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  1. rozza_b

    Do I...Don't I....I did...😂

    Personally i found that the hydrofoil has made a huge difference to my boat, i have lost about 1-2 knots of top speed but the response of the boat is far better now, i did find it took a bit of getting used to though as it changed the way the boat handled & reacted and had to play with the trim to find the sweet spot again, ill be leaving mine on for now. It took me a while to get to this point though, changed props a number of times, moved all the weight round and finally got to what i felt was a good response still wasnt 100% happy but it was good enough for me, but with adding a live bait tank i needed to do something to help me get out of the hole so went ahead with it. If i could have afforded trim tabs i probably would have gone down that route or just repowered to a 70 it was a cheap option and has done exactly what i need it for
  2. rozza_b

    What would you buy for 45k?

    A 5m boat will comfortably go way past 2nm in crappy conditions, I run my 4.88m CC Quintrex fishraider out to 6-8nm in some pretty average weather and we go a lot further in my mates plate CC, it's all about learning how you boat deals with certain conditions and what it's capabilities are. As for boat selection huge amounts of boats available in that range, personally I would love a CC fibreglass like a bonito 500 depends if you want new or second hand, good luck finding something.
  3. rozza_b

    Intresting setup.

    Looks like it's been powder coated white, I'm guessing it's had some sort of treatment internally before being painted or powder coated white
  4. rozza_b

    Another fishless day

    Yeah possibly, we always seem to get the cudda in plague proportions everywhere just not jackets, they seem to like hanging out down deep up here which is good in a way, waters has seemed freezing for us this year (I haven't actually looked at the charts though) def not as cold as you guys get but hopefully things start to pick up now the waters starting to warm up, bet your itching to get out and give it a crack with a push of warmer water know I am.
  5. rozza_b

    Another fishless day

    Your not actually suggesting we go out and actually target these things are you......I already donate enough gear to them, let alone willingly, sounds like a terrible idea ??? Gee Jon sounds like your having a terrible time with them down your way, we get them in plague proportions up here but you can always find somewhere to get away from them
  6. As said above you'll get a million different replies What I run with: Mainlines 15-20lb for most things plastics, slow jigs, light or unweighted baits in berley trails and light bottom bashing 30-40lb general bottom bashing, some live baits and heavier jigs 60-80lb big jigs, live baits and when I know the big king's are around Leaders: I change leaders depending on conditions, fish mostly 15-40lb for most things depends on depth and what style fishing I'm using. 60lb and up for king's most of the time As mention above spend some time sitting down and learn how to tie solid leader knots when using braid to leaders as there's nothing worse then loosing a fish to this.
  7. rozza_b

    Solas prop

    as i said though mate still get the height checks if the motor if its to low it will cause dramas as well, believe me i had a problem with mine just like this, motor was way to low and i the prop was wrong, fixed both issues and it sorted my problems out a lot
  8. rozza_b

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Interesting convo some good info, personally i run either 95 or 98 in my boat although the manual says i only need to use 91, main reason is i would very rarely go through more then 15l of fuel in a trip and i have 60l under the floor so like to keep the octane levels up over time plus there is no harm at all in running a higher octane other then to the wallet. Other thing is i come from a car background before i knew much about boats and i can tell you now the difference low octane fuel makes in performance and protection of the engine is nuts, my tuned up STI runs terrible on anything other then 98, back fires, misses, sluggish just to name a few things so guess that plays into my thinking as well. In regards to E10 personally it wont go near my outboard for reasons such as holding moisture, eating seals, economy is a lot worse and more, now if E85 came on the market and my outboard would run it then i might be inclined to change haha
  9. rozza_b

    Navigation lights

    Was actually discussing this exact thing with a mate of mine last week, might have to give it a go before i go and buy another light Cheers Rory
  10. rozza_b

    Navigation lights

    my all round white light drives me nuts has to be the worst positioned light i have ever dealt with, its mounted directly on top of my windshield literally cannot see when driving the boat and its on so i turn it off while traveling most of the time (i vary rarely see anyone down my way at that time) still have my nav lights on... im going to put mine on the end of one of those adjustable sticks, will just put it up as needed and lay it back down when not in use
  11. rozza_b

    Solas prop

    Dont bother ringing solas in aus they dont exist anymore, they went out of business in about june i think, the business has changed there name, cant for the life of me remember what to Also as mentioned above get your motor height checked, motor to high could be causing cavitation but also if its to low with the extra weight it might be struggling to get up out of the water and onto the plane, this caused a issue on my boat.
  12. rozza_b

    Easy FG knot video

    I have been tying my fg knots sort of like this for years now never been able to tie it any other way, there's a few things i do different to the video. 1. i do at a minimum of 20-30 turns depending on what leader im using 2. i dont worry about pulling each turn down tight as i go, i do 8-10 turns with reasonable tension then work the knot back down to tighten it down on itself 3. i do at least 8 half hitches around both lines and the main line on its own and i trim that tag end way back, no reason to leave that much if you have tightened it down properly to start with Just my 2 cents, never had a fg fail on me yet
  13. rozza_b

    Members Boats.

    Dam ?? incredible looking boat mate, have always dreamt of owning a centre console fibreglass, one of these day, enjoy
  14. There's a whole number of things that could possibly cause what your describing and by the sounds of it I don't think many of them would be caused by what your doing, when the engine last serviced ? If not recently I would probably be looking at getting that done first, discuss the issue with your mechanic as well and see what they think
  15. rozza_b

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    well that thread got out of hand quickly......sounds like you've made your choice anyways, good luck with it !! Heres my 2 cents, i own a 4.9m centre console Quintrex fishraider and pretty much only ever fish outside, fish in all sorts of conditions and have never had any issues, im commonly one of the only few boats out at my local ramp, its all about knowing the conditions and what your boat can handle, you will only get that from experience though, take your time read all the weather apps take a look outside and pick your days, sure theirs times when the weather will turn to crap unplanned but it would have to be pretty out of control if you couldn't make your way in, best of luck with it all though mate