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  1. Ash I got my North and South the wrong way around, we were fishing the middle in a 6.05 Grey Bar Crusher, the kids really enjoy the whales and the dolphins don't they. Have fun. Thanks Sean.
  2. Hey Ash, we fished Maroubra on Saturday as well. Got a couple of 40cm+ Flathead as well then went whale watching for a while a couple of miles off Botany heads. Kids had a blast. Were you the boat in close to the Northern heads of Maroubra?
  3. After spending 6 of the past 8 weeks travelling for work I finally managed a day on the water on Monday with a couple of mates. Got to the ramp at Bellambi and launched right at Sunrise. Having never fished from here previously I was happy for the advice of one of my mates (no forum members). Headed out to Bandits Reef to try our luck. First couple of drops saw bites and interest then we lost 4 rigs quickly to what we assume were leather jacket. Gave up there and headed up to towards Stanwell to drift for Flathead in about 25 metres. First couple of drifts saw some undersize flathead then our
  4. Not sure about the "Best" way but so far I have just filleted them, coated them in olive oil and put them straight on the BBQ. Skin side down, turn them remove skin and serve with fresh garden salad, curly fries and tartare sauce. They are one of the best tasting fish I have eaten and all of the kids 9 (fussy eater), 12, 19 and 21 come back for seconds. Given we have had a few recently I will be looking for other ways to cook them but for now plain and simple is a favourite.
  5. I finally got a day out with my 2 eldest (21 and 19), with the forecast not too good decided not to go too wide and went to the Sydney East FAD. Day started really well with collecting yakkas in the bay. In no time at all we had 15 good size yakkas in the bait tank and out we headed. My kids have only fished inside before this. Got out to the FAD about 6:30 and basically had it to ourselves for the next 4 hours. Lots and lots of small dollies, we must have caught 30 between 50 and 60 cm. The kids had a ball trying to keep the Mutton Birds away from their bait and multiple hookups every dr
  6. Nice, which one and what are they like?
  7. Thanks Stephen. Looking forward to some more water time next week
  8. Barcrusher 615HT, got it just before Xmas, no more Xmas pressies for me for a while. Photos in members boats.
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. Will definitely give it a try. Got home late Saturday so didn't give a lot of thought into prep and cooking. DaveBM Ceviche sounded familiar I know it as Namus from when I've stayed with relos in far North Queensland. Will definitely have a go with this and the sashimi. Thanks again.
  10. This is my first time posting a fishing report. Managed to get out both days of the weekend doing some very different fishing. Saturday got out in the bay with my wife and 3 daughters. Put the boat in at Revesby beach and headed up the Georges into Botany Bay. Was on our way to the heads to troll for some Bonito (the girls have never trolled before) when schools of tailor started busting up on the surface off Towra. Put 2 hardbodies and a skirt out the back and hooked up immediately with 2 tailor between 33 and 35 cm on the hardbodies. Continues trolling through the bay and out of the hea
  11. gwoods

    Members Boats.

    My new toy that arrived just before Christmas. Had a couple of trips in Botany Bay and looking forward to heading outside on Monday. Barcrusher 615HT.
  12. gwoods

    FADs quiet

    Raymondo thanks for the tip. Thing I love about this forum is the information. I probably would have been that Inconsiderate so and so next week when I head out there. I am heading out from Botany Bay on Monday for my first time fishing near the FAD and was going to troll for fish. After reading your comment and a bit more research and I will change tack and will take some bait and plastics for the day. Thanks again.
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