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  1. wchh

    Port Hacking

    As always, you catch the fish and you also take very attractive looking photo of the catch! A fishing artist! Charles
  2. wchh

    Wanda beach 16-17/2/19

    Most flathead I caught off the beach are blue spotted, this one is actually a common dusky one. I did not get to taste this fish, it was taken by a cousin!
  3. wchh

    Wanda beach 16-17/2/19

    I will agee with you on this one Yowie that tailor of this size is the best eating size! As to the white baits, yes, they are clearly visible from the shore! Charles
  4. Fished Wanda beach last weekends two days in a row in the late evening to early night session. Saturday saw the beach really packed owing to the good weather. I started about 6pm and persisted till 9:30 wanting to finish off all the 12 pilchards I took for the session. All up I caught 15 fish, with the largest fish a nice flathead, the second last fish I caught. Knowing I need to go to work today, I planned only a short session yesterday, taking 6 baits with me. Got there about 7pm and left when it got dark, fished for about 1.5 hours. The bite was not consistent as on Saturday, only managed two tailor.
  5. wchh

    Quick report Wanda beach last night

    40 lb line gives you confidence but it is indeed an overkill on the beach. I know a guy by the name of Carl landed a 1.1m jewie on 16 lb line while I was watching. It is all about patience and make use of the wave actions. Good luck on your jewie mission, one day the fish will find your fresh squid!
  6. Sure I did, BN! I have to say fishing has been somehow very slow this year for me. This time last year, there were quite a few trips I would bag out on tailors or darts and catch a few good breams and flatties. I have been taking only 2~3 fish per trip this Xmas. I read your well written sum-up for 2018. Hope 2019 will be a even better year for all moderators and raiders on this site! Charles
  7. They don't look that big in the photo, a few of them did go past 30cm. They were fun as I used a light setup for them. I also found them quite good on the table. Charles
  8. Catching king fish off the beach is rare experience to me. I do quite a bit beach fishing but only this year I caught all up three small kingfish off the Wanda beach. From other reports of rat king in the bay, it appears there is a lot around at the moment and even spilled to the beaches? They go like small salmon apart from they do not jump out of water.
  9. To not to clash with the Christmas beach goer crowds, I have been doing late afternoon/evening fishing at the Wanda beach in the last couple of days and only managed to take home twoish fish each trip. Considering 50% chance of thunderstorms forecasted for this afternoon, I went to check out whether there is a chance for a late morning session. I got there about 8:30 and found a rip that was postered as"dangerous current" hence clear from any swimmers. I set up and started fishing with my trusted Pilchard cube bait. I the next two hours, my 8 pilchards were converted into 10 fish, of which 8 were darts and I took home. One of the fish I think it was a juvenile king. It was successfully released unharmed after the photo. The fun part was after I got back to my car, the engine won't start. The battery went flat probably I managed to leave the headlights on. A quick call to my roadside service sorted it out quickly . Help arrived within 30 minutes from the call was made, brilliant service. photos of today's catch. Charles
  10. wchh

    The BIG Silver Trevally... on bread!

    That is huge! Well done!
  11. wchh

    Bate Bay - quiet.

    I fish Wanda beach quite a bit. There was a Saturday morning three or four weeks ago I saw up to 5 big fishing boats in distance . Maybe those were the trawlers as well? Charles
  12. wchh

    The biggest bloody pufferfish I've ever seen.

    Contributing my photo to your post: I caught this one last Friday off Wanda beach and it was the first for me. It was definitely over 40 cm. It did not cut through my 80lb leader but flattened a good 5 cm of it.
  13. wchh

    And This Makes THREE

    And it is getting bigger every time! Well done!
  14. wchh

    PB Bream

    Nice bream! You will need to invest on a bigger ruler to beat this PB! Charles