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  1. rozza_b

    No electrics with engine running

    Wow that's some mess you have under there, it's doing my OCD electrician head in, I wouldnt be able to leave that like that would be ripping it out and starting fresh & neat.......honestly I would be starting at the 2 bus bars and sorting out what's going on from there as I can't make heads or tails of your wiring from that, plus sort that bare solder cable joint out and the bare wire just hanging round. Sounds like you have a dead short in your ignition circuit somewhere, my guess it's in that bird's nest, good luck with it hope it's something simple
  2. Much of a muchness to me I wear boots and wet weather bib all winter so wouldn't bother me on that front, having an inch of water on the deck would still be pretty crappy though and I would be trying to sort that asap In regard to them on boats without sealed floors would definitely get rid of them, cannot for the life of me see the point of them in a boat without sealed floors.
  3. Scuppers are useful as hell on boats that have sealed floors especially when game fishing etc. Reversing down on fish you can easily get water over the back of the boat and a quick run in forward drains the deck, no need for bilge pumps or anything like that, can be a pain in the butt if they leak but when they work they are great, if i had sealed floor i would 100% run them
  4. rozza_b

    ARTICLE - Snapper Tips and Fishing Spots by KenA

    Great write up, one of my favorite ways of fish for reds absolutely loving chasing them like this, nothing like hooking a decent red in the shallows. In regards to the rubber chord another great option is one of the rubber rings used to seal large concrete drain pipes I got a few for nothing from a place that makes the pipes
  5. great write up scratchie and some great bits of info in there for people just starting out with fishing plastics, it can certainly be one o the most frustrating ways to fish sometimes but when it all goes to plan dam its fun
  6. rozza_b

    Boating drowning deaths: 10 year analysis

    That's a great article has given me some ideas on how to add extra bouyancy to my boat, now just to pull my finger out and do it
  7. rozza_b

    Batteries. Switch off or disconnect?

    I just switch mine off, eventually the fuel gauge etc will drain the power enough to run the battery flat. No point in disconnecting the battery, if your system is installed correctly there will be no way for the battery to drain once isolated, just seems like a pointless waste of time
  8. rozza_b

    Lack of Baitfish

    Yeah thats what it was like down here 3 or so weeks ago but its all disappeared from my area at least, even managed to empty my freezer of all my burley for bait haha
  9. rozza_b

    Lack of Baitfish

    Yeah its exactly the same down here still yakkas to be found although but the slimies have all but gone, so strange that they shutdown like that. I did pick up a few yesterday but still nothing like it was before
  10. rozza_b

    Lack of Baitfish

    hmm interesting wonder why it has shutdown so much down here then
  11. rozza_b

    Sustainable Fishery Guide

    Interesting resource some questionable information in there but on a whole i like the idea of it
  12. rozza_b

    Lack of Baitfish

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone else has noticed a dramatic drop in the amount of bait to be found over the last 2 weeks. Im from southern illawarra and fish out of the boat of a morning mainly and its been a serious struggle to get live bait for the last 2-3 weeks and when i do its only been yakkas not a slimey to be seen, been talking to all my other local mates that fish and they seem to be finding the same results, so just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if they have any idea why ? I havent noticed any real change in water or any weather events to trigger this is just seems the bait is gone, very very unusual and the first time i have ever seen it like this
  13. rozza_b

    Rod holder - angles for drifting vs anchoring

    I have bolted in snapper racks in my boat, absolutely love them took them out when I first got my boat but wouldn't fish without them these days. Great fishing for reds, flatties etc use them while drifting & at anchor, even use them when I'm fishing plastics with 2 rods, never had a rod pop out of one and have had some solid fish hook up while in there. All mine sit pretty much flat to the water, I would note that I don't find them suitable for rods with shorter butts and I would never troll etc with them
  14. rozza_b

    Frank's Boat Catch

    So keen on fitting a catch to my boat, would make launching/retrieve so much easier. Great to see raiders helping each other out
  15. rozza_b

    Protective measures for new boat

    Dunno about that I would still be stripping, cleaning and repacking once a year regardless of them seeing water or not