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  1. Apparently not: "Estimates of fecundity for dusky flat-head range from 294,000 to 3,948,000 eggs" and "to 4,793,077 eggs in a 764 mm female." I am pretty sure that 1M plus flat-head eats more then 2 76cm one's. From and figure 1.7 of 80 cm fish is 3.8kg , 1m fish is 7.8 kg. If what the fish eats, is in relation to it's body weight, then 1m flat-head eats as much as 2 80cm. Considering that a 80 cm female produces ~5mio eggs, which apparently is the highest range of produced eggs, I prefer having two 80 cm females swimming around then one of 1m.
  2. i did read the opposite: "dusky flathead egg quality and relative fecundity did not change with body size." That's a good read. The scary part is that only 50% of female flat-heads are mature at 57 cm. So if one is capable ( and this should be part of the knowledge ) of discerning females, no female under 70 should be taken. And no more then 1 female should be taken, if any at all. Best would be to only keep males. For the egg production,with "Estimates of fecundity for dusky flat-head range from 294,000 to 3,948,000 eggs" and "to 4,793,077 eggs in a 764 mm female." One could assume that a female of 80cm has peaked with the egg production. In regards to Pre colonization, I can't say what it was. Maybe there were more sharks in the estuaries, maybe there was more fish, who allowed coexistence of both smaller and colossal females, maybe male flat-heads have preference in smaller, better gene-pooled flat-heads. Maybe all those eggs of the big females, never gets fertilized by a male, and all this caring about the big mamas, is not helping the species. Maybe helping the Freshly fertile female flat-heads, by removing the food and territory competition ( remove big mamas ) would be better.
  3. The idea is that a differentiated gene pool is the key to survival. The enemy of it is inbreeding. If you have a decade old Flat-head, that produces offspring since years, chances of offspring of this flat-head breeding with each other is high, leading to a weakened gene-pool, and making them more susceptible to environmental changes. Also it is my assumption that such a >1m specimen eats the same as 2 smaller females, that are already capable of laying eggs. So I don't understand why people are happy to take younger, less "hungry", with a better gene pool specimens, but not the old lady? I think the reality is, that >1m flat-head are not as tasty as say 60cm one's, and the oh so noble fisherman returns the "smelly" fish with the excuse of returning a breeding mama back to the water.
  4. I think the upper limit is counter-productive. I share the idea that the "really big" female flat-head are obsolete, eat more then what they contribute, and weaken the genetic pool of the flat-head species, which could in turn have a negative impact of the survival rate of the species.
  5. Got up late as i was in no hurry. Decided to give it a go. It was officially my day fishing after all. At Roseville Ramp 3 trailers, not a good Omen. I setup storm cover and made my way to the harbour. At Grotto Point I decided it was not so bad, and crossed over to Quarantine. To wavey so another cross back. Big waves. Decided to anchor opposite Chinaman's beach. Few reds and a decent Red Rock Cod. Then I felt something heavier, only occasionally shaking the head. I knew it was a flathead, question now was how big. I don't know what was bigger, my smile or the flathead. Pulled it in and put on the PFC matt. Nice 50 cm. No monster but 2 solid filets. Not much after that. Decided to pack it in at 3:30 pm.
  6. With a forecast of almost 2 meter swell, I am NOT going past grotto point. Southerly wind does not leave much protected areas. Maybe I'll drift for flatheads ( apparently THE fish to go for with this weather ) in front of Balmoral beach. Am I correct in the assumption that all this rain has pushed the fish closer to the heads? I treat it as an option. I paid for it, and that is for the good cause. If the weather is too adverse, I'll stay in the warm and dry, and dont do anything stupid. That's also a good cause.
  7. You need a new boat, when going fishing in your current one, you don't catch anything.
  8. Hi Like many I've enrolled in the Pirtek Fishing Challenge, It seems that the weather is going to be lousy the whole week before, and maybe even on the day. With the water not looking too clear, and likely the offshore bumpy, what is the best strategy to use? For me it's going to be a day out on the boat, but would be nice to take home *ANY* fish at the end of the day. What are the chances to catch Yakkas in these conditions? Normally I wait 3-4 days for the water to clear after rainfalls. Or should I take the boat to the blue mountains and fish for trouts ( the weather would be perfect for that ) Thanks
  9. I received a letter from my council. I have to move the boat at least every 28 days. Further then 1 block, and then I can park in the same spot again.
  10. I agree with @sydney south, but the 165/R13 LT that I put on are rubbish. I will now put on Goodyear Wrangler DT Light Tuck. Hoping for Stronger Side-walls. Wight index is still in excess of the trailer + boat weight.
  11. I apologize for not stating the ( to me and others ) obvious: I did hit the tyre with the trailer on my way to the ramp I would have risked getting an answer: Boats don't have tyres. Now seriously, where do you guys get your trailer tyres fitted? It seems that wherever tyre fitting place I call they want to throw some no-names tyres at me? Maybe it's the 165/65 R13 size the problem?
  12. Thanks @Raging for the PM. It seems everybody else has their boat in the water. Not much help from this community, if it's not about fish.
  13. I hit the kerb on my way down to the ramp, and sliced the tyre. I hit the kerb lightly before, with the tyre on the other side, and it took out a nice chunk of plastic. I did several kerbs before ( yes I am a terrible driver around corners ) with my old tyres and they never sliced or lost any parts. I NEED some SERIOUSLY GOOD tyres. My mistake for buying from .bay Area Sydney, Northern Suburbs. Please suggest Tyre and retailer. PM me ( for the retailer part )
  14. My Bible: "The Australian Fisherman's Companion"