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  1. Never tried wide gape hooks (also known as Kale hooks) on dropper rigs outside but use them exclusively when drifting in estuaries with live baits for flatties. I get better lip hook ups with them and less line twist with light lines as they don't have any kerb or offset. I also fish them like a circle hook in that I don't strike, but let them hook themselves or load up by winding in slowly. Ron
  2. Tackleback works well for me as I nearly always use a swivel clip. Can be difficult to position boat coŕectly in fast current or strong winds. Ron
  3. The trick to being a successful fisherman is to not just try to catch something but to target specific species. In other words specialise with one species until you can catch them regularly and move on to another if you want. This requires you to learn all you can about them, the locations, rigs, bait or lures etc. If bàit fishing forget buying it and learn how to catch your own such as poddies, nippers etc and your results should surge ahead. Catching your own not only provides better bait but teaches you how their environment works which helps locate youur target species.
  4. The old Lazzeabout was very popular being very roomy for a 4.5m as it was same hull as 5m juust made shorter. Having fibreglass decks allowed smoother lines and styling. Only sold as I needed a softer riding rig due to a bad back. I moved up to 5.6m with Millenium hull which is great. Ron
  5. A few years ago I saw a 5m quinnie çonverted to a cuddy cab. It looked really good and had a chat with owner. He had a mate whose fibreglass boat was written off in an accident and cut cuddy off and àttached it to his boat. It was a near perfect width and was a very unique boat. Quintrex used to build quite a few boats with fibreglass tops including the Lazeabout which I used to have. They also made a cuddy ìn the latre 70s however I found them to be a bit nose heavy as the hulls weren't as full up front in those days. Ron
  6. I was in similar situation a couple of years ago. Have a 5.6m Quintrex with a 90hp which was on a dual axle trailer but replaced with a single axle. Dont know if I can make recommendations on site. I'm also in Shire, message me and we can discuss. Ron
  7. Pity about breakages but I wouldnt mind my tough days ended with a bag like that.
  8. I used to have my boat rego No on a DYMO label next to radio in my previous boat. Will have to do same for this one as I can never remember details if asked. Ron
  9. I have caught a few flatties on weed many years ago in Patonga creak. They hit the retrieved weed as it looks like a little fish swimming. Ron
  10. campr

    Weather conditions

    I have a 5.6 Quinnie with a 90hp Honda and fish out of Pt Hacking regularly so very similar situation. I rarely bother going if forecast is more than wind of 15k winds and 1.5 meter seas. Boat can handle much worse and I am experienced but any worse and fun factor reduces quickly. Dont forget if your not comfortable and enjoying yourself it's not worth the effort. Ron
  11. Òk to flush next day. You only get issues when salt water dries out in engine. You only have to look at all those outboards on boats moored on the water that don't get flushed. When you do flush, do so for at least 5 minutes as you need to get motor hot enough to open the thermostat or no water will get to the top of the power head which is where your trying to clean. Ron
  12. The trick for me at StG B is to use your sounder to find the bait schools and fish around them with live baits. I have caught about 7 over 4kg using this method with the biggest 5.6 kg and 97cm. All released of corse. Ron
  13. I wouldn't wait for next service but report immediately and get fixed asap. With my boat I have to get bow of boat right in middle to allow catch to engage when driving on to trailer. Ron
  14. I still fish at night during winter for jew and hairtail. The best advice I have is dress in layers and look at ski clothing starting with thermals and finishing with a windproof jacket. Ski pants over your normal pants are worth considering as they are warm, wind and water proof. Last of all an inflatable pfd as you can't swim in all that gear if you go overboard. Ron