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  1. Some like to let them run. I have drag set tò hook them if they run with bait but if they are biting timidly I feed them some slack to eat the bait. I like to strike strongly if they are moving off with the bait. They don't have hands, so if they are moving off with the bait it's in their mouth. Ron
  2. I've been using and loving high speed metals for over 50 years. Great fun on small tunas, salmon etc. Twisties probably my favourite small slice but caught countless kings and the odd logtail spinning from the stones with the old seascape reels and WK arrows. Another great thing about them is their easy and fun to make yourself. Cut hex rod, bars of different shapes, handles cut from knives and spoons painted lead slugs etc nearly anything long and thin comes alive when cranked fast enough. Good luck. Ron
  3. Immersion of a car over the dashboard in salt water creates an automatic statuary wright-off. If insured full payout and vehicle cannot ever be re-registered. Ron
  4. I use that same set up to catch poddies. Rod cost about $5 onfleabay. I use home made Styrofoam float about 1 cm round with 2 size 12 square green blackfish hooks up short near float and tiny split shot. With bread burley fish are attracted to white float. Just too much fun. Ron
  5. Hi Fishkent. Love fishing ph for big flathead and jew by boat but it can be a tough area. The striped fish your catching are trumpeter and are one of my fave livies for big flathead in the port. Ph has blessed me with 5 flatties over 80cm with the biggest being 97cm all caught on 1kg pretest line. My favorite area is from the dropoff from the balast heap upstream to sw arm which would require you to cross the channel from fishermans bay. I prefer bottom half of tide but when fishing comps you don't have much choice. Nippers are a great universal bait. Use lightest possible sinker a
  6. I assume you have dual batteries and means to switch between them? I often fish nights for jewies and switch to auxiliary battery to run lights and pumps etc leaving main battery for starting. With all lights including deck flood light being leds the auxiliary will still start motor but best to be prepared. Ron
  7. I always wear light wading shoes as protection against hooks and fins but also against the sun as I find it's easy to get the top of your feet badly sunburned when out in a boat all day. Ron
  8. campr


    It can be a good spot at times but not as good as in the past as the weed beds have shrunk over the last few years. It has also been my experience at shb that it shuts down after heavy or prelonged rain. I have found that it fishes best on the top half of the tide. Ron
  9. I bought one on epay for about $80 rated at 1000amp. Never needed it myself but have helped others at ramp including a 115hp 2 stroke and a ford f100 with a big v8. I was amazed it started these no probs. Ron
  10. My tank has inlet at bottom but has a plastic riser with spray bar at the top. Ron
  11. I have alloy scoop on transome fitted on slide I got from usual online site. Slide allows you to adjust as well as being able to get it out of way should you have to do a beach retrieval etc. Consider an inline gate valve to turn off or adjust flow if too fast. Ron
  12. I prefer to brine thin filets like slimies in water saturated with salt. If you can find them zip bags made for wraps are perfect as they are long and thin and hold 6 to 8 fillets nicely. Thicker filets like striped tuna I coat with salt and wrap them in newspaper to absorb moisture drawn out, then criovac to freeze. Ron
  13. If it swims and preferably not too spikey, something will eat it. John Dory certainly like them. Ron
  14. I find the best bait for yakkas thats always easy to use and keep on hand is chicken breast cut into tiny cubes. I buy a chicken breast and freeze small portions big enough for an outing. Strangely enough I also find chicken is great for poddy mulet as well. Ron
  15. Have you tried using a battery run aerator to supliment water changes? When fishing comps I often keep 20 poddies and about 10 yakkas overnight in my live bait tank in about 40 litres of water. I'm near Sutherland. If your around here I can give you a 20lt bucket that is a bit squatter and larger diameter. This is better than standard shape as they have more room to move. Ron
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