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  1. Yep, I'm fishing. Hope the forecast improves.
  2. North side of Shark island for livies
  3. Check the rivets in the bung plates. I recently found that several of mine had deteriorated and water was coming in under pressure when the boat was in the water.
  4. Hi Damo, Looks like Brett was able to save the trip and put you on some great snapper while the weather was bad. Too bad about not being able to get to the kings as I know what it's like when Brett puts you in the right spot. Squidy
  5. North side of Shark Island, yakkas all the time and slimies make an appearance to.
  6. Hey Rich,, Couldn't of written the storey any better, it was a great morning fishing. Had had a quick look at the footage which I will get to you this weekend. Good shots of the marlin coming out of the water and the comments are great - "Dan you should of come along" is quite notable. Stew
  7. out of Botany, heading towards Heatons. Call sign Shooting Star and happy to share all intel
  8. Thanks to everyone for their posts. For those that are interested it was caught using 80lb braid with a 150lb wind on leader, rod was a Shimano t curve deep jig 400 and the reel was a shimano stella 20000sw. Squidy
  9. Just returned from 3 days of the greatest fishing trip to NZ ever. Based out of Great Barrier Island with 4 mates the objective was to catch big kings and boy did we succeed. With the smallest kings being in the 6 - 8 kg range we pushed through a medium swell on the last day to a spot where the captain was confident of upping the ante. After several kings to 25kg were landed it was my turn on the rod. With a live yakka being slow trolled I waited in anticipation for the strike which took all of 30 seconds. In 25m of water the Stella SW20000 was as close to full lock up as possible and after the initial hit the king finally woke up and put in one of those screaming runs, letting me know this was not just any king I had attached. With the king and I not willing to give an inch we were locked into a 30 minute battle to the death, and on several occasions it looked like it was going to be me either being pulled over board or having the rod ripped out of my hands. Finally started to see colour and then I when he finally popped to the surface I knew he was the king of a lifetime. With the skipper tracing the line and getting him on board thru the marlin door the celebrations started. Official measure are as follows; length to the fork of the tail 163cm, to the end of the tail 175cm and a weight of 45kg. Unfortunately the king was spent and would not swim, however this did allow us to get some great photos back at the wharf. I would like to submit this catch for catch of the month and also kingfish record holder Squidy
  10. Yep sailfish from Webbe Marine at Kirrawee
  11. Hi all Please see attached. Great to see the new size limit of 70cm and new bag limits? Squidy
  12. Hi Luke Yep well done again. You are definitely getting your share of Jews Stewart
  13. The Trag have been around for a while, they never really left after last summer. Good to see a report. Did you fish last weekend in the red October (snapper) comp. there was some great reds caught with the biggest going 82cm . Quiet a few in the 70's. Squidy
  14. As above for the soapies and the flatty was caught on butterflied yakka
  15. Quick session last night before the Southerly arrived. 5 soapies with the biggest at 68cm, all released so hopefully they will breed. I have a personnel min. size of 70cm before i will think of keeping them. The soapies were caught on a mixture of plastics, squid strips and slimy mackeral fillet. Also picked up a nice flatty that went 75cm which was also relaesed to breed. Squidy