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  1. kahleong

    Cowan Creek

    I have tried sashimi and just deep fried. My personal favourite is to cut them really thin. Then lay them over a deep dish, sprinkle some scallions, and heat up some oil and pour over them. The oil will semi cook the scallions and fish. Then heat up some broth or stock that where you can make buy deep frying the bones and boiling with water and season with salt and pepper. Then pour over the thinly sliced fish to finsih up the cooking.
  2. kahleong

    Knife Sharpening

    A bit OT but related i guess. My knife needs are mainly related to fishing. Recently invested in a japanese deba knife. They are single beveled and require a bit of getting used to as compared to the flexible filet knifes I use to use. Invested in a 1000 grit whetstone and have been sharping it when I need to. Have attached some related videos for more information. Fileting work on a kingy How to sharpen a deba knife By the way, from the links you can find other videos from the same poster teach you different techniques on sharping using whetstones. I find the knife pretty versatile as you can hack through bones, slice through fine bones and filet all using the same knife. Hope this helps. Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, I am heading back to sdyney again!!! Can't wait!! Will be back late may. Would need some assistance this time. I am intending to hire a houseboat for two nights in the hawkesbury river. Would be great if someone can share some insights to the watersystem so that I can hook up to another jewie. 1. I understand that I would have to moor at the public moorings. Which area would be recommended for better success in catching some fishes. Would be great if you can let me know how long it would take to travel to each bay/area, so that I can plan my itinerary for the trip. 2. Is it possible to fish for your own bait in the system? Yakkas, squid etc. Which area would be ideal for chasing some bait in the day and perhaps wetting them over the night. I should be hiring a motorised dingy for bait catching/light fishing in the day. 3. Are there any prefered bait to be used for the hawkesbury system? Where can i get them? Thanks much in advance Jay
  4. Thanks Greg! Catching the flight in a couple of hours time!! Cant wait.
  5. Hi all, Raking up this thread to check if iron cove is still fishable? I have returned back home since my studies and will be visiting Sydney in a few days. Of course I would love to relive some memories and will be bringing along a flickstick to chuck some sps around. Iuse to rent a tinny in rose bay to find some kingys but last checked, vince is no longer there. Anyone has any other contacts to rent a tinny? I am also open if anyone is looking for any company for fishing. Do pm me if anyone is interested. Cheers Jay
  6. Tks guys. The fish was boga griped. I was realli lucky to have bought my brother's boga grip along tat day. Looking at the video ronald recorded still gets mi pumping everytime the drag goes. Haaa.. Once again tks ronald. (P.S Nah .. u still get many spectecular catches. One thing for sure, ur the bream master man .) Jay
  7. Tks mate. Was using 6 pd fireline and 12 pound nitlon as leader. Thank god the plastic was hooked at its lip. Btw the pic is up. Pardon the messy hair, haha the wind wasnt realli helping.
  8. Hmmm.. cant seem to get to post the pics. It keeps saying its too big but the size is only 334k.
  9. Good day yall, Jus finished my last exam of my uni life a week back and was dying to have a fish. Went for a couple of trips with my usual mate Ronald (aka Crystalliser) but all we got was the usual undersized flatties. Come thursday, Ronald gave mi a call for an early sess as he was sick of his thesis. Soon after, we were out at our usual homegrd casting sp and lures for anything that was willing to take em. Conditions were good with a slight brezze and a run out high tide. However, all we could managed was a few undersized flaties btw the two of us. Having using hbs the whole morning, I decided to chg to plastics. Racked through my bag and found a squigee fish that was given by one of the many fishing mags i bought. Being a loyal supporter of berkley (esp BMs), realli dun have much exp in em. Worked em the same way and soon had a few bites but failed to hook up. On a paticular cast, as the plastic touched the water, i felt a good tap on the lure. Gave it a good tug as i have hooked many breams the same way as the plastc is sinking. However, after the tug instead the usual burst, all i felt was some weight and it seems the fish didn't realli detect its hooked. By this time, Ronald had come over to check out the situation. I was calling for a good size flattie. Before we could conclude wat it was, the fish finalli found out it was hooked and out it went. My 1000 sized shimano started to sing the tune all anglers luvs. Tried to gain line but it didnt realli wana stop. At one point, I was chassing after the fish by running along side it to gain some line. As i got things under control, we both were bout sure it isnt a flatie. Could feel very strong head shakes and some good weight. To wat seem like a long time, i finalli got the fish nearer and finalli saw some silver flash. As ya should have guessed, its a jewie. The fish didn't realli wan to give up the fight and contiuned to take line when ever it can. Finalli the war was won and Ronald managed to land this beauty. A couple of pics were taken and it measured 92 cms and weight roughly 8 kgs. It was quickly released to fight another day. Therefore, never underestimate freebies and never give up as one day, that special one will come. Cheers Jay
  10. kahleong

    Brand New Stradic 2500 For Sale

    Woah... win what kinda comp? So i reckon ya settle down already? After exams got time to play host for a couple of frens for a weekend trip?
  11. I kinda regret why i din go with ya now that my pb is also broken by ya. For a moment, my 62 cm flattie looks smallish to urs now !!! And at this moment i am still working on mi crap essay. Sucks ...
  12. kahleong

    Polycraft Tuff Tender

    Hi guys, May i ask how much is it ?? Is it possible to load it up the roof rack? Tks Jay
  13. kahleong

    Late Report At Ic

    thats good .... YA WENT WITHOUT MI !!! Haa .. couldnt anyway i had class till 630. good stuff ... looks like the flaties are getting bigger there. Hope the breams are too ..
  14. kahleong

    Late Report At Ic

    Tks guys.. Yup first time i got such a good size flatie there too. Btw the fish was released to grow bigger. Good luck for ur guys this weekend. Hopefulli i will get something big again too.. Jay No probs mate... but most of the time we go there kinda like a last min organisation. Its jus 15 plus mins drive from where we are. If ya see mi there, do come up... We can exchange some spots ard there. I find some areas more productive then others..
  15. Hi guys, Joined this forum sometime back but din realli post any CRs before. Alright, reason being nothing fantastic bout my catches. Anyways, Fishing mate (aka Oz fisho) came back from his holiday back home in Singapore. Upon reaching on sunday, was telling mi how itchy his hand was. So a monday SP session was arranged at our usual SP grounds at IC. I was the last to arrived and both mates were already flicking their plastics hoping for their first catch. I sat down and realised that i left my roll of leader (10 pounds) at home. Got some 6 pds ones from mate and tied a 3 inch BM at the end of it. First cast and the line from my spinner struggeled to flow out smoothly. Reckon it must be the minimal use of my Diawa freams this season. The BM only flew half the dist from a normal cast and I was thinking, maybe the fishes are nearby so i proceed to flick the bm. Second flick i felt some weight to it. I stuck and it powered off. Not far but was good to hear the drag scream a little. Suddenly remembered that i am on 6 pds and backed off the drag abit. Reckoned it was a flatie witht he head shakes and slow run. However when it surfaced, realised it was a big one. Haa boi was i excited cos haven caught a good sized fish for a long time. Mate struggled to land it using his newly bought lip grip as the fish still had some strength in it. Finalli, after several attempts, a PB 74 cm flattie was safely landed. Tks Ronald. Okay.. not realli big to most of ya but to mi is kinda an achievement . haha (P.S the leader snapped while pictures where being taken. Gald it dun give way before it was landed) Cheers all and happy fishing.