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  1. macca02

    Kingfish Bait

    Live yakkas is number one for me. When rock fishing while having a live yakka out a unweighted half/whole pilchard in the wash can be quite effective.
  2. macca02

    Best Baits for beach jew

    Just wondering what everyone's top baits are for beach jew? And if you can't get the ideal bait what are your backup options?
  3. macca02

    Circles for Jew

    Thanks for the suggestions/replies everyone! I think i'll stick with J's and having the drag set in the holder, was just looking to see if i could i refine my setup as i'd noticed others use Circles.
  4. macca02

    Landbased Kingfish lures

    Yep! i used to spray paint my raiders white and then stick on some holographic stickers when chasing kings off the stones. I don't know why they stopped making white raiders.
  5. macca02

    New setup, advice needed!

    If you're a complete novice go with mono. After a year or so i'd then suggest trying braid, its a lot less forgiving for new anglers and bigger learning curve (lack of stretch, need for a leader - learning different leader knots so you can cast through the guides etc). Most braids I've found the opposite to what you've described, they break much higher than their advertised breaking strain (fireline and powerpro are examples of this). I much prefer braid in the surf, it cuts through the waves and is less influenced by their drag. Only downside is what rob mentioned in that if seaweed is bad on the beach tangles are much worse.
  6. macca02

    Circles for Jew

    Thoughts on circles vs J hooks off the beach when fishing with your reel in gear? Currently I have my rods set in a holder with enough drag to set the hook. Using gamakatsu octopus hooks at the moment and seems to work fairly well though wondering if switching to circles and fishing in gear would be more productive?
  7. macca02

    Brisbane Waters late session today

    Awesome haul of blue swimmers mate! Were you anchored up hand lining for them?
  8. macca02

    Terez rod, rust?

    If you rinse down after every trip you shouldn't have any issues with rods that have quality components. I used to always buy Shimano Rods but in the past 5 years have made the move to Daiwa Rods and honestly the components and blanks I've found to be of higher quality (though expect to pay a little bit more $$$).
  9. macca02

    Quintrex 420 renegade SC

    Nice video mate! 420 renegade tiller steer is my ideal boat, one day....
  10. I've only done pilchards and aim for something firm with still some substance to it, which for me is either a single or double salting (24 or 48 hours). Buy a bag of pool salt ($6). For pilchards (e.g. a 2 kg block) i'll let defrost a little bit until they can be separated. Put them in a large Tupperware container, sprinkle a large amount of salt over them and pop them in the fridge. After 24 hours drain the liquid and repeat the process once more (if desired - i normally do it twice). After another 24 hours, drain and then freeze (though they don't really 'freeze' i guess as there isn't much water content left).
  11. macca02

    How is everyone storing their soft plastics?

    I use a mix of squidgies, zmans and gulps. I've tried many different storage methods and have just gone back to keeping them in their original packaging. Squidgies are the easiest of the bunch to store and use I've found.
  12. macca02

    Alternative to the FG knot for light rigs?

    I use double uni for 3lb braid to 6lb FC leader and have no issues. I generally run long leaders (few wraps on the spool), I use double uni up to 20lb leader, anything above I I'll do a FG. Double uni is plenty strong if tied correctly as with any knot make sure you lubricate, that the wraps bunch up correctly and test it/make sure it's completely pulled down before snipping tag ends. I'll go 6-8 wraps of the 6lb fluoro and 12 wraps of the braid. The only times I have issues with the double uni is using rods that have microguides, the knot can be a bit too bulky for this.
  13. macca02

    Pirtek Fishing Challenge

    Nice mate - you fishing brisbane waters? Think i'm going to try and target flatties for the day.
  14. macca02

    Pirtek Fishing Challenge

    Any other raiders heading out this Sunday for the Pirtek Fishing Challenge? If not its probably not too late to sign up, plenty of prizes and supports a great charity. Hopefully weather wont be as bad as it has been the last couple of years.
  15. macca02

    Jig heads

    Try a finer/lighter gauge jighead hook (nitro bream pro range I've found to be great). They penetrate through the tough mouth/lip way easier than thicker gauge jigheads, as such setting the hooks (especially on light line) is much easier. I had the same issue and the switch to fine gauge hooks/jigheads solved it for me.