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  1. Ouch!!! That hurts by just looking at it! Hope it heals ok.
  2. That is a large hair tail indeed! Well done! I would say if they come out to play, they are welcome anytime! Charles
  3. I was there as well last night. Fishing was very slow I actually only saw one guy caught an undersized tailor. Weed was not that bad ( I was fishing between gate 5 and gate 6),however as you have said, there were too many people fishing yesterday. With low tide, meter plus south coming waves, some current running, and people coming late and jamming in, leaving less than 10m space ( I reckon at least 30 m space is required for beach fishing, probably more in conditions like yesterday), the fishing was not comfortable at all. I left the beach at about 8:40, did not bother to take the headligh
  4. wchh

    Bate Bay

    The tone in the report depicts an ordinary trip, but the photo says it differently. Well done, as always! Charles
  5. Been there once a few years back, beautiful part of the world! Did not get any fish with the couple of casts I made but always believed that beach would hold some fish! Did not see many reports from Umina beach until recently. You definitely have proved my thought! Nice imprint of the salmon!
  6. Darts give you a lot of fun to catch on light gear from the surf. There isn’t a lot of darts on Wanda either at the moment, I think they are coming with the whether warming up.
  7. That is what I do as well before I go. The camera is pretty clear, you can even see sea weeds if they are in the water. Yes, the beach condition looks beautiful for fishing these couple of days. Too bad the whether looks wet for the next few days coming.
  8. All the fish are all of my preferred eating size. Can not compare with the presentation you had with your captures though. Your fish are always of their top appearances!
  9. Hi Bruce, Sure. I fish Wanda pretty regularly. Look for a Chinese man with a red hat on most of the time!😁
  10. Took 8 smallish pillies for a short trip to Wanda. Got to the beach around 6:00 pm. The first few casts did not yield any fish, felt like sand crabs were demolishing my baits. When the biting started, it was a hook up at every cast, lost 2 or 3 during retrieving. run out of bait 8:15 pm and came home with the week’s fish supply sorted. the condition yesterday was pretty right for chasing jewie. Didn’t do that as it was a Sunday evening and I had to work on Monday. There were still a few people fishing when I left the beach. Hopefully they have caught something more serious.
  11. I share your feeling definitely! This is a familiar feeling to all our fisho. We all had a moment of losing a fish for various reasons and most of time we don’t even get to see what took our bait and hook. that “the one that got away” moment was the thing keeps us going back😁 Not sure what I could have done trying to land that king. King is known for hard fighting. I fish a lot off the beach and learnt the trick to use the wave. But off a spot like Doll’s Point, It is going to be hard as there is not much of waves for most of times. Heavy gears might be the only answer? anyway, that
  12. The rod is a Kmart 12’ ft surf rod (sport fisher) I bought about 10 years back, I don’t know whether they still stock them nowadays. It came as a combo with an original price of $40. I bumped into them when they were on special price $19 and I bought three sets. The reel was not used as I bought a few Shakespeare Silencer full metal reel (3x 6000 size and 2x8000 size) as well. The one in the photo is a 6000 reel spooled with 25 pound Jarvis Walker mono line. All the things I use are budget stuff but I have not lost any fish due to outfit failures yet in my last 20 years of fishing. 😁
  13. Thanks! I like the lighter coloured fish from the beaches, they look cleaner. Half pillie is definitely not too big for large breams. I also use heavy leader up to 80 pound in the wash for less chance of tangling, this heavy leader may have deterred a few bites, but better than untangling the lines every cast.
  14. Hi mate:Yeh, big breams are my main target these days because my increased appetite for the steamed fish. I did catch quite a few 40+ breams off the sands lately, like the 44cm one in below photo caught on 8/11/20 from Wanda, it made the well legal blue spotted look like a baby. but they are not there everyday, I have to agree 😀
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