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  1. Good luck Gus, hope you smashed some good sized barra. The dropping water levels as bad as they are, does make the fishing a whole lot better as it pushes the Barra into more accessible areas. It has to be one of the biggest dams full and at 100% its insane all the places the big bad barra can hide.
  2. And 4lb braid on a 1000 stradic will take flatties bream and Trevor's fine
  3. The itchy twitchy is a great rod. I use it for bass in the rivers and dams. Heaps of muscle, I have pulled 40cm bass with it from snags with ease.
  4. As with most fish species, no mater what it is, Down sizing your line presence in the water will catch you more fish. This is where FC is more effective, having a line that has a near refractive index close to water it becomes "invisible" (I say invisible but in reality no mater what size or type of line it is you will be able to see it) this will help those tricky fish. FC has greater abrasion resistance as well. It is all personal opinion and thats just my 2 cents worth
  5. thanks David. I certainly love the yak, its opened up all new avenues for me and is increasing mid week time on the water. the funny thing is that the biggest hit came from the smallest bass, spectacular to watch and had me on my toes.
  6. Well this time of year has glenbawn and st Clair fishing deep water (20-60ft) vertically (slow) rolling grubs on 1/8-1/4oz jig heads. Watching the sounder and searching for the schools is the best way to approach this. Make sure your sounder is tuned to see the decent of your line
  7. Thanks For the Replies every one Have already done another trip in it along with some heavy walking over the long weekend, Im absolutely beat haha. Nursie: its a little Tiemco Shaky Bug, a soft plastic rigged on an unweighted jig head. Its a great lure, especially in the kayak as I can do some awesome skip casts with it! Swordie: It will be great seeing you on a Yak down the Georges but i dare say a River Bison might be a bit more successful Hodgey: so many trips have already been planned, unfortunately so little time left in the bass season!
  8. Well I am glad to say I am now part of the kayak Krew. Here's some footage of my first session
  9. Hodgey I will be trying very hard to level the score, especially in the trips leading up too!
  10. It certainly was a great weekend away, luckily I got a few fish on film and some action shots. Here's this vid for those of you who wish to watch it
  11. Mate I cant help you with area's. But in terms of best lures, My favourites for the creeks are Tiemco soft shell cicadas, small 30-40mm crankbaits and 1/4oz-3/8oz spinnerbaits (Tiemco make some good ones of these too). Working areas where theres shade or at the tops or bottom of pools will yield the most success, listen for the cicadas singing and overcast days help too. good luck on your bass adventures!
  12. Perfect Bassin water and you're targeting carp. looney bins calling you swordy! Looks like a good day catching some pests.
  13. Well done on the bass! gotta love it when a plan comes together.
  14. Just got home from fishing the dam, If theres a change fishing will pick up. the flats (20ft) and edges worked but it was tough going. Glenbawn apparently has been VERY tough. If you are going anytime near Australia day both places will be very busy
  15. Nice work poddy! bringing in the new year on surface gotta love it