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  1. Hi Raiders, Just letting you know that due to ongoing medical issues, I have to give up work. As the only computer I have at present is at my work, from probably Tuesday arvo, I will not be able to be contacted through this site. Hoping to get a computer for home once things have settled and get back to my favourite site. Cheers for now, Rickster
  2. Spent an hour or so yesterday trying to find a blackfish or two in the harbour. Nil success. What i did find interesting is the unnatural colour of the water. I fished around Walsh Bay not far from the bridge and also had a look around Prymont. The water colour in both areas was the same. Slightly discoulered with a greenish tinge to it. Just doesn't look "fishy" and I don't think it could be blamed on the rain as we've had a lot of big tides lately. Have others noticed similar throughout the harbour? Rickster
  3. I don't know where you prawn in the georges but the problem is that the water is filthy. Looked at lugarno last week and it's still brown. Rick
  4. Hey Tony, I'm serious about being able to give it up anytime I want My last two trips in the harbour resulted in two and none. I'm not completely stupid or addicted so absolutely no more for me, enough's enough, that's it, put the rod away until next winter, finito (unless of course I can find a few on sunday) Rickster
  5. Going by the name of the place, I'd say MOZZIES
  6. Hey Tony, Gotta totally disagree with you about blackfishing being addictive. I took it up about 40 years ago and could give it up anytime i want. The main reason that I may spend over 2 hours chasing weed is because I love driving and putting petrol in the car. The main reason I might put up to $20 a day in parking meters is because I'd hate to see our city councils go broke. The main reason I can leave home at 5.30am in the middle of winter is that I love freezing westerlies. The main reason that I...................ok, it might be slightly addictive - but I can give it up any time I want. Rickster
  7. SCOOP!!!! I just got to watch a preview of Stewys new upcoming TV fishing show. The editors however did have to edit out the pieces where Stewy had a ciggy in his mouth, oh and they also had to cut any parts where Stewy might have been using the "F" word, but the critics still rated it as one of the best THREE AND A HALF MINUTE fishing videos they've ever seen. Rickster
  8. That's just silly. Did you net them, gaff them, or did they just climb on board on their own? Should have a sign up "DANGER - NO SWIMMING"
  9. I wouldn't blame the councils if they did ban fishing from all ferry wharves. A minority think nothing to just leave the place a mess after fishing. Empty pilly bags, plastic bottles, you name it, and there's usually garbage bins within walking distance. It seems to be even worse off the rocks these days, and in National Parks to boot. Please, how hard is it to take your rubbish with you or put it in a bin. I seriously wonder if these individuals don't do the same at home. The same people would throw their Maccas leftovers out the window when there's a bin 3m away, or park in disabled spots to save having to walk an extra 20m. Love this country and start taking pride in how it looks.
  10. Hi, Are you specifically talking about blackfishing and if so what areas are you refering to. Send me a PM if you like. Cheers, Rickster
  11. Sorry Stewy, I didn't look hard enough. I was only going on the size of the mouth. Seriously though, I'd guess you at about 1.75m tall and around 80-85kg (sorry if i'm out a little)Just wondering how bloody big and how much did that monster weigh and did you get him using one of my floats? Great fish. Rickster
  13. What's wrong with many of us being "Honary Inspectors" and given identifaction recognition by state fisheries. I'd have no problems talking to those keeping undersize fish, flashing a card of who I am, and letting them know the consequences if caught. Having a "hotline number" that maybe able to locate the nearest inspector would be handy for those who refuse to do the right thing would make a lot think twice. Rickster
  14. Hi fritz, Long time no hear. Just curious, where did you fish at bermagui? I've seen them get a few near the boat ramp but never seen anyone fishing off the jettys where all the boats are tied up. Is that where you got them? Well done, did you use the manly float? Cheers, Rickster