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  1. good feed of flattys there yowie
  2. Cheers Regan! Thats a shame mate the kings do that a fair bit Thanks yowie, they both went very hard
  3. Thanks Soulman Cheers dirvin Thanks mate it is a top bait Thanks big Neil hopefully you get into them Thanks kiwibrown, season looks to be starting early Thanks mate, that trev went crazy fought very hard Thanks Nathan, definitely a catch i wont forget anytime soon
  4. Thanks Hateanchors Thanks GoingFishing Hopefully you get into them Thanks gundi
  5. Thanks rick!! Yeah mate the trev went off its head Thanks Burnsey, yeah that trevally was around 2kg definitely would have made my day Thanks scratchie, my arms were aching after the fight hahaha
  6. hey raiders, I headed out yesterday morning to fish one of my regular haunts in the harbour, no bait but the plan was to get a few squid and if they weren't around, just flick a few lures and see what's about. luckily there was a few around and in a short time I had 5 lollipop arrow squid. At sunrise sent a squid out and then it was time to wait.. first squid got its head picked off which was annoying but whilst I was retrieving it I saw a big green torpedo with a big yellowtail turn away right at my feet, quickly pinned another live squid and casted out, keeping the reel in free spool, 2
  7. People have different opinions, but for me personally I find anything east of the harbour bridge to be fine, the pollution people talk about Is under layers of sediment at the bottom of the harbour, the water itself has never been cleaner. West of the bridge pelagic fish which are found higher up in the water column such as kingfish and bonito would be fine they could be a few kilometres offshore one day and up the Parramatta river the next so any "possible" pollution wouldn't effect them at all, the only fish you'd watch out for are the ones that bury themselves or feed off the sediment like
  8. Hello tash welcome to the site, In regards to snagging, most places around rocky areas would be quite snaggy so the simple solution is to not use a sinker at all, this lets the bait move around naturally which is more appealing to the fish and wont snag up anywhere near as often. Alternatively you could fish off wharves around Sydney harbour, there are plenty of areas that hold good fish during summer such as Clifton gardens, balmoral and pier 2 just to get you started.
  9. As mentioned above as long as you're confident in the gear you use then that's the main thing. Personally I exclusively use fluorocarbon and have never had an issue with knot strength, tying knots, line snapping more easily etc. Ive found it to make a huge difference especially targeting landbased kings. Ive fished side by side with people using mono and they haven't had a bite whilst ive caught a few kings. Again that could come to numerous other variables but simply, I haven't found fluro to reduce my catch rates, if anything ever since I started using it ive caught more and bigger fish than
  10. Welldone fellas soundslike a top session
  11. Thats true mate its always fun catching youre own bait It is Hey mate yeah at the moment theres a few fish around north harbour so areas like balmoral and the spit bridge are holding some fish. Just gotta be at the right place at the right time
  12. That's a good point, yeah i'm not sure, maybe it was choking on the yellowtail, it was hooked in the corner of the mouth and it was a well conditioned fish so that's the only other thing that might have slowed it down. Thanks Wellzy Thanks Tara Cheers Penguin
  13. It was freezing ? i couldnt move my fingers Yeah i noticed that scratchie, for a king its size it came up pretty easy, must be the cold water slowing their metabolism Makes waking up that early well worth it thats for sure
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