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  1. campr

    Mangrove Jack at Berowra Waters?

    Back 20+ years ago jacks and big ox eye herring were far from unusual in Port Hacking. Ron
  2. campr

    Protective measures for new boat

    The following advice dousnt apply if floor is sealed/welded. With all alloy boats I recomend pulling up floor every year or two to remove anything that could cause electrolysis such as sinkers, swivels, coins etc and clean out out all dirt etc. Clean any sign of electrolysis and paint with primer. As for trailer, dont forģet to rinse out cross members. I have made up a tool to make this easier. Ron
  3. campr

    Keel Roller Replacement

    I wouldn't buy new spindles as they need constant maintenence and just jam and rust again. I have replaced all my spindles with home made ones I made myself out of stainless rod. Just ascertain what diameter they are and buy some stainless rod that size. Cut to length and driill holes for split pins. You won't believe how easier it will be to launch and retrieve. No more rust and will always roll smoothly. Cost is not much more and you will never regret it. I am in my 70s now and handle my 5.6 metre Quinnie with no worries helped by ease of launching. Ron
  4. campr

    Port Hacking Cobia

    Most years I hear reports of a cobia being caught mostly near the drop-off near Lilli Pilli. Even stranger was my capture some years ago of a 2kg cobe way down south at Wagonga at Narooma. Ron
  5. campr

    Blood Worms - Sydney

    I used to dig them from the mud under exposed sea grass beds at big low tides but my back wouldn't let me now. A fork was always used as a shovel would cut the worms. No ban on taking them in NSW other than usual local preservation areas etc. The ban is on the movement of bait between QLD and NSW to prevent the spread of white spot. The best worm baits ever were the Botany wrigglers with lots of legs similar to a centipede. These could only be dug from sand under piles of weed on beaches where the Botany container harbour is now. Only a few of us oldies would remember these. Ron
  6. campr

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    Pelican itch also occurs in the lakes around Nowra and Jarvis Bay. In the 70s i got an unbelievably bad dose thar completely covered the full lenth of my legs. I'm over 6ft tall but my poor mate at about 5ft went in past his privates and was in so much pain he had to go to hospital and be sedated. Funny now but not so much back then. Just like seasickness it makes for fun stories later for those not afflickted. Ron
  7. campr

    Kingfish mullet?

    I often use live mullet for flathead when fishing ANSA comps in Pt Hacking. I have caught 2 over 5.6kg on 1kg line but some years the kings are a pain in the rear as once they reach legal you can't stop them so yes they will take a live mullet. Ron
  8. campr

    Squid rig

    I always have a swivel at the top of posternoster rig which are pre tied and stored in a small zip bag ready to tie or clip on. Ron
  9. campr

    Squid rig

    When squidding or drifting for flatties I often leave rod in holder with 2 squid jigs off a posternoster rig. Size of sinker on bottom varies with depth of water and speed of drift. This works in 4 to 15 metres or more. Ron
  10. campr

    What is this bar on my new boat???

    Definately intended as a sprey chine but as it is riveted on I doubt it is original and my guess is its been added later in its life. Thats a lot of holes to put in a boat with potential to create leeks and electrolysis. Ron
  11. campr

    Bate Bay - quiet.

    I have heard that the pros have been working Bate bay for slimies, maybe that was what they were doing ? Ron
  12. campr

    Kings in the port hacking

    I fish the Port quite a bit and at times have seen them everywhere from the flats in 2 ft of water to some of the deeper holes. I am usually fishing for big flathead with livies on 1kg line and they can be a bit of a pain in the rear at times. Most consistent places I've seen them is the drop-off at Lilli Pilli and the nearby moorings near Police mooring bouy and the southern shoreline of South West Arm. Ron
  13. campr

    First outing - Squid

    As I fish PH a lot myself pic of ramp had me scratching my head as well. Unusual that you got arrow squid, as they are normally mostly calamari there. Probably a result of recent rains as calamari don't like the fresh water. Ron
  14. campr

    Crackdown on Jetskis

    There are now cameras installed in the upper Georges river specifically to catch jetskiers behaving badly. Ron
  15. campr

    boat insurance

    If you don't like the stolen excess clause you can always compare with other insurers there are plenty of them out there ?