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  1. I wouldn't wait for next service but report immediately and get fixed asap. With my boat I have to get bow of boat right in middle to allow catch to engage when driving on to trailer. Ron
  2. I still fish at night during winter for jew and hairtail. The best advice I have is dress in layers and look at ski clothing starting with thermals and finishing with a windproof jacket. Ski pants over your normal pants are worth considering as they are warm, wind and water proof. Last of all an inflatable pfd as you can't swim in all that gear if you go overboard. Ron
  3. The drummer fishing can be good in that area as weĺ as sqid if fishing around kelp. Ron
  4. In a boat that size your experience and boating knowledge are of more importance. I'm in my mid 70s and when young fished the area from Towra to Taren Pt in a 10ft ply boat with 3hp outboard before getting a 10ft Topper cub tinnie. This area was fine with that setup but things did get dicey a couple of times when a southerly came up as weather reports weren't reliable like now. So if you plan around good weather and build your confidence you should be fine as you should find conditions fairly similar to the Hacking. Ron
  5. campr

    Snapper bait

    Hard to beat striped tuna, fresh best but salted and frozen great too. Only thing better when you can get them is frigate mackerel which are also my fav jewie bait. Ron
  6. I went to the Peak heaps of times in a 4.5metre quintrex Lazeabout with a 60hp engine with no probs if you pick your days. I went from Botany Bay which is an advantage as afternoon NE winds are more in your back for run home. If conditions deteriorate its ok to try a fast run home before it gets too bad, but once it gets nasty it is much safer and comfortable to slow down and put hull back in the water and take your time. Doesn't hurt to put a lure or two out as well as you never know your luck. Ron
  7. Didnt get into the money prizes in Vancouver, but came 3rd in International teams with a salmon over 7lb. Ron
  8. Another feed that mentioned stories of finding the Peak pre GPS reminded me of a funny story. Way back in the 70s I won a fishing competition run by the extinct "Fishing News" paper and won a trip to fish the Canadian Salmon Derby with fellow winner Pam Hudspeth. On returning she invited me out on her boat with her then famous boatman Jack Farrell who previously captained Bob Dyers boat as well as having newspaper columns and radio shows. Anyway, Jack said when he went to the Peak before the location was well known he would often be followed by a mob of little boats to lead them to the spot. He would stop in deep water but only put his anchor down a few metres. When everybody was firmly anchored to the bottom all around him he would quickly pull up the anchor and leave them stuck as he quickly roared off due east and then slowly swing back on coarse to the Peak leaving his followers behind. Crafty old bugger. Ron
  9. These big schools of traveling cowanyoung used to be fairly common. Biggest school of fish I have seen was when spinning off the rocks south of Jervis Bay in the 70s. There was a school of fish about 30 metres wide about 50 m out and when you brought a lure through them you would see the panic boil run north and south until out of sight and the school must have been miles long. We would jag one occasionally and to our surprise they were big blackfish/luderick. Ron
  10. I think you will find that white vinegar will also remove rust like this but usually takes overnight. Prob is they rust up quicly if not coated with Inox or similar. I have tried stainless pliers but disapointed with rusting up nearly as bad as normal pliers. The only thing I have found that doesn't rust is an old pair of Hookout brand pliers with small jaws and handles at 90 degrees to shaft. They live in boat and never rust and makes you wonder why nobody can make anything this good these days. Ron
  11. My fatherinlaw had a profishing mate at Wolli who used these on his longlines and he got me a box. That was nearly 40 years ago añd I caught my only marlin on one out of my tinny. From memory they were made in Japan and model was called Taiwana Bari. These could be used to tow a truck and were increadably strong and once the point went in it never came out. In reality a non curbed circle hook. Ron
  12. I mostly drift for duskies in 3-5 meters using live baits on a running sinker rig with about a 40cm trace. I softly lob the bait out about 5 meters to eliminate the issue of bait fowling on main line during the drop. A heavy sinker increases snagging so I use smallest sinker possible to just get rig on or close to the bottom. Ron
  13. Mostly used for high rise units and office blocks. Mine came from a huge block of home units being built at Sutherland. Ron
  14. Don't want to hijack topic but regarding light scaring fish. Suddenly turning on lights or flashing them over or into the water will definitely scare fish off at night. I fish with deck illuminated by big LED floodlight and also have blue squid lights on and it doesn't appear to spook jewies, tailor etc at night as long as light is constant. Ron.
  15. You've lucked out Baz. Took me months to find a bit and it was a little shorter than I wanted. Ron