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  1. Your catch from the hackings is just getting unbelievably impressive yet again! I never knew snapper of that size lived in the river! I even saw a big thumb-up from Scratchie for this snapper catch, that says something!
  2. Thanks BN! The past couple of weeks have been challenging and frustrating in that while we are in lockdown, the case number is still going in the wrong direction. I count myself lucky to be able to work from home. Really appreciating those medical, retails, and other essential workers that keep us going.
  3. Wow! Some very good quality fish as always. A whiting at 43cm did not come short in securing your supply for the week, congratulations! Charles
  4. When it just surfaced, I thought it was a surgeon’s baker, which would have made it an average size and equally unusual in that spot . But after I got it out of water, I was amazed to see the beautiful wings. It indeed deserves the nickname name of “butterfly of the ocean”. IMG_7783.MP4
  5. Took two pilchard and 1 piece of salted tailor fillet made of the tailor I caught on Wednesday ,I drove to foreshore road boat ramp to see whether the place is quite enough to make a cast. Turned out there were only two people there on the rock wall and this did fit my social distancing criteria. Stayed there for about 1.5 hours and walked on the rocks as exercise. For fishing, Caught a few baby snappers and also one fish I did not expect to catch from this location. It was the beautiful red gurnard and it is of good size of above 30 cm. It grunted a lot, obviously not happy, so took a few photos and quick put it back in the water. All fish were caught on strips of fillet. I found the fillet worked better today because it stayed on the hook better while the pilchard cube got torn by smaller peckers. Stay Safe! Charles
  6. Thanks! I use 1 pieces of 2 cm cube on 2/0 suicide hook. One pilchard can make about 4 casts. Lost a few baits to smallish whiting. I did also catch two small flattie but they were just undersized.
  7. Yes. I made the last bit of it. From today, the only water I can access is the Lady Robinson beach which I have been staying away from for the last couple of weeks because the number of people exercising on the beach and the walking paths. I don’t see myself casting on this beach even though it is only 300m walk away, in case some of the friendly people come up to have a chat. I have done both shots of the vaccine but still trying to do absolute social distancing.
  8. Yes, the tailor are of good sizes. The biggest one is right on the 50 mark 👍. I also caught a few two weeks ago and the biggest was pushing 60. I thought it was a big salmon.
  9. Ventured out for a midweek Wednesday evening session on my favorite beach, for venting out work stress from the long day working from home, getting some outdoor exercises, and hopefully some fish for table and friends. ( My fishing buddy was locked out of fishing by the 10 km from home rule). knowing it is going to be a short session, I only took 6 pilchards in stead of the 8 I usually take. got the beach about 7:00 and finished my baits at 8:45 pm. Kept all keeper fish, tallied at 2 salmon and 5 good sized tailor. Turned out to be a right decision to keep all the catches. Due to the worsening of the case counts, my Bayside LGA has been included to join the group of LGAs with stricter lockdown rules. The new 5 km limit effectively also locked me out of Wanda beach. What can we do, I only hope we all do the right thing and hopefully things can change for the better shortly and we can all get back to the things we loved to do. stay safe raiders! Charles
  10. Nice catch, as always! every fish looks prettier on your presentation of the catches!
  11. Ouch!!! That hurts by just looking at it! Hope it heals ok.
  12. That is a large hair tail indeed! Well done! I would say if they come out to play, they are welcome anytime! Charles
  13. I was there as well last night. Fishing was very slow I actually only saw one guy caught an undersized tailor. Weed was not that bad ( I was fishing between gate 5 and gate 6),however as you have said, there were too many people fishing yesterday. With low tide, meter plus south coming waves, some current running, and people coming late and jamming in, leaving less than 10m space ( I reckon at least 30 m space is required for beach fishing, probably more in conditions like yesterday), the fishing was not comfortable at all. I left the beach at about 8:40, did not bother to take the headlight out at all. I also only took one blue spotted flathead.
  14. wchh

    Bate Bay

    The tone in the report depicts an ordinary trip, but the photo says it differently. Well done, as always! Charles
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