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  1. Drift anchors are only affetive against wind drift. I have a 5.6m Quintrex and use one of those bags they use to crane sand etc that are about a cubic metre in size. Ron
  2. Could be many things, but my guess for the heck of it would be power pack? Once was going along flat out when motor just stopped instantly. The crank shaft had snapped and mechanic couldn't believe it didn't go through the side of the block. Ron
  3. About the only thing thats good about getting old is that in retirement you don't have to fish on weekends. I only fish weekdays where possible but will have a go at night on weekends for jewies after the mob have gone home. Only exception is when fishing comps as unfortunately they are always on weekends. Only way to beat the ramp issues is to launch early as most yobbos don't seem to want to get out of bed too early. Hang in there and don't let them spoil your fun. Ron
  4. Most high end reels especially the bigger ones with more powerful drags do not have an anti reverse, as it's just one more thing to fail. As already suggested, I would set it forward and leave it as it is rarely used. If your realy determined to fix, attach a photo of broken part, as your more likely to get suggestions on a fix. Ron
  5. Under paint bubbling is caused by electrolysis. I was told by a member of my fishing club who is a retired metalurgist that the heat caused by grinding, cutting and drilling aluminium is enough to change the composition of the metal so you can create a dissimilar metal enough to cause electrlysis. Interesting but nothing you can do about it other than go slowly when using power tools to reduce heat buildup and reduce problem. I would also be wary of using rubber gaskets. Plenty of people do but keep an eye on them if you do. The original Quintrex boats were a subsiduary of Alcoa Al
  6. Well done. If I lived there I would have a hole in the fence and build a little fishing platform out over the water. Ron
  7. I and my back agree with above. Unless your very short, the long pump is the way to go. Ron
  8. When I went in to Doc, he said he recognised my name and thought it may be me. He is a member of Wollongong ANSA and knew me as I have regularly won ANSA comps in Sydney and Nowra. After a little fishing related chat he numbed the area with 4 shots of local anesthetic and then inserted a thick strong needle next to the hook above the barb. He then used the needle to pull the flesh away from the hook so it disengaged the barb. He then was able to slide the hook out. He then spent some time squirting what I think may have been saline into the puncture wound to thoroughly wash it out to mini
  9. Due to various reasons I hadn't had my boat out for months. With Good Friday looming and no fish in the freezer I decided to duck out to Bate Bay and try to catch a feed of blue spots even though it's my least favorite way of fishing. I started in close in 17 metres as a mate had been bagging out with decent flatties there before the rain, but could only catch little spikies. I gradually worked my way out deeper and didn't have much luck until I was in 40 metres. A lot of just legals at 33cm and the odd one at 40cm. As I was desperate to give the fam a feed, I set my minimum at 36cm and t
  10. Stainless hooks may not be as sharp as chem hooks but I keep 2 small handlines with different sized split shot and stainless hooks on them in my boat permanently. They are always ready to go for catching bait and I have had the current hooks on for nearly 2 years without probs. Through the years I have had the odd one bitten off by tailor but it is so rare that I don't think its a concern. Ron
  11. If desperate I'd fish the deaper holes on the run in, as fresh water flows on the top with the saltier stuff down on the bottom. Ron
  12. Thanks Fishmore. Ron
  13. I imagine that ph will be a wright off for a week or so after the rain stops. I'm busting to get out in Bate bay to get the fam a feed of flatties even though I don't prefer that kind of fishing but I haven't been out for ages and getting a bit desperate. Before the rain there were plenty of flatties out there though you had to throw a lot of little ones back, as well as there being a few dollies on the fads. Hell, I would even be happy stocking up on slimies for jew bait if they are still out there. Unfortunately I think it will take a long time for the sqid to make a comeback. Good l
  14. Hi fish_more. Whar weather app is that please?
  15. They gotta eat too regardless of the conditions. Ron
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