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  1. I know you're looking for a cheaper second hand one, though for < $1000 you can get some decent new trailers. I got a "Seatrail" trailer for my 13ft tinny and have had it for about 7-8 years now and its been great i think it was approx $900 registered back then.
  2. I've got 20lb tasline on a 5000 stradic that i use for flinging metals off the beach/rocks for salmon & tailor. Casts exceptionally well and haven't had any issues.
  3. In the past three years I've only caught 3 jewfish off the beach which is nothing crazy or unbelievable, however each of these captures occurred on the same day (25th May) at almost the exact time (7:45 - 7:50pm) across multiple locations. Now its not like i only go fishing for jew once a year at those times, i'd estimate I've fished off these beaches at night probably 30+ times in that period, with the only captures falling on the same date/time each year. So pretty much i'm cursed to only catch jewfish at 7:45pm on the 25th May haha
  4. For beach fishing at night in winter i wear wetsuit pants (3mm i think), wetsuit boots and just a shirt/weatherproof jacket combo and find this to be pretty versatile, comfortable and keeps me warm. I tried going the light/thermal style bottoms instead of wetsuits at first but you end up getting wet eventually and then it becomes cold and uncomfortable. Wetsuit was way more comfy.
  5. macca02


    Yes. If traps are banned then any method that isn't by line and hook (snagging them is essentially the same as trapping, they get caught up in the stockings/mess of line). If traps are banned in the area use a handline, running ball sinker, hook and mullet for bait.
  6. I've had an motorguide xi5 55lb for past 3+ years and it hasn't skipped a beat. As with most other owners i did have paint bubbling/rust forming near the prop on the lower unit which got replaced under warranty (Dropped it off one weekend and picked it up the next!), although i believe its simply cosmetic. The auto deploy and adjusting the depth collar would be awesome (though i always worry theres simply more to go wrong there / would hope you could still manually deploy and adjust depth), i hope motorguide end up releasing an equivalent in their range.
  7. Hey mate i'm on the coast as well and its something I've always wanted to try but never have. I don't know of any specific ledges that are known to produce. Few things I've read about but never put to practice is that they hang around gravel bottoms which are mostly further out off the rock ledges/ away from the reefy stuff (need to put in big casts). Also apparently great times are just after there's been big swells as they get pushed off the outside reefs and bommies and come closer in. Again these are things that I've read/heard and have no experience targeting them off the rocks.
  8. Live yakkas is number one for me. When rock fishing while having a live yakka out a unweighted half/whole pilchard in the wash can be quite effective.
  9. Just wondering what everyone's top baits are for beach jew? And if you can't get the ideal bait what are your backup options?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions/replies everyone! I think i'll stick with J's and having the drag set in the holder, was just looking to see if i could i refine my setup as i'd noticed others use Circles.
  11. Yep! i used to spray paint my raiders white and then stick on some holographic stickers when chasing kings off the stones. I don't know why they stopped making white raiders.
  12. If you're a complete novice go with mono. After a year or so i'd then suggest trying braid, its a lot less forgiving for new anglers and bigger learning curve (lack of stretch, need for a leader - learning different leader knots so you can cast through the guides etc). Most braids I've found the opposite to what you've described, they break much higher than their advertised breaking strain (fireline and powerpro are examples of this). I much prefer braid in the surf, it cuts through the waves and is less influenced by their drag. Only downside is what rob mentioned in that if seaweed is bad on the beach tangles are much worse.
  13. Thoughts on circles vs J hooks off the beach when fishing with your reel in gear? Currently I have my rods set in a holder with enough drag to set the hook. Using gamakatsu octopus hooks at the moment and seems to work fairly well though wondering if switching to circles and fishing in gear would be more productive?
  14. Awesome haul of blue swimmers mate! Were you anchored up hand lining for them?
  15. If you rinse down after every trip you shouldn't have any issues with rods that have quality components. I used to always buy Shimano Rods but in the past 5 years have made the move to Daiwa Rods and honestly the components and blanks I've found to be of higher quality (though expect to pay a little bit more $$$).