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  1. Hi jesso im a super keen jew on plastics/hardbodys fisho too and if you want some company im happy to fish and continue to learn how to figure out these majestic creatures.i do majority of my jew fishing landbased on the middle to upper georges as its my local and 10mins from my house but iv fished the parra and harbour quite a bit also.only problem is i dont drive atm and i live in fairfield.if that doesn't bother you id be happy to be your mulloway partner in crime me if you are interested.cheers Johnny aka fisher doi.
  2. well done stewy on breaking your chippo jew hoodoo mate.some nice bream and eps too.i also landed 2 mid 60s schoolies yesty arvo just as it startd to run back in.first was in shallow water with the deephole nearby which went 62cms,the 2nd came as we were walking back to the car and wasthe last shot.i lost my jew sp 1st cast so thought id downsize and try for a bream.1st cast in less than 1m of water the little 70mm wriggler got smacked.thinking it was a flatty cos of the instant short sharp headshakes I was gonna skull drag it in.but the jew was swimming at me and probly didn't know it was hooked.lucky I didn't skull drag it it cos as it got closer in,it took off with a good run and I immediately knew ti was a schoolie,and a nice one at that just shy of the 70cm mark.also landed a mid 40s lizard after the 1stjew.obviously all fish were released healthy and unharmed after a fewhappy snaps. congrats on ur 1st jew up river stewy and hopefully I can get out with you on your boat asap to target the big 1m+ girls that are pm umy mobile or u can getit off always available for last minute sessions as im still jobless unfortunately.hope to hearfrom you soon mate. cheers johnny.
  3. Well we hit the upper George's where we have landed quite a few Jew on Plastics.yestrday there were 4 Jew to 76cms,roughly 15-20 eps to 39cms,few flattys and a lone bream.was a hot Sesh.also during the wk we landed 6-8 more school jew but most on the 60-70cm range but I'm not complaining.all fish released.todays morning Sesh produced a donut lol but we will find the Jew again in the next Few days.will keep I guys posted on how we go. Cheers Johnny
  4. the jew are in the just gotta be there at the right time,ie-tide changes.doesnt really matter if its top or bottom tide,you just gotta have your lure in the water during that window of of slower water.where i fish,the upper georges from alfords bridge to chipping norton,myself and mates have caught them pretty consistantly during colder mths.we fish landbased so fishing the slack water period makes it even more important for us as we are restricted to where we can fish.once tide picks up its just too hard to keep the lure in the zone.stick with areas that have produced in the past and keep casting during that peak jew bite time.sure you might get fishless sessions,its happen to me and other jwe fishos plenty of times when chasing silver slabs,but you just gotta keep persisting,keep at em.and when thats screaming zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzz and big headshakes of a jew of a litetime comes,all the fruitless hours will be forgotten. cheers johnny.
  5. Great bag of flattys there mate.well what stretch of the georges did you get em if you dont mind me asking?iv got a couple nice 60+cm models lately but i let em go cos i fish the upper reaches of the georges and its not good to eat em that far upstream.
  6. Good stuff starting to regret taking you to that killing it there.well done.sounds like stella got to have a gool squeel.gota get to the local while the bite is on. Cheers johnny.
  7. Congrats on some nice nobbys fellas.cant beat fresh snapper and squid.what lure/plastic did the most damage? Well done,cant wait to read about your NEXT session. Btw.greg,have you been chasing jew on the parra lately,any around? Cheers johnny.
  8. chippo is a pretty good lure spot.over the years iv caught bream,flattys,mullet,tailor,whiting,ep's,bass and some great pb in chippo is 12kg jew.also some big flathead as jew bycatch. this year has been a bit hit & miss though.last year was a cracker with jew and flathead on nearly every session.cos its my local,me & my mate would fish there maybe 2-3 times a week,tossing sp's on light gear all landbased. last week was the first time i fished there since around april.with joco,we had one the best sessions iv had there on some decent bass in the 30-40cm range.we got probly 40 odd fish in 90mins.but the fishing isnt always that have to be willing to move around alot to find actively feeding fish.sometimes we move on foot up to 5 times until we find fish. hope this helps. cheers johnny.
  9. hey joey,it wasnt ep excitement,it was a bass bonanza!hahaha. cheers johnny.
  10. I always get mixed up with ep's and they were,was a awesome session with good company and great fishing.sure is 1 of the best sessions iv had in the local in terms of numbers and the class of fish.thanx joey. Cheers johnny.
  11. Iv already been added to the attendees list,but if its possible,can i add another 2 people to come please? Cheers johnny.
  12. can i be added to the list please?hope the weather is better than last year. cheers johnny.
  13. congrats on a great day out mick.nice bucket mouth john dory & well done on the pb bream mate. cheers johnny.
  14. Now thats what i call 1 heck of an epic adventure.i got tierd reading it so i couldnt imagine actually doing the hike myself.well done fellas,sounds like you had a great time in the wilderness,caught some great fish and ate like kings of the bush.well done.i applaude the dedication and sheer determination it takes to pull off such an epic adventure you guys sure the freezing nights and aching mucsles was all worth sure are 1 tough breed of adventurer/fisho nanook.hats off to you.keep up the good work and cant wait to read about your next sojourn into the wild. Cheers johnny.
  15. wishing old mate byron,aka jewgaffer a speedy recovery after his big operation last be visiting him tomorrow