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  1. thanks for that mate ill keep at it, and id be keen as when cod season opens again to try land one
  2. Thanks for that mate i usually have weekends off i've caught a bunch of shrimp in a yabbie trap they are sitting at home in my fish tank till my next session i had tried darlington point but no luck so far at all
  3. Hey guys, been a while since ive been on here, recently ive moved to Griffith and its been a challenge trying to fish down here as ive never fished freshwater ive been going down to the murrumbidgee river to chase cod/yellows/ anything i can set a hook in to (cod season starts again in december but just wanted to catch n release anyway) ive been having heaps of difficulties trying to get these buggers ive tried in the national park around snags etc.. but no luck except one hit on a cube of cheese n nothing after that, i am also trying to catch some yabbies in the local canals at yoogali and a
  4. good stuff mate i need to get into some sydney blackies again last month was my last blackie fish at avoca and landed 10 in 10 minutes and lost 3 to a rogue wave
  5. sounds good i might make an appearance be good to catch up with a lot of you guys again.
  6. DGF

    FISH I.D

    cheers thanks for that
  7. DGF

    FISH I.D

    Hey Guys Been ages since ive been able to pop online, a friend of mine showed me a fish she caught in the harbour have no clue what it is can anyone help with the I.D.
  8. got into some kings and had one snap my nitro in half from the bottom section D: what a monster

    1. Little Hooker

      Little Hooker

      what model was the nitro if you dont mind me asking??

  9. that sucks... i got into some kings on saturday jigging at botany scored 3 in 3 drops but the third was a monster and after a 15 min fight with some awkward pulling he snapped my nitro magnum butt rod from the bottom section (good thing they have life time insurance )
  10. stilll unable to fish :(

  11. took the boat out for a arvo/night session on saturday a fair few runs but ended the night with 2 keeper snappers of 35-40cm then fell asleep on the boat woke up @ 2am with our baits striped and lines just hanging in the water decided to call it a night and went home
  12. all night fishing n only 2 snapper :(

  13. Great session guys hey rickstar is that the spot u. Told me about ? Looks similar to the spot we fished from too pm me details im hungry for som blackies
  14. DGF

    Dgf (25)

    Thanks guys:) had to work all day but can't wait to wet a line on yet another nitro rod this time its a power bream my wife got me she got it for me lil early but still counts
  15. Great trip there Ray, one question when you went up there did you bring all the fish from avoca because we were there yesturday and got nothing at all other than a baker and a flounder even the blackies were hiding
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