staying in close. I've done some offshore fishing in mates boats/charters and its not my thing(at this stage anyway). Great to know in the 460 you can still get in shallow water as I do like to do some bream flats fishing in the shallows. Whichever one I get I think I'd option up to get a braked trailer as my tow vehicle is a 4 cylinder 2001 Subaru outback, I think it only has approx 600kg unbraked towing capacity. I imagine hull + motor + trailer + fuel/batteries/electric motor/gear would be pushing it? That's probably the biggest thing I've read about them (rerating) with alot of people suggesting to get them rerated and get a 60HP yam for the 420 and a 70HP yam for the 440. Are you able to rerate from new? I'm looking at getting a boat package new from a dealer. Bit of a stupid question for everyone, I'm used to having a light tinny (it's about half the width of a 420) that I can push against the wind to get it straight for the trailer or if I pull onto a beach to grab lunch and the tide goes down a bit I can drag it back out. With a bigger/heavier boat what do you do in those situations? E.g. fighting against the wind at the boat ramp to get your boat on straight?(are the trailers setup so they just guide the boat on straight with ease, or do you have ropes attached to the rear to straighten it up), or if you're beaching the boat and the tide goes down a bit are you stuffed without help from someone else?
  3. Hi all, Looking at upgrading from my current 13ft savage tinny and have narrowed it down to getting either a Quintrex Renegade (either the 420 or 440) Tiller Steer model. I mostly fish solo and inside Brisbane waters flicking lures for estuary species. Though on a calm day would want the ability to duck over and fish pittwater/Hawkesbury/headlands from Brisbane waters (Which I currently can't really do with any confidence) and have some confidence in making it back if the weather turns nasty. I'm not looking to do any real offshore work, just be able to chase king's/squid in Pittwater, troll lives around the headlands and fish for Jew in the Hawkesbury. I'm torn between the 420 and 440 renegade. Obviously the 440 would be a little better for the outside stuff and have more room. Downsides is it'd be heavier and maybe harder to launch and retrieve on my own?, and more expensive. I want something that's easy to take out and handle by myself. Anyone have any experience with either of these boats (or fish the areas mentioned), would love to get your thoughts!
  4. I put all my lures/hooks in a Tupperware container, fill with warm water, put the lid on and shake it for about 30 seconds. Remove the items and place on paper towel to dry. When dry i spray all metal components with some cooking canola oil, wipe down then back into my tackle box. I do keep the ones I've used separate to new ones and just keep using used ones until i lose them or they become blunt.
  5. Personally i wouldn't go above 14lb for flatties using lures. I use 3lb braid and 6lb leader, most of the flatties i catch are between 55-65cm and have no issues with getting cut off as they're all lip hooked (unless i'm not holding my rod and they've had time to swallow it)
  6. I've got a demon blood 962 for spinning off the rocks for kings (and I also use it off the beach to spin or bait fishing for mulloway). It's an absolute weapon - heaps of stopping power and casts lures a mile. Whichever demon blood model you get I'm sure you'll be happy as they are quality blanks.
  7. Shimano shore spin 9ft and a 4000 sized spin reel with 10-20lb braid & 20lb leader. That's a light setup that would be ideal for spinning 40- 60gram metals for salmon/tailor/bonito and rat kings. I had one similar when I first got into spinning of the rocks and beach and you could spin all day with it. Works great for.just general beach fishing aswell. If your chasing big kings off the stones then forget everything I just said haha.
  8. Nice work! I've always tended to lean towards a locked half blood knot (not sure why, probably because it was the first knot I learnt) for terminal tackle. I do however use Uni knot for heavier/thicker diameter leaders (40lb and up). I find when I tie 60lb leaders (black magic tough leader) the more turns the harder it is to get the knot to cinch down and finish nicely. I normally max out at 4 turns. I wonder if the same findings ring true as you go up in line sizes. E.g. maybe less turns would be better as the knot can lock down on itself.
  9. Hi All, I'm looking to get a new rod & reel to chase Estuary jewfish and big flathead on soft vibes & plastics. Most likely be throwing 10-14g vibes and 1/4oz+ jigheads. I'm eyeing off the new daiwa certate LT 2500 for the reel loaded with 6-8lb braid. The rod I'm undecided on - I'm leaning towards a 3-6kg rod (nothing heavier, have also considered 2-4kg) and have narrowed it down to either a samaki zing extreme 7ft 3-6kg, the upcoming samaki zinger extreme gen 2 (also 3-6kg) or a Nitro Baby Viper (or if anyone has other suggestions). The Nitro Baby Viper is quite old now and is more expensive (approx $350). However I do own one of their light bream rods (which is also old) and the blank is really really nice. Does anyone own a Nitro Baby Viper and if so how does it compare to rods with 'newer' technology of today? I have a heavier setup (10-16lb samaki zing extreme rod, 10lb braid, daiwa bg 2500) which I originally bought to get into this type of fishing but I just don't find myself using it and it feels kind of cumbersome/lacking in feel. After something lighter to fill that void and would leave the 10-16lb setup for those bigger lures. Cheers, macca
  10. I went out brisbane waters Saturday morning and struggled. I was trying new techniques for most of the time (flathead on big topwater lures) which resulted in few strikes but no hookups. When i did try flicking plastics in my usual spots for flathead i just couldn't get one, it was frustrating. Week prior i nabbed a couple of decent flatties and a 75cm king in the same spots.
  11. macca02

    Tinny fit out

    Nice work mate, looks great. I used the same stuff for when i did the flat floors in my tinny 10 years ago, i remember it being a little bit pricey because you need to buy part a and part b. I used Form ply sealed with Everdure and wrapped in marine carpet, 10 years on and it's still in mint condition and has been stored outside the whole time (with a boat cover though which helps!).
  12. I know you're looking for a cheaper second hand one, though for < $1000 you can get some decent new trailers. I got a "Seatrail" trailer for my 13ft tinny and have had it for about 7-8 years now and its been great i think it was approx $900 registered back then.
  13. I've got 20lb tasline on a 5000 stradic that i use for flinging metals off the beach/rocks for salmon & tailor. Casts exceptionally well and haven't had any issues.
  14. In the past three years I've only caught 3 jewfish off the beach which is nothing crazy or unbelievable, however each of these captures occurred on the same day (25th May) at almost the exact time (7:45 - 7:50pm) across multiple locations. Now its not like i only go fishing for jew once a year at those times, i'd estimate I've fished off these beaches at night probably 30+ times in that period, with the only captures falling on the same date/time each year. So pretty much i'm cursed to only catch jewfish at 7:45pm on the 25th May haha
  15. For beach fishing at night in winter i wear wetsuit pants (3mm i think), wetsuit boots and just a shirt/weatherproof jacket combo and find this to be pretty versatile, comfortable and keeps me warm. I tried going the light/thermal style bottoms instead of wetsuits at first but you end up getting wet eventually and then it becomes cold and uncomfortable. Wetsuit was way more comfy.