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  1. That doesn't seem overly hot for a motor from memory plus if the temp was to high you would get warnings through the forward control module so i wouldn't be hugely concerned, cant help you on what temps you should be getting though, i imagine the temp you would be getting would be off the block.
  2. Honestly that seems expensive to get a bit of welding done and some basic fabrication, i got my whole live bait tank fabricated and installed into the back of my boat for under $500, what are they actually making up ?
  3. As already mentioned your going to install a pickup to make it work while on the move. I cant see from your setup but where does the overflow for the tank go ? i wouldnt ever be putting it back into the bilge, your creating a potential for the bilge to be flooded if something goes wrong, imagine if for some reason you end up filling the whole of your bilge while underway, my overflow goes straight back out the back of the boat. The other thing i think worth mentioning is your switch panel, i know it might be convenient to have there in the back of the boat but i can see it possibly being an issue. if something goes a miss. If you get a bunch of water in the boat and that thing leaks you've potentially compromised your entire electrical system. Personally i wouldn't be putting any switches or terminations down low i know it might be a bit more of a pain to run everything back to you dash but at least then all the switches are up high and not exposed to water in anyway. Plus there a possibility you might kick that box or damage it making it definitely not water tight, just a bit of food for thought.
  4. i can tell you right now there is a massive difference between 91 & 98 ron, try running 91 in any performance car and you will see the difference instantly. Personally i run 98 in my boat, the one time i ran a tank of 91 it played up like no tomorrow, was harder to start & didn't feel as punchy so just went back to 98, have had heaps of people tell me i cant run it in my boat as it will do damage to the motor but not one single person has been able to provide me with an answer as to why it shouldn't be used, i would be lucky to use $15 of fuel most trips so for the extra cost doesn't bother me for a bit of peice of mind, each to their own though. In regards to stabilizers have considered using them due to the amount of time it takes to get through my 60l tank but haven't got round to it yet and still to see any issues from fuel.
  5. rozza_b

    Braked boat trailers

    Interesting topic, def raises some thoughts around if I should have a braked trailer or not. What I found even more interesting is that it seems aluminium trailers for my boat (4.8m CC Quintrex) are over the 250kg mark when my current trailer has a label saying 180kg
  6. Wow that's some mess you have under there, it's doing my OCD electrician head in, I wouldnt be able to leave that like that would be ripping it out and starting fresh & neat.......honestly I would be starting at the 2 bus bars and sorting out what's going on from there as I can't make heads or tails of your wiring from that, plus sort that bare solder cable joint out and the bare wire just hanging round. Sounds like you have a dead short in your ignition circuit somewhere, my guess it's in that bird's nest, good luck with it hope it's something simple
  7. Much of a muchness to me I wear boots and wet weather bib all winter so wouldn't bother me on that front, having an inch of water on the deck would still be pretty crappy though and I would be trying to sort that asap In regard to them on boats without sealed floors would definitely get rid of them, cannot for the life of me see the point of them in a boat without sealed floors.
  8. Scuppers are useful as hell on boats that have sealed floors especially when game fishing etc. Reversing down on fish you can easily get water over the back of the boat and a quick run in forward drains the deck, no need for bilge pumps or anything like that, can be a pain in the butt if they leak but when they work they are great, if i had sealed floor i would 100% run them
  9. Great write up, one of my favorite ways of fish for reds absolutely loving chasing them like this, nothing like hooking a decent red in the shallows. In regards to the rubber chord another great option is one of the rubber rings used to seal large concrete drain pipes I got a few for nothing from a place that makes the pipes
  10. great write up scratchie and some great bits of info in there for people just starting out with fishing plastics, it can certainly be one o the most frustrating ways to fish sometimes but when it all goes to plan dam its fun
  11. That's a great article has given me some ideas on how to add extra bouyancy to my boat, now just to pull my finger out and do it
  12. I just switch mine off, eventually the fuel gauge etc will drain the power enough to run the battery flat. No point in disconnecting the battery, if your system is installed correctly there will be no way for the battery to drain once isolated, just seems like a pointless waste of time
  13. Yeah thats what it was like down here 3 or so weeks ago but its all disappeared from my area at least, even managed to empty my freezer of all my burley for bait haha
  14. Yeah its exactly the same down here still yakkas to be found although but the slimies have all but gone, so strange that they shutdown like that. I did pick up a few yesterday but still nothing like it was before
  15. hmm interesting wonder why it has shutdown so much down here then