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  1. good feed of flattys there yowie
  2. Cheers Regan! Thats a shame mate the kings do that a fair bit Thanks yowie, they both went very hard
  3. Thanks Soulman Cheers dirvin Thanks mate it is a top bait Thanks big Neil hopefully you get into them Thanks kiwibrown, season looks to be starting early Thanks mate, that trev went crazy fought very hard Thanks Nathan, definitely a catch i wont forget anytime soon
  4. Thanks Hateanchors Thanks GoingFishing Hopefully you get into them Thanks gundi
  5. Thanks rick!! Yeah mate the trev went off its head Thanks Burnsey, yeah that trevally was around 2kg definitely would have made my day Thanks scratchie, my arms were aching after the fight hahaha
  6. hey raiders, I headed out yesterday morning to fish one of my regular haunts in the harbour, no bait but the plan was to get a few squid and if they weren't around, just flick a few lures and see what's about. luckily there was a few around and in a short time I had 5 lollipop arrow squid. At sunrise sent a squid out and then it was time to wait.. first squid got its head picked off which was annoying but whilst I was retrieving it I saw a big green torpedo with a big yellowtail turn away right at my feet, quickly pinned another live squid and casted out, keeping the reel in free spool, 2
  7. I remember someone getting a flatty. So that was you. Its a good spot but if you hook something decent its a guaranteed tangle.
  8. It was pretty windy aye, glad to hear you got a feed
  9. I was there mate was wearing the grey hoodie n black shorts up near the front
  10. It was caught on a fresh strip of squid
  11. Thanks guys it was a big surprise to see one that big, turned into great sashimi We didn't weigh it but it was around the 5 kg mark, still waiting for the bonnies to show up in the hacking.
  12. A few days ago me and my brother head out to the hacking to kill a bit of time using light gear light lines and some freshly caught bait. Burleyed hard for a couple of hours with only a decent bream to show for it. Then some surface activity resulted in two salmon caught in quick succession. Things really slowed down after that and we were about to pack up when my brothers rod loaded up and the reel began screaming, we immediately called it for a king however the fish then slowed down and began to head down deep, we then called it for a Jew. After a 15 minute tug of war on 6lb line a monster t
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