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  1. wchh

    Bate Bay - quiet.

    I fish Wanda beach quite a bit. There was a Saturday morning three or four weeks ago I saw up to 5 big fishing boats in distance . Maybe those were the trawlers as well? Charles
  2. wchh

    The biggest bloody pufferfish I've ever seen.

    Contributing my photo to your post: I caught this one last Friday off Wanda beach and it was the first for me. It was definitely over 40 cm. It did not cut through my 80lb leader but flattened a good 5 cm of it.
  3. wchh

    And This Makes THREE

    And it is getting bigger every time! Well done!
  4. wchh

    PB Bream

    Nice bream! You will need to invest on a bigger ruler to beat this PB! Charles
  5. wchh

    Port Hacking

    Top breams and flatheads! Very good result again as always, especially when the quality of the fish are taken into consideration! Charles
  6. wchh

    Central Coast whiting

    Try to avoid dart while fishing for whiting? No answer from me on this one. Dart and whiting feed in the same area of the beach apart from darts are a lot faster, swim/feed in schools and can also be in slightly rougher water. If I come across this situation, I would happily take some of the larger darts if they are +35cm nose to tail. Charles
  7. wchh

    Central Coast whiting

    No, Rick, definately not the beach side of the sand bar unless you don't mind catching darts, breams, flathead, trevaley, tailor, salmon, jewfish and couldn't focus on whiting
  8. wchh

    Central Coast whiting

    Well done on the whiting, prized catch from the beach!
  9. wchh

    Wanda beach again -day time fishing

    Caught only three fish last night but happy with the result as two of the fish were my preferred species. Had to sort out next week's fish supply, got back to the beach at 8:00 am and job done at 10:30. Worth of mentioning is I caught a flounder that went to 34cm which is my first from Cronulla beach and my PB. Charles
  10. wchh

    Port Hacking Snapper

    Isn't snapper of that size lives offshore only? This must be a surprise even to you! Anyway, another encouraging story from Yowie as always!
  11. Arrived at the beach for a lazy 8:30 am start. Low tide and there were only a few surfers and they were miles out to catch those occasional waves. Fishing wise I was the only one casting, with another to my north trying for worms. Caught the bream within the first 15 min, which went 35 cm. Felt mission accomplished at this point. I had a few more pilchards with me so stayed on and caught those flatheads (smallest one next to the bream in the photo is 34 cm) and the last fish caught was the dart which is also 35cm. At around 11:15 AM there were a few young lads decided to have a swim just in front of where I was standing. Had enough fish in the bucket and not wanting to catch the swimmers, I gave up the gutter to them, threw the leftover pilchard and came home. All in all, had about three hours good time on the beach and sorted this week's fish supply. cheers charles
  12. wchh

    Harbour after the full moon

    I fished on Wanda beach last night until 10:00 pm. The water looked perfect but I didn't get any thing to keep. There were at least 15 people on the beach, I only saw two keeper fish caught. Then I went back this morning fished in howling wind from 11:30 to 1:30 pm. Caught 5 fish with one flathead went about 55 cm. Seems we should all try to fish daytime when it is fully moon?
  13. Hi Neil, I measured with a steel ruler: they are about 27 mm in length and 12 mm in width. Charles
  14. wchh

    Port Hacking mixed bag

    I won't be too surprised if you pull a barramundi out of hacking! I will spread the news if you do not catch a good bag next time!