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  1. I find the best bait for yakkas thats always easy to use and keep on hand is chicken breast cut into tiny cubes. I buy a chicken breast and freeze small portions big enough for an outing. Strangely enough I also find chicken is great for poddy mulet as well. Ron
  2. Have you tried using a battery run aerator to supliment water changes? When fishing comps I often keep 20 poddies and about 10 yakkas overnight in my live bait tank in about 40 litres of water. I'm near Sutherland. If your around here I can give you a 20lt bucket that is a bit squatter and larger diameter. This is better than standard shape as they have more room to move. Ron
  3. The commonest boat retrieving error is to put trailer too far into the water so that boat floats off the roller. If you have last roller positioned so the keel rests on it as you winch the boat up the boat will straighten itself as it comes up. If boat is crooked just stop or slow down and it should come good. Ron
  4. Ive found the top half of tide best for Salmon haul. Any reasonable fresh seams to chase the calamari out of the Port but doesn't affect the river (arrow) squid. If you set up a posternoster rig with 2 small 1.8 to 2.5 jiggs and set this down near the bottom whenever your drifting, you will be surprised where you catch arrow squid and the occasional calamari. Ron
  5. Due to the different bevel angles I think its a tool and not a guage or ruler. I think maybe a scraper (or one hell of a big Stanley blade). Ron
  6. Would be ok for bottom bouncing outside for flathead etc. Ron
  7. Fishing from a boat at night for jewies I sometimes use a 1 inch cube of foam right down in front of hooks to float bait off bottom. Doesn't deter the jews and reduces stingrays. Unfortunately this may cut down casting distance from the beach. Ron
  8. You probably have to buy them, so the simple answer would be to take seat to your stainless shop and try them out. Ron
  9. I have always been amazed at how slow leci winches are and thought why would you bother? I have always taken some pride in being quicker getting boat in and out single handed than most crews. Im mid 70s, far from fit with a 5.6 meter Quinnie with 90hp Honda and have no problem winching her onto trailer single handed. Although I must admit that I have lately been swinging to driving her onto the trailer after fitting a boat-catch. My tips for easy launching and winching are as follows. 1. Get rid of galvanized roller axles and replace with home made stainless ones. You wont believe ho
  10. Its hard to know what will work. I prepared an add for ebay and almost as a joke I printed it with best photo and put it up on Woolies noticeboard and had buyer phone me on 1sþ night. Also just sold my daughters car in 2 days on Facebooks Marketplace which is free. Use plenty of photos. Good luck. Ron
  11. I did have a couple of spares I have picked up on highway and keep one in car boot. Gave 1 away a couple of weeks ago when bloke was stuck on ramp after he left his on trailer and someone pinched it. Be careful as magnet wont stop it being half inched. Ron
  12. The wharf at Yowie bay cann be ok at night, but all of PH will be difficult until the recent fresh is flushed out of the system. Ron
  13. The most damaging electrolysis usually occurs under the floor if sinkers, swivels coins etc get dropped. I always lift floor and remove floatation once a year so I can thoroughly clean out. It's amazing how much dirt and bits of line congregates under there but it's a pain to do with a big tinny like mine. Ron
  14. campr

    Boat Overhang

    Trailer appears to be too short to me with too much weight not being supported at rear. There is also the issue of whether there is the correct weight over the towball as this can cause excessive bounce when towing which can affect controll of rig and breaking probs. Just a thought. How long is the draw bar, is there any chance youu can move the winch post forward bringing boat further onto the trailer. This may mean you need to move axle as well to adjust drawbar weight. First thing would be to contact trailer manufacturer ang find out max it was built for. Dealers selling rigs with unsu
  15. Never heard of brand but should be ok if they are deep cycle.
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