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  1. rozza_b

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    well that thread got out of hand quickly......sounds like you've made your choice anyways, good luck with it !! Heres my 2 cents, i own a 4.9m centre console Quintrex fishraider and pretty much only ever fish outside, fish in all sorts of conditions and have never had any issues, im commonly one of the only few boats out at my local ramp, its all about knowing the conditions and what your boat can handle, you will only get that from experience though, take your time read all the weather apps take a look outside and pick your days, sure theirs times when the weather will turn to crap unplanned but it would have to be pretty out of control if you couldn't make your way in, best of luck with it all though mate
  2. rozza_b

    Quintrex ID for new boat

    Looks pretty close to mine which is a 1994 Quintrex fishraider but mine is 4.88m. I also have a pod on mine and its still a bit arse heavy with a honda 60 4 stroke on it. I love mine though, spend heaps of time fishing from it in all sorts of conditions and haven't had any issues. Shoot me a pm if you want to discuss anything, ill post a pic once i can get to my laptop
  3. rozza_b

    South Coast Late Report

  4. rozza_b

    South Coast Late Report

    Hi all, Bit of a late report from some of the great fishing i got up to last week Sat 19th April After a bit of a later start then planned due to my lack of organisation with ice decided to go and do something that i had only tried once with a mate, so headed out to the deep water to fish plastics for reds, after arriving at the spot to find the wind to be stronger then expected set the first rod out while rigging up my second one, got the second rod all sorted only to find my first drop to be tangled in the prop, so proceeded to spend 10 mins balanced on the motor clearing the tangle, got that all sorted and got my jig back to find a nice clean hook, great jackets was beginning to wonder if it was all worth while.....but the next few hours sure proved that it was going to be. Next drift over the reef and bang onto a nice red, after a short battle had landed that and into the esky it went, next couple of drifts went by without much going on other then donating to the jackets, until i manged to get into another good red, all the while my mate is fishing with bait and getting nothing. About 8:30 was thinking of calling it quits as i had had enough of giving away plastics when i got a solid hookup, got a couple of winds on and bang it let go, opened the bail arm and let it back down to get hammered again this time the hook was set, got 2 winds and off it went screaming half my spool out before i could get another wind in, this was much the same for the next 10-15 mins would turn the fish get a few winds and off it would go again, finally got the fish up to find i had landed a solid amber jack, was so stoked, so final tally for the day 2 reds both around 2.6kg and the amber jack weighing in at 6.68kg Sun 20th April After a slow start due to deciding it was a good idea to go drinking on sat night headed out to the deep again, got nice and wet on the way out and had a tough morning, managed only 1 red and donated an unknown amount of plastics to jackets before i decided to pull the pin on the day Wed 23rd April Anzac Day Headed out nice and early on my mates boat, spent half hour getting some fresh bait before blasting out to the deep again, first few hours where slow fishing both baits and plastics, got sharked and jacketed god knows how many times until my mate got us off the mark with a nice red, a few drifts later and im onto a solid fish battled it out to finally land a stomper of a red high fives all round, did another couple of drifts for zilch so decided to head in close and berley up. Once in close it didnt take long landing another 4 reds between us and a nice gummy shark. Finally weighed my red in that evening weighing in at 4.81kg couldnt be happier by far the best red i have landed couldnt be happier with it. So what a great few days of fishing, photos to follow as i couldnt fit them in here
  5. rozza_b

    Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Hey mate, yeah got a few reds and bonnies nothing special, got hammered by jackets......was out in my mates open tinny that day think it's blue, mines a 4.8m centre console Quintrex with green sides over white bottom. If you see me about come over and say hi ?
  6. rozza_b

    Boat collars?

    never seen one in action but theres a boat around town that has one on it, i imagine they might work well but i have to say they look pretty ridiculous, would def be interested to see what difference they make
  7. rozza_b

    Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Nice work and also welcome to town one of the trailers you would have seen would have been me and my mate, few nice fish caught over the weekend
  8. rozza_b

    Where to Install Berley Pot?

    Yeah I didn't have any either I just ordered some with mine when I brought the unit and mounted them myself, it wasn't hard just cut the holes out and bolted them on, do you have flat gunnel either side of your well of just a flat wall ?
  9. rozza_b

    Where to Install Berley Pot?

    Hey mate, If you looking for a bait board that goes over the outboard with rod holders, i cant recommend the one i have more, due to my outboard position when up i had to get one that was removable, i just slide it into rod holders that are fitter to either side of my motor well each time i head out, just remove it when i get back to the ramp before i trailer the boat, it works an absolute treat, is easy to clean and comes out of the way easily, shoot me a pm if you want any more info or the manufacturer
  10. rozza_b


    what knot are you using ? In regards to the leader question it shouldn't matter what size leader or main line your using i commonly run heavy leaders on lighter main lines when fishing for kings etc and lighter leaders when fishing in close In all honesty this sounds like a fault with the knot, just my 2 cents i could be wrong
  11. rozza_b

    First Keeper Red

    Great work on the fish mate In regards to the rods, how high have you got your drag set ? sounds very unusual to snap 2 rods in 1 trip...and to break one in the middle well that could well be a bit of operator error or might not be, generally i rarely lift my rod over horizontal that way the whole rod is doing the work, anyways unlucky on the rods
  12. rozza_b

    First Keeper Red

    1.9m of swell with a westerly to me that just says glassy conditions especially with a period that long
  13. rozza_b

    boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    bad idea mate, if your boat ever comes off the towbar i hope to god those cheap chuck in the bin shackles actually hold on otherwise you could be in for a world of hurt, i dont understand how rated ones wont can get them in so many different sizes and most of the time they are smaller then the non rated versions....
  14. rozza_b

    Lowrance hook 7

    had the same issue with my HDi elite when i updated it, found that the fishing type was set to shallow water changed over to general fishing and the issue went away
  15. rozza_b

    Landbased Kingfish lures

    The bibbed and non bibbed xxx-rap long cast lures are great for casting and chasing pelagics have managed to land a lot of decent fish on these, stick baits and poppers also work well. To be honest good luck landing a decent king on 15lb off the rocks i would think you would have to be pretty lucky but thats just my opinion, might be different in the harbor but if i was spinning off the rocks for kings down here i would def be upping line rating, but hey thats just my opinion, good luck Rory