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  1. Here is the photo. I normally fish 12-20 pound mainly line during day time, but will change to 30 pounds if I do a night session. For leader, I use 40 pound but if I know there was tailor around, I will add another section of 80 pound leader as shown in the photo. Hook size is normally from 2 to 2/0, but will use 4/0-6/0 if I target jew fish during night time using fillet bait. Sinker is 4 oz snapper sinker which has less dragging resistance than star sinkers. Hope you find this helpful. Charles
  2. It is sort of modified paternoster rig. To make it quicker to change sinker and hooks, I tie a snap swivel to the end of main line. The sinker is tied to onto a swivel with a leader of about 15 cm long. The the leader (about 60 cm) for the hooks is also tied on a swivel. I will take a photo to share when I have time.
  3. Yes, at that size, they fought like salmon. There were a few times I thought it was salmon until I pull it onto the sand and noticed it was jumping instead of lying quite.
  4. There was a lot of weed south of the gate 6 this weekend so I walked a bit to the north searching for some cleaner water and fishable gutter. Located a spot a little bit further up to the Gate 2 where I think is bordering the 4WD area. There was no cars yesterday though. Made my first cast at 3:30. The first fish came a bit slow at 3:50 but it was a 50cm tailor so a keeper. After that, the bites got consistent averaging about 10 minutes per bite till I packed up at 6:40 pm. All in all, I landed 9 fish, being 4 large tailor and 5 salmon. The salmons were released. There was 3 or 4 missed hookups due to I switched to circle hooks for I don’t want deep hook the salmons but obviously I was not too used to circle hooks. There was a lot of small bait fish at the edge of the water, maybe that was what attracted those large tailors and salmons. On my way out, there were a few more people fishing and they also caught salmon. From gate 2 and the gate 6 exit , it was a good 40 minutes walk carrying my backpack, a loaded bucket and a 12-ft rod. I was soaking when I got to the car. Attached is the photo of the tailors I kept. The largest on was 58 cm and very fat! Charles
  5. Interesting thread here. I fish Wanda beach quite a bit and most of time I try to stay south of the gate 5 because I don’t want get bothered by those dogs that constantly come up to investigate your bucket. This weekend is a bit hard to stay south end due to mountains of weed piled up around gate 6 south ward. I did a afternoon session today walking all the way to gate 2 hoping there won’t be many dogs around that far. Amazingly around 4pm, tens of happy dogs and their owners marched over passing me. There was a family of three (a dad with two young daughters about 13 and 7. hurdling two dogs, one German shepherd and one blood hound, both large in size. I don’t think those three people are able to control those two large dog effectively. They were about 50 meters from where I was fishing, but the hound came up to search in my bucket four times and every time the owner only called “archer” which sounded like the name of the dog. I had to stop fishing and came to fend the bucket with my body standing between the dog and my bucket. I was really worried the dog would get angry and attacks me. What got me more was why the owner did not come over to get the dog back. I was actually bitten by a dog last year at my local Brighton-Le-Sands beach and started to grew fear of dogs after that. By the way, I was once told by a walker it is illegal for me to fish on the beach because there were people walking.
  6. Top fish! By reading your report, it is obvious you did not catch this one by luck! Now everyone will be looking for break walls.
  7. Heavy swell from the south means near impossible conditions for beach fishing, this is especially true for my usual fishing beach Wanda/Cronulla. Still itchy to get out, the only option for me is to try Maroubra which I have not fished for some time. Arrived at the beach about 6:00pm and managed to locate a small section of the beach looked fishable. The are some nibbles within 5 minutes of the first cast, which confirmed there are fish around. Within the next two hours, I landed 5 fish. Apart from the three in the photo, there was a largest banjo I have ever caught(would have been 50cm across which gave me some a lot of trouble pulling it up with 15 lb line), and a small kelp fish. The snapper is about 34 cm which is a rare catch for me as most of my fishing was from the beaches. Pilchard was the bait last night. I now also have the pike kept for bait for my next trip. (The photo of the beach was taken during the day when I tried to check out the beach and tried luck for spotting whales) charles
  8. wchh

    Fish ID Please

    Some years back in 2005 , I caught quite some bream from the Anchorage and sort of remembered those bream were a lot slimmer than our Sydney version. So that fish could still be a bream apart from the mouth does look like a bit soft for a bream? Not the clearest photo though. charles
  9. The flounder is indeed a good surprise! In the last four years, I caught only 4 flounders off the Cronulla/Wanda beach. This one is the biggest and my PB.My last pb was 34cm also from Wanda caught on 18/03/2018. Charles
  10. There are a few gutters at the northern end of Wanda beach that are good for fishing at low tide. The only thing is you need to arrive a bit late at somewhere after 10 am so that you won’t be harassed by the hundreds of dogs enjoying the free run. (Leash free time). This weekend, I made a mid day trip each on Saturday and Sunday. About 3 hours fishing each day finishing about 2pm, just before high tide. Generally fishing is good when water is low and gets slower when water is higher. All up for the two trips, I caught 5 good Flathead (ranging 40-50cm), 7 tailor, 1 bream of 32cm, 1 flounder of 38cm (could have been my PB), one Trevally, and one tarwhine just made into the legal size at 24cm. I was fishing with pilchard and again limiting to 10 pilchard each trip. I used a light action 12ft beach rod I bought last weekend. Yesterday I used a $25 reel spooled with 15 lb mono and refuced the line to 12lb today. The light line worked a lot better and it could be still a bit lighter. The goal was to catch bream. With one bream caught and complimented with a flounder, no complaints at all. Attached a photo of today’s catch. cheers Charles
  11. @ 47 cm , the EP would have been one of the best shown in the recent posts! Well done! Charles
  12. wchh

    Port Hacking

    As always, you catch the fish and you also take very attractive looking photo of the catch! A fishing artist! Charles
  13. Most flathead I caught off the beach are blue spotted, this one is actually a common dusky one. I did not get to taste this fish, it was taken by a cousin!
  14. I will agee with you on this one Yowie that tailor of this size is the best eating size! As to the white baits, yes, they are clearly visible from the shore! Charles
  15. Fished Wanda beach last weekends two days in a row in the late evening to early night session. Saturday saw the beach really packed owing to the good weather. I started about 6pm and persisted till 9:30 wanting to finish off all the 12 pilchards I took for the session. All up I caught 15 fish, with the largest fish a nice flathead, the second last fish I caught. Knowing I need to go to work today, I planned only a short session yesterday, taking 6 baits with me. Got there about 7pm and left when it got dark, fished for about 1.5 hours. The bite was not consistent as on Saturday, only managed two tailor.