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  1. campr


    New rules and bag limits come into force on 1 September 2018 as follows: The advisory councils provided advice on this important issue, which included: • The removal of the possession limit of 10 Mulloway between 45 and 70 cm that currently applies to Estuary General meshing net fishers. This will mean that a 70 cm Mulloway minimum size limit will apply to all fishers. • A reduction in the recreational bag limit from two to one. The changes come into effect on 1 September 2018 and will be closely monitored by NSW DPI. An advisory campaign will also ensure all fishers are aware of the new rules. This is a joke, as the rule only applies to Estuary General meshing net fishers which means that beach netters that target spawning Mulloway congregations on northern beaches trawlers etc will still be able to take 10 undersize fish, while we get bag limits reduced yet again. Undersize Mulloway will continue to be sold with the claim they were non-estuary caught. All fishers should have the same size limit to avoid this. Most fishers would rarely catch 2 legal jewies in a day. I often fish nearly all night without even a run and when we have a good night with up to 9 caught we only keep 1 or 2 depending on the size. I think the better option would have been a slot limit with only 1 over a meter. Good luck all, I hope your 1 fish is a good one. Ron
  2. campr

    whiting rigs?

    Whiting are a year wide target but you have to adjust your methods. The big ones travel up river in winter and get very subtle in their bite but still fight just as much. We regularly get them over 40cm in winter with not many undersize. Went last week and managed 8 myself but no really big unes with 6 being between 34 and 36cm. Still a couple of good feeds. Ron
  3. campr

    Spinning for trout

    A well balanced outfit that should cover all your requirements no worries. Ron
  4. campr

    Spinning for trout

    I would forget the baitcaster option if I were you as a lot of trout and bream lures are very light and you will have trouble getting the distance needed withou a threadline real. Your suggested outfit sounds fine. The trend now is to use longer rods about 7ft 2 to 6 inches long with a real between 1000 to 2500 in size. The only other question is braid or mono? If your predominantly lure fishing I would go with braid with about one and a half rod lengths of fluro or nylon attached with an FG knot. Ron
  5. campr

    Stripeys etc

    If your keen on stripeys I troll skirted lures (mostly pink) 3 to 5 inches long at 6 to 9 knots. You can get them in close but I find that 80+ meters is best. They are about all year out wide but I find they usually start inshore around October or November. If traveling outside I almost always put a couple of lures out as you never know your luck. Ron
  6. Silicone should hold it ok, but if it doesn't try 2 way tape. Dont use tape with foam centre but just the thin film with adhesive each side. Its amazing what this stuff will hold. I often try sticking fittings on my boat to see if I'm happy with location before drilling holes in boat to attach. On occasion the tape worked so well I never attached with screws or rivets. Ron
  7. campr

    Sussex Inlet / St Georges Basin

    Sussex inlet has good ramps . You will have to keep to the channels in river but you will be unrestricted in the Basin with some shallows around islands. If staying at canal estates you could be restricted by depth at low tide in some areas and some canals have low bridges that require me to lower my bimini to get through. I never go to sea from there as the crossing can be silted over at times with risk of prop hitting bottom at low tide. Ron
  8. campr

    New boat - Fishing Buddy - East Coast

    Hi. Saw a new Formosa last Tuesday or Wednesday this week (fished both days) that went to sea from the Hacking and came back 10 minutes later. Was that you? I was in a 5.6 Quinnie with a black bimini fishing for squid in Salmon Haul Bay. May see you some day. Ron
  9. campr

    Inked at Hacking

    Sorry for the late reply. Caught from boat but most within 5 to 10 metres from land so within reach of shore fishers. Will get a couple of feeds with heads wings and smaller ones ending up as jjew baits. Ron
  10. campr

    Inked at Hacking

    Went out front of the Hacking for a squid competition yesterday and did ok. Got 8 woth biggest 2 going 33cm and 29cm hood length. I usually land them by grabbing them behind eyes so I can control them but comp required a vidio of them on measuring mat which ended up with both myself and boat getting the best inking I have ever seen. Went out again today but only got 4 smallish ones. Tried to attach photo but image tt big. Sqid must have been bigger than I thought. LOL. Ron
  11. campr


    I bought a 5.6 quinnie with a canopy similar to yours with clears between canopy and top of screen and had a local firm (Kirrawee) make side clears. This fully enclosed boat from front to back of bimini. I have camped overnight a few times by tying a canopy from bimini to back of boat. Copped some heavy rain on one occasion and kept dry ok. Will try to post photo but currently having probs with my pc. If you pm your phone no I could text you photo. Regards Ron.
  12. campr

    New to Squidding

    If you look around you can find quick change swivel/clips designed specifically for squidding. They are light so as not to affect sink rate too much and the jig just twists onto them without need to open a clip. Regards Ron
  13. campr

    New to Squidding

    Any light spin rod will do the job but I prefer 7+ft long to improve distance. I fish Hacking for them often and find the further upstream you go the more river (arrow) sqid and closer to ocean the more callamari you get. Some of the rocks near ocean and fronting ocean can be good but you can lose jigs to reef and of cause only when sea conditions are safe to fish. They are possible from most wharves such as yowie bay, lilli pilli and wallies wharf etc. Any erea close to deep water with grass weed, kelp or reef is worth a try. Jigs from 1.8 to 2.5 usually best with 3.5 ok in deeper areas.
  14. campr

    Fish ID Bass or Estuary Perch

    I would guess as a Bass, as E Perch has a more concave front of head. Ron
  15. campr

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    I usually use Appletree bay when fishing hairtail and have had no issues. They used to lock half of car park up which meant you couldn't get out till morning but this gave added security for overnighters. Also fact there was only one road each way deterred theives. Main problem is National Park fees are payable which isn't a worry for me as I have a free pensioner pass.