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  1. Hi all, Took the kids out on Sydney Harbour yesterday for a fish but couldn't catch a cold... or even a bite! We fished Snails Bay around 2pm, Woolwich moorings around 3:30, then after a swim tried Hunters hill at 4:30. The weather turned so we headed back and got in as it started to rain. I did catch a metre long stainless ladder.. was going to clean it up but covered in oysters so the kids would have stepped on it for sure. Was burleying mouldy bread maybe that was a turn-off? Also burleyed some frozen bonito from last trip. Would love any pointers on bait / rigs / protected spots to get the kids on to fish! Cheers, Andrew.
  2. ozMoses

    Hairtail - current status

    Took the six yr old boat camping and hairtail fishing for both of our first times on 25th August, 2017. Tried Jeruselum Bay for about 2 hours for donuts, then moved to Waratah Bay and tied up to a public mooring for the night. Was fishing whole pillies on ganged hooks and cubing pillies as well - 1" every minute or so. Got a HT around 1 metre at midnight ... STOKED! Lost another around 1:30am near the boat, way bigger. Went to sleep with a live yakka on the 15kg gear, didn't hear a thing but woke to find the 100lb trace shredded.
  3. G'Day All, I'm often out on the water and wondering where I can buy stuff. From what I've found, there's no decent map available of water accessible shops for Sydney and surrounds. If there's interest, I'd like to crowd-source this information from the good folks on this site, then combine it into a public google map. Would anyone be interested in contributing to this / find a resource like this useful? I've created a public google map that would be a great platform on which to host it, if anyone would like to add a location, it's open to anyone to edit at this link: http://bit.ly/mapFR Alternatively, you could add a destination in this thread and I'll add it to the map. Cheers, Moses.
  4. ozMoses

    Crowd-sourced map of water accessible vendors

    I've got Navionics - I'll take a better look into the app as it seems a bit hard to interpret... eg you have to click into every marina to see if they have 'transient berths'
  5. ozMoses

    Crowd-sourced map of water accessible vendors

    I think it'd work well for: bottleshops take away shops coffee shops pubs restaurants The key is being able to berth / beach the boat there
  6. ozMoses

    Crowd-sourced map of water accessible vendors

    Thanks - will check out Tripadvisor. I'm trying to make something tailored for people in boats, ideally where you can pull up out the front in your boat and buy stuff.