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  1. campr

    Tips for light leader

    I've caught many large flathead on 1kg pretest line includin two over 5.6kg but I use a heavy leader. Other than being bitten off, the trick is to play them very smoothly to prevent them panicking. Use a light drag, keep their head under the water and swim them into the net. If using light leader make sure its one with a tough outer coating but using a flurocarbon leader is best. You can also consider using a light leader with a short 50cm heavyer bit on end. All nylon to nylon or flurocarbon joins should preferably be a double uni knot. Ron
  2. campr

    Boaters in NSW reminded to light up during darkest days

    My understanding of the law for boats is that it's the same as for cars on the road. Required lights must be switched on from actual sunset to sunrise. This has nothing to do with how light it is but the actual times as you see posted in newspapers, media etc which of course changes every day. If you haven't got your lights on during posted hours you can be fined. Ron
  3. campr


    I do ok for jewies in Botany Bay and prefer fishing the run in on smaller tides. I beIieve the myth for fishing the full moon mainly relates to beach fishing as the resulting big tides results in fuller gutters which entice the jews to come in closer to shore and within easy casting distance. Ron.
  4. campr

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    I was fishing oyster leases at Pt Stevens in early 80s and was busted off on oysters by a big bream. Fished same spot next day and landed a nice bream just over a kilo. Amazingly I hadnt hooked it but my hook had gone through the eye of the swivel of the rig I lost the day before. Still wouldn't believe this if I hadn'tseen it. Ron
  5. campr

    What to look for good riding boat

    I had a 4.5m Quintrex Lazeabout and upgraded to a 2001 5.6m Quinnie Classic with Millenium hull. What a huge difference in ride. I realize that going bigger helped heaps but the new hull shape reduced pounding a lot. Ron
  6. campr

    Old days

    The rod with the aluminium extension was an American Silaflex FT70. I still have my 2nd one. My 1st blañk cost me 3 week wages and was used witha 6to1 Seascape and mostly WK arrows. Ron
  7. campr

    boat trailer guides

    Tinnies are designed to be supported by the keel when on a trailer. I have a 5.6 meter Quinnie and have found that the hard blue nylon type with a recess in the middle work best. I have skids supporting the sides with short v pieces to help center the hull. The best thing I did was ditch the galvanised roller axles and make my own ones from stainless rod. Easy launch and retrieve with rollers that never stick. Ron
  8. campr

    Braid connections

    Get rid of knot. Another solution if you have a large spool of line is to pull all braid off spool and pack spool with line to make up for lost line before topshotting braid back on top. Ron
  9. campr

    suitable line for 15kg rod / 12kg reel

    Get some scales and see how much (or little) pressure you can pull through that 10ft rod. Unless your built like the Hulk, you will be surprised how little pressure you can apply. I think 50 will just cut down your casting distance and increase warer drag. I would use 30lb tops. Ron
  10. campr

    Outboard servicing

    I recently serviced my 2001 90hp Honda myself and had no problems as it was quite easy. I baulked at servicing the water pump impeller though and still can't decide what to do. I may end up paying to be done if I can't find someone in my club to show me how. Interesting thing was I was able to buy genuine oil and fuel filters from USA for about 1/3 the price here and I bought 3 sets due to postage savings. Ron
  11. campr

    Kingfish Bait

    At times any so called rubbish fish that is alive will out fish dead baits. One of my faves are trumpeters as they are extremely hardy and stay alive forever. Ron
  12. campr

    Sydney DPI Reefs

    I have heard nothing about the Hacking reef but am thinking of having a look at it later this week. Ron
  13. campr

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    Would be great for petrol restricted freshwater lakes but for me there isn't any power plugs at the peak or 12 mile. Ron
  14. campr

    Question re freezing fresh caught bait

    I also use double seal zip bags but have found something a bit better. If you look around you will find them that have been designed for wraps that are long and thin. Perfect for bait fish like pillies but I mostly use them for squid. They hold 6-8 pillies, 1 big squiď, 2-3 medium squid a heap of little river squid or quite a few salted slimey fillets. Ron
  15. campr

    Bung Housing

    I would as some older boats have a ply core in transome and it may be done to prevent water intrusion into the transom timber. Ron