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  1. rozza_b

    Lack of Baitfish

    Yeah thats what it was like down here 3 or so weeks ago but its all disappeared from my area at least, even managed to empty my freezer of all my burley for bait haha
  2. rozza_b

    Lack of Baitfish

    Yeah its exactly the same down here still yakkas to be found although but the slimies have all but gone, so strange that they shutdown like that. I did pick up a few yesterday but still nothing like it was before
  3. rozza_b

    Lack of Baitfish

    hmm interesting wonder why it has shutdown so much down here then
  4. rozza_b

    Sustainable Fishery Guide

    Interesting resource some questionable information in there but on a whole i like the idea of it
  5. rozza_b

    Lack of Baitfish

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone else has noticed a dramatic drop in the amount of bait to be found over the last 2 weeks. Im from southern illawarra and fish out of the boat of a morning mainly and its been a serious struggle to get live bait for the last 2-3 weeks and when i do its only been yakkas not a slimey to be seen, been talking to all my other local mates that fish and they seem to be finding the same results, so just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if they have any idea why ? I havent noticed any real change in water or any weather events to trigger this is just seems the bait is gone, very very unusual and the first time i have ever seen it like this
  6. rozza_b

    Rod holder - angles for drifting vs anchoring

    I have bolted in snapper racks in my boat, absolutely love them took them out when I first got my boat but wouldn't fish without them these days. Great fishing for reds, flatties etc use them while drifting & at anchor, even use them when I'm fishing plastics with 2 rods, never had a rod pop out of one and have had some solid fish hook up while in there. All mine sit pretty much flat to the water, I would note that I don't find them suitable for rods with shorter butts and I would never troll etc with them
  7. rozza_b

    Frank's Boat Catch

    So keen on fitting a catch to my boat, would make launching/retrieve so much easier. Great to see raiders helping each other out
  8. rozza_b

    Protective measures for new boat

    Dunno about that I would still be stripping, cleaning and repacking once a year regardless of them seeing water or not
  9. rozza_b

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Yeah that doesn't surprise me at all on getting them as bycatch when prospecting. You must be running your jig along the bottom to be picking them up though. I only really fish for flatties in 1 spot and it's in 30m of water
  10. rozza_b

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    i fish for Flathead using a micro jig with some bait on the hook, works a absolute treat and is simple with no tangles or anything, of course would only do this on sand bottom where i know i'm not going to get snagged, otherwise i just run a patternosta, i tie mine so i have no double up line to connect hooks to, have a look at how long liners set theres up to understand what i mean
  11. rozza_b

    EPIRB Testing

    yeah it is rather odd that we drive round in the middle of the ocean with these things and never test them, to be honest the thought hadnt crossed my mind until this post im relying on all the manufacturer date etc to let me know when the unit needs replacing etc
  12. rozza_b

    Do I...Don't I....I did...😂

    Personally i found that the hydrofoil has made a huge difference to my boat, i have lost about 1-2 knots of top speed but the response of the boat is far better now, i did find it took a bit of getting used to though as it changed the way the boat handled & reacted and had to play with the trim to find the sweet spot again, ill be leaving mine on for now. It took me a while to get to this point though, changed props a number of times, moved all the weight round and finally got to what i felt was a good response still wasnt 100% happy but it was good enough for me, but with adding a live bait tank i needed to do something to help me get out of the hole so went ahead with it. If i could have afforded trim tabs i probably would have gone down that route or just repowered to a 70 it was a cheap option and has done exactly what i need it for
  13. rozza_b

    What would you buy for 45k?

    A 5m boat will comfortably go way past 2nm in crappy conditions, I run my 4.88m CC Quintrex fishraider out to 6-8nm in some pretty average weather and we go a lot further in my mates plate CC, it's all about learning how you boat deals with certain conditions and what it's capabilities are. As for boat selection huge amounts of boats available in that range, personally I would love a CC fibreglass like a bonito 500 depends if you want new or second hand, good luck finding something.
  14. rozza_b

    Intresting setup.

    Looks like it's been powder coated white, I'm guessing it's had some sort of treatment internally before being painted or powder coated white
  15. rozza_b

    Another fishless day

    Yeah possibly, we always seem to get the cudda in plague proportions everywhere just not jackets, they seem to like hanging out down deep up here which is good in a way, waters has seemed freezing for us this year (I haven't actually looked at the charts though) def not as cold as you guys get but hopefully things start to pick up now the waters starting to warm up, bet your itching to get out and give it a crack with a push of warmer water know I am.