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  1. WOW! Congratulations on a great fish. next time we head up that way we’ll have to take the boat and the caravan.?
  2. Donna and Stewy Sad to hear that you have handed over the lines of Fishraider. I joined in October 2005 and Geoff soon followed. We have loved being a part of such a successful group. We would never have met and become such good friends if it wasn’t for Fishraider. We hope you have an exciting future ahead of you both. PS: I didn’t include the most important thing. Thank you to Donna and Stewy for all their hard work making Fishraider what it is now.
  3. Welcome Mike and crew. Looking forward to the future Fishraider with you and your crew. Hope to be able to meet you all soon.
  4. You can load it into iTunes and change it to mp4 Or google how to change .mov to .mp4 there are a other options.
  5. Great report. i would love to see your video but unfortunately iPad and iPhone cannot watch .mov files. Any chance you can change format to mp4?
  6. Great report as usual. Wish we were there too. Maybe next time
  7. Congratulations on your birthday. I hope there is some celebrating going on. ??
  8. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your evening.
  9. Dalucius


    Like cooking us breakfast?
  10. Donna and Stewy - maybe you could compile a book with all the valuable information and photos. i would buy one.
  11. This is very sad news. I joined Fishraiders 12 years ago, Geoff joined about a year later. We have met and become good friends with a lot of members enjoying their company at the socials. We hope our friendships will continue after Fishraider site shuts down. Thank you to all past and present Admin, Mods, Sponsors and helpers who have donated a lot of their time to make this the best online fishing forum. Thank you to the members for all the input, photos and knowledge they have shared. Most of all thank you to the Swordies. We have become very good friends over the years going out socially as well as fishing holidays. We will continue this way beyond Fishraiders We hope the future holds new and exciting things for you both. Lyn & Geoff