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  1. campr

    Inked at Hacking

    Sorry for the late reply. Caught from boat but most within 5 to 10 metres from land so within reach of shore fishers. Will get a couple of feeds with heads wings and smaller ones ending up as jjew baits. Ron
  2. campr

    Inked at Hacking

    Went out front of the Hacking for a squid competition yesterday and did ok. Got 8 woth biggest 2 going 33cm and 29cm hood length. I usually land them by grabbing them behind eyes so I can control them but comp required a vidio of them on measuring mat which ended up with both myself and boat getting the best inking I have ever seen. Went out again today but only got 4 smallish ones. Tried to attach photo but image tt big. Sqid must have been bigger than I thought. LOL. Ron
  3. campr


    I bought a 5.6 quinnie with a canopy similar to yours with clears between canopy and top of screen and had a local firm (Kirrawee) make side clears. This fully enclosed boat from front to back of bimini. I have camped overnight a few times by tying a canopy from bimini to back of boat. Copped some heavy rain on one occasion and kept dry ok. Will try to post photo but currently having probs with my pc. If you pm your phone no I could text you photo. Regards Ron.
  4. campr

    New to Squidding

    If you look around you can find quick change swivel/clips designed specifically for squidding. They are light so as not to affect sink rate too much and the jig just twists onto them without need to open a clip. Regards Ron
  5. campr

    New to Squidding

    Any light spin rod will do the job but I prefer 7+ft long to improve distance. I fish Hacking for them often and find the further upstream you go the more river (arrow) sqid and closer to ocean the more callamari you get. Some of the rocks near ocean and fronting ocean can be good but you can lose jigs to reef and of cause only when sea conditions are safe to fish. They are possible from most wharves such as yowie bay, lilli pilli and wallies wharf etc. Any erea close to deep water with grass weed, kelp or reef is worth a try. Jigs from 1.8 to 2.5 usually best with 3.5 ok in deeper areas.
  6. campr

    Fish ID Bass or Estuary Perch

    I would guess as a Bass, as E Perch has a more concave front of head. Ron
  7. campr

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    I usually use Appletree bay when fishing hairtail and have had no issues. They used to lock half of car park up which meant you couldn't get out till morning but this gave added security for overnighters. Also fact there was only one road each way deterred theives. Main problem is National Park fees are payable which isn't a worry for me as I have a free pensioner pass.
  8. campr

    Sea Bridge at Bellambi

    General reef fish and flatties however the main target at this time of year are snapper as they come in for the cuttlefish breeding run.
  9. campr


    If I were you i would check out Sydney boat show as you sometime s get good deals on trailers and it's only a month or so away. Maybe a bit difficult for you due to you living at ps. I bought a new trailer about 3 years ago and got a locally made one as they were cheepest. Pretty happy with it so far but don't know if I can mention brand due to site rules. Ron
  10. campr

    Chowder Head

    Hi Sickwolf. I wouldn't collect and use sea urchins from anywhere before checking that's its OK as a lot of our rocks (inside estuaries especially) are intertidal protection areas and you can be fined. I don't know about that area, but it wouldn't surprise me. Ron
  11. campr

    Back up bait

    This brought back memories of when I was a keen rock fisher many years ago (using the top gear for the time consisting of 6-to-1 Seascape Major and Silaflex FT70 rod) and I used to catch a lot of Kings and Striped Tuna. The Stripies were filleted, trimmed of excess meat, covered in salt and individual fillets wrapped in heaps of newspaper and stored in a cool spot. Every couple of days the wet paper was removed and fish re-salted and wrapped. When fillets no longer weeped water the cured fillets looked like leather but surprisingly still soft and moist in middle. These could be stored in newspaper in my backpack (under my bed) for months and were unbelievably good emergency cut bait for bream, snapper, salmon etc. A current mate (who is an exceptional rock fisho) buys prawns and shells and beheads them before heavily salting them and wrapping in newspaper in fridge for a day. He then packs enough for a days fishing into small plastic bags. If kept out of sun and kept cool he reconds they will re-freeze again and be ok for a second day. Good luck Ron
  12. campr

    fishing tackle insurance when travelling

    If you have home content insurance check to see if they have non disclosed personal affects cover away from residence. This is extra cost but cheeper than a separate policy. Ron
  13. campr

    Wilson venom LBG rod

    Will pm as not supposed to advise on non sponsors. Ron
  14. campr

    10+ Donut Trips / What is going on?

    It may be time to rethink your fishing and consider the seasons. You should find out what winter species are common in the areas you fish and change your tactics to suit. Winter species include Luderick (black fish), John Dory, trevally, salmon, squid and snapper. Some of these may be difficult from shore. Good luck. Ron
  15. campr

    4.3 to 5.35

    Like you I fish a lot by myself and although some glass boats ride better due to weight etc I wouldn't consider anything but alloy as it is easy to make errors when retrieving on trailer by yourself and alloy will shrug off a bump that could hole glass. I went from 4.5m Quin Lazeabout to a 5.6m Quinnie Classic with Millenium hull and love it. I used both to go to The Peak, 12 Mile and the Sydney Fads and planned to take this one to Browns Mountain but haven't done so yet. I fish 50/50 inside and out and love the space and stability but concede the Barcrusher would handle a realy nasty sea better but does so by being a lot narrower with resulting loss of space inside. Best advice I can give is try to find someone with the boat your considering and try to get a ride to help you decide. Someone on fishraider may be able to help here. Good luck. Ron