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  1. Hi Jon, what speed do you troll those xraps at to get the swimming action?
  2. If there was a easy way to tell, it would be another great way anglers can choose to release these fish to help our local populations.
  3. I agree with this thinking. Way too many times you get busted off easily on braid. I will now be trying my luck using mono and lighter drag landbased to see if the odds improve. p.s I run 80lb braid, 100lb FC leader and about 12kg of drag and it still doesn't stop them
  4. nitro

    Gomoku rods

    I have the gomoku black Rod running 40lb and think it's great for the average king. However, have been smoked too many times for my liking by bigger kings so I only fish heavy gear until I land that hoodlum this season
  5. Thanks for the info Jon. Do you actually know if you can tell if larger fish have roe without killing it?
  6. That's some good info bombora. Thanks. Also plan to release the big kings over a metre but haven't had much luck finding them this season so far. Been catching heaps of rats though.
  7. In an effort to understand kingfish better to get to know their habits to target them, been trying to research where kingfish go to spawn? Does anyone know if they spawn in Sydney harbour? There isn't much info on the internet about this. Also, which way do they travel in spring, summer and autumn, up or down the east coast of oz? Curious to hear other people's thoughts and experiences.
  8. Nice work with the video, must have had some nice calamari rings from rhat
  9. That's a great read saltandglass, getting me pumped up to go out and give another crack at it
  10. Yep, already thinking about what to try on the next trip out, sounds like you had some fun in the harbour fisherman6784. Cant wait till the long weekend
  11. nitro

    Longy King

    Always great to get a kingy. Keeps the addiction at bay until next weekend.
  12. Our plan was to get some livies and squid to head out to the peak. Squid was hard to come by but we ended up with 2 large calamari and a live bait tank of yakkas. Headed out past the heads and boy it was choppy. By now it was about 8. Once at the peak, we jigged and dropped our livies down without a touch before and after the tide change at 10. Didnt look like any other boats were catching anything either. We pulled the plug at 10.30 and headed to the annie miller for a few drifts. Nothing either. Next plan was to hit up old mans hat and sow and pigs, big fat donut. At least we kept the squid for a feed. Anyone else have any luck on the kingies today?
  13. It's these hot bites that give us hope to keep coming back. Great read. The action off the rocks seems to be slowing here in sydney
  14. Nice, more will come. When I got my first king over the metre, 2 more followed that same season. All were off the rocks
  15. Would love to also crack the legal size this season. Cracker of a fish