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  1. campr

    What is this bar on my new boat???

    Definately intended as a sprey chine but as it is riveted on I doubt it is original and my guess is its been added later in its life. Thats a lot of holes to put in a boat with potential to create leeks and electrolysis. Ron
  2. campr

    Bate Bay - quiet.

    I have heard that the pros have been working Bate bay for slimies, maybe that was what they were doing ? Ron
  3. campr

    Kings in the port hacking

    I fish the Port quite a bit and at times have seen them everywhere from the flats in 2 ft of water to some of the deeper holes. I am usually fishing for big flathead with livies on 1kg line and they can be a bit of a pain in the rear at times. Most consistent places I've seen them is the drop-off at Lilli Pilli and the nearby moorings near Police mooring bouy and the southern shoreline of South West Arm. Ron
  4. campr

    First outing - Squid

    As I fish PH a lot myself pic of ramp had me scratching my head as well. Unusual that you got arrow squid, as they are normally mostly calamari there. Probably a result of recent rains as calamari don't like the fresh water. Ron
  5. campr

    Crackdown on Jetskis

    There are now cameras installed in the upper Georges river specifically to catch jetskiers behaving badly. Ron
  6. campr

    boat insurance

    If you don't like the stolen excess clause you can always compare with other insurers there are plenty of them out there ?
  7. campr

    Another fishless day

    Judging on the activity there must have been bait schools. Were you able to identify what they were feeding on..
  8. campr


    Only 6 or so definitely going that I know of but I hope there may be more. Phil T has been very active running info stands and collecting signatures for petition etc. Ron
  9. campr

    Which Downrigger?

    I have used a ccannon and quite happy with it. If getting one now I would get one of those heavy duty alloy ones that a Sydney online shop has but can't say name due to site rules. PM me if you want details. Ron
  10. campr


    Rally is still on. We still need to put a big effort in and turn up in big numbers to put an end to this rubbish or it will all start up again. I will definitely be there along with my mates from St George Sportfishing Club. Ron
  11. campr

    Yellowfin off Sydney

    Radio chatter indicated that fin off Sydney at moment were only jellybeans. What size did you find?? Mind you at the moment, any fin is a good one as they have been hard to find.
  12. campr

    Trolling motor question

    By trolling motor I assume you mean a stern mounted unit? Both are excellent brands but I have only had Watersnakes which have served me well for such a cheap unit. If you want advice on forward mounted motors you need to give more information to enable sound advice. What will you be using it for? Do you need gps driven anchor lock? What is your preferred control foot or remote? What size boat etc. Ron
  13. campr

    Quintrex ID for new boat

    If buying a tinnie that has been moored for a while make sure you lift the floor and inspect for major electrolysis damage. It can be severe in moored ally boats. Ron
  14. campr

    Quinny restoration

    Looks like a 1981 or 82 Lazeabout as I had the 2nd last true Quintrex before the company folded and colour stripes are same as mine was. I found front screen an excellent design and I wouldn't change it. If perspex is cracked or faded any perspex workshop should be able to replicate using old one as template asthere is only one 90 degree bend in each side. Frame could be re-anodized or you cold just spray it black. Fibreglass deck can be restored with a cutting polish if needed. Gòd luck they are a great little boat. Ron
  15. campr

    Swim bait flathead

    There has been quite a few articles in fishing mags about the trend tof using large eal like softies up to 10 inches long in shallow water to target xlarge flatties. They are rigged with a large worm hook up front with a stinger further back on a trace. I specialise in chasing big flathead in ANSA comps mostly using live bait and plan to give this a try. Ron