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  1. hey I agree with damos grays point is a better boat ramp to launch from. try pumping nippers at the grays point sand flats there is heaps there and fish the incoming tide with nippers floated down current (works for me) if that doesn't work lots of action around Lilli Pilli sand flats and south west arm. you might need to ask a boat for a tow as it is a trek on the kayak. good luck
  2. An electric motor or a strong drift will work as well. Our boat has a 3.5 HP and it is very quiet.
  3. My local sand flat in Grays Point is known to hold lots of whiting but after numerous sessions pumping nippers and trying to get a feed of whiting, instead having very sore arms after each session. I have been trying to catch whiting on this very flat for 10 years. The day had finally come when I found out how to catch these whiting. When my son came home with 8 whiting between 30 and 35 cm. I had to tag along the next session to see how he did it. I was bemused when he said that he left the motor in gear the whole time. He was trolling for whiting!!!. he says the moving nipper along the flats targets the bigger fish. before we knew it he had beaten his personal best whiting and pulled one in the net measuring 42 cm. along with 5 of his mates. none of which were undersize. A prolific tactic used in deep sea fishing can be used to good effect in 1 metre of water.
  4. Not sure of the actual name but they are pretty much clear with black flecks through them. Cracked pepper I think. My favourite flatly lure by far.
  5. Wow what a beautiful photo! Please tell me that was with a proper camera and not a phone. I was down there around the same time. My young bloke caught two 30cm flatties in the river on squidgy prawns. I got nought. Fished in the bay and didn't get a touch. If it wasn't such a great place I would have had the shits!
  6. Thanks for the replies everybody. I will let you know that I broke my EP duck the next day on the same prawn sp. I couldn’t believe it!
  7. Been fishing the Hacking for around 40 years. Never seen one of these before, let alone caught one. I have seen posts of Raiders who have got the in the Hacking. So you can imagine my excitement (read jealousy) when my 16 year old pride and joy fronts up with this. On a plastic adds to my pain. 33cm on the tape. I’m guessing the fresh has brought them down from Audley. The thrilled look on his face did ease my pain.
  8. For mine, the best fishing report I’ve ever read on Fishraider. Unbelievable!
  9. Giffo

    luderick weekend

    Thanks for tips. That's pretty much what I've done in the past. I'll give it another go
  10. Giffo

    luderick weekend

    Nice work Hawkesbass. I've being doing a bit of blacky fishing in the hacking. Caught a few and took a few home for a feed. I found them them a bit weedy to taste. I did bleed, fillet and skin them. I thought it might be because they were caught a bit up stream. Can you pass on any tips for preparing them for the plate? Thanks.
  11. Ouch! Hot water is definitely the go for sting ray stings. It also works a treat for blue bottle stings as well.
  12. I'm guessing you don't need to take omega 3 supplements Yowie. You always seem to get a feed. Well done.
  13. Good to here about the black fishing by catches. Caught a mullet on weed last weekend. Have caught several tailor as well over the years. Still waiting for the holy grail, flathead on weed.
  14. I agree with Blood Knot. My better half loves fishing and is pretty good at it a well. Nothing better than sharing great times on the water together. Just make sure it is a 'split ring'!
  15. So that's how they get tuna oil!