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  1. Great catch! Were the gars going for metals? I saw a dude get gar on metal but wasn't sure if it was fouled or not
  2. Very nice!! I was about to say it was a tackle house popper haha Hey I have a question about playing kings when you're a bit outgunned. Do you let them run? Or lock up the drag?
  3. Fenix HL30. Good amount of lumens and good battery life =]
  4. Very nice! From Alan Hawk's review of the new Catalina, it's basically on par with the Saltiga for a considerable amount less. Same gears, drag and anti-reverse.
  5. I use whetstones too, if you have the time to learn, it's well worth it. Really satisfying =D
  6. I use two tiers of whetstones 400grit: quite rough, good for blunt knives, gives them a new edge 1000grit: fine, makes the edge sharp, for general use it's really good, probably equivalent sharpness to buying a quality knife out of the box and if you really care for your knives 6000grit: really fine, gives it a laser edge, good for cutting proteins (meat, fish, etc), with an edge this fine it'll get blunt quickly when cutting hard objects and may chip quite easily if cutting into bones, use this for a sashimi slicer like yanigiba or sujihiki, but not as a fillet knife unless you want to sharpen often using whetstones you won't need sharpening steels or gadgets, just some water and the stones, but it takes time to learn. good luck! =D
  7. could try some zman or snapback plastics, they are stronger and don't really get their tails bitten off
  8. ssymmetri

    unstick rod

    had to get a friend to hold on to the other end to get mine undone. man butt joint rods can be annoying sometimes
  9. I've used fisherman and sunline shock leader and can't fault either. Just got myself some YGK but haven't tried it yet
  10. that release the first fish mentality is pretty cool congrats on the barracouta too! that's awesome!
  11. Yozuri hybrid is my pick if you're going all mono
  12. oh man my zippers are impossible to open with all the salt and accidental dunkings my backpack had. gonna go searching for a new one too
  13. I found most things hook themselves, so even if you feel a bite just continue whatever retrieve you were doing. Or maybe slow it down a bit.