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  1. It is illegal to anchor in a chanel, which raises the question of how do you identify a chanel?? Ron
  2. The same day I caught one of my pb flathead at 97cm ( released ) I had a similar experience. I was bringing a nice flatty to the boat when a huge flatty well over a metre came and grabbed it. A few minutes into the fight the big girl spat the little one out and swam off. I then landed 1st flatty which was half scaled and 41cm long. Ron
  3. I remember Botany and Sutherland councils disconnecting taps at boat ramps during water restrictions. Main problem is that this increses water used as by time you get home salt has dried everywere and motor may have to be flushed longer in case thermostat has closed. Ron
  4. I used to chase the macks inside Pt Stephens. Mostly around 16lb on 6lb mono using little home made slices and those wonderfull old 2700 blue series shakespear reels. Also hooked a couple of longtails without success. My theory is there used to be countless thousands of grey blue jellyfish about 6 inches round each one accompanied by a group of bait about 2 inches long which the tuna fed on. When the jellies failed to turn up, so did the big schools of tuna. Ron
  5. I use either bread or breadcrumbs. I haven't tried it but a mate swears by adding a little tuna or pilchard oil. Ron
  6. My most unusual out of place catch was quite a few years ago winning the estuary division of Narooma ANSA comp with a 2kg Cobia on 2kg line. I often hear of the odd one in Port Hacking but very unusual getting a Cobe so far south.
  7. I use an updated version of this rig for catching poddies using a telescopic carbon fiber rod that only cast about $6 bought online. Ron
  8. Regardless of whether you use a burley dispenser of some kind or fish frames tied to rope, it's not a bad idea to use a small piece of hose to protect the rope where it goes over the rock edge as I have seen the rope chafe If waves are boisterous. Ron
  9. Only way to find out is to take some spare fuel in a tank/drum and run it nearly dry. Wind and choppy water will increse fuel usage considerably. Ron
  10. Wallys has very limited parking. Grays is better, but a loger slow run to PH. Should be flatties now, best to let the big ones go as Ive named a lot of them. Ron
  11. My father-in-law caught heaps of jew from beaches around Yamba and recond he could smell them trying to lure beach worms out of sand. Never heard of this smell em story anywhere else but beaches with beach worms. As for lights, I fish from my boat with squid lights in the water and a big flood light on my deck and have caught as many as 7 jew (5 released) in a night, however I believe flashing a torch etc on the water will put them off. In other words a constant light doesn't appear to affect them. Ron
  12. I'm with nrma and no problem with 2 claims. About 12 yrs ago I had my boat canopy stored on roof of hired houseboat when it was blown into water overnight and replced no worries. Bigger claim was knocked my 10inch Lowrance gps/sounder off side of boat wich smashed onto driveway. Again replaced no worries minus excess of course. Ron
  13. campr

    Choosing a winch

    I have a 5.6m quinnie and happy with my 3 speed Jarret. Can get it up halfway quickly with 1to1 gear then use lower gear to finish. I am learning to drive on now I have fitted a boat catch but it is a bit daunting to start with. I suggest you go to a busy ramp likè Botany and watch how others do it as well as checking out how their trailers are set up. Regardless of how you do it its important to have your rollers well greased and rolling well. Better still is to replace roller axles with homemade stainless ones like I have. Ron
  14. Us oldies used to use gaffs made from 16ft sticks of Rangoon cane but dont know where you can get them these days. Landed countless kings to 16lb and a few northern bluefin to 32lb. Other alternatives I have used are rope gaffs or net made on telescopic paint roller poles. Ron
  15. Good one. Only suggestion is to use a plain white polystyrene float as it attracts the mullet to your rig if using bread burly. If they start nibbling float and not finding bait, raise bait to 6 inches under float. Ron