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  1. stevex

    Sounder help

    Awesome thanks everyone 4 the help appreciate it
  2. stevex

    Sounder help

    I was thinking like spending like 3k could i get something with grunt 4 that money
  3. stevex

    Sounder help

    Hey all atm i have a garmin dv70 and was thinking of upgrading as im starting to go offshore ànd dont think its not good enough 4 it as it doesnt pick up bait/ fish when im offshore works fine inside but must not be strong enough 4 outside just wondering if anyone knows if i can just fit a bigger transducer if not wats a good sounder that will work well inside and out want to try dropping baits at browns so need something strong enough 4 that
  4. Hey all was planning to try my luck prawning friday night at the entrance but worried it will be dirty after this rain anyone know if it affects it only wanted to walk near where they feed the pelicans
  5. stevex

    Wats happening around bass point

    Do u no of there still using the coco rig ill prefer to threw halcos or hard bodies but the float with the skirt use to kill it down there
  6. Hey all ill be working 2 days down near bass point and was wondering if much fish has been caught there latey i used to go there a few years back and go ok on the coco rig but that was a while ago now so not sure wats out there and wt tjere using tocatch theses days any help would be great might get in one morning fish if i fit it in before work any help would be great
  7. stevex

    Need help choosing the right batteries

    I have only tryed it on the 1 once till it died put itcon both and it started so i need one starting battery and one deep cycle do use no wat size batteries i need
  8. stevex

    Need help choosing the right batteries

    Yeah i have to start it on both tho cause just the one battery wont start it if its cold and both batteries are the same
  9. stevex

    Need help choosing the right batteries

    I might add whens the motors on it never goes dead its only when i achor up and sleep 4 a few hours they flat as
  10. stevex

    Need help choosing the right batteries

    On the dash when im driving it ready 13.8 to 14.4 but the live bait tanks kills em in a few hours and once i had both batteries fully charged and went to start it with only one battery and it rurned over 4 times then it was dead .ill habe to go see wat batteries i have in there now but i no they not deepcycle is it better to run 2 deepcycle or just one
  11. Hey all been having dramas with my batteries lately and thought its time for a upgrade. Wats happenning is when i chase bait threw the night and decide to achor up to get some shut eye for 4 or 5 hours i leave everything off except the bait tank and wake up and the battery or batteries are dead (depending if i remember to switch it to one or both batteries). Also if i do drain one batteries just the one battery most the time dies trying to start really needs both batteries to get it going. My motor is a yamaha v4 115hp. Ive notice the batteries that are there now arent deepcycle .i dont mind getting bigger batteries then they need so im certain i wont need to call marine rescue anymore again any help would be great
  12. stevex

    Any help on land based king fish

    Cheers boys will go 4 a drive and have a sus around i do most my fishing of the boat but thought ill mix it up plus my mate gets sick so rather try get him a king of the land thanks 4 your help boys appreciate it
  13. Hey all not sure if anyone can help i wana take a mate fishing for kings landbased and his not experienced ànd all the spots i no sometimes hold kings are dangerous and i dont take risks so just wondering if anyone knows where roughly i can try where it's not dangerous not asking for your secret spots just any help or even an area i can go try thanks in advance
  14. Hey mv sunray looking for a live bait tank similar to the one u installed can i ask where u bought it from
  15. stevex

    chasing tailor over winter help

    Thanks mate might try it out when my sons keen next thanks