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  1. Had a look on tue morn plenty of birds but no salmon
  2. Any one know if they were still there today ?
  3. river_kid


    Hey mate try berleying with bread and using tiny bits of prawn on a size 12 River kid
  4. river_kid


    Muddies arnt rare in Sydney you just need to know where to look ! River kid
  5. prawn star is spot on i went though alot of hassle working this out recently...... cheers river kid
  6. sounds to me like your gear shift cable has snapped or something similar. take your cowling off and watch when you change between foward and reverese if you only see the throttle cable move then its your gear shift cable. cheers river_kid
  7. ians a top bloke and will norm open up the shop regardless if you ring him. cheers shaun
  8. take it back and get them to fix it when i bought my outboard 2nd hand from a dealership and he said second hand items he legally had to give me a 3 month warranty with it. cheers river_kid
  9. seams like my impulse may pay off then matching it with a rack raider ended up buying a daiwa sol to match with a rack raider as well so 2 new combos to work with:P
  10. anyone got or had a look at the stradic ci4 ended up buying one on impulse tonight. reports ive seen so far look promising but has anyone else given one a go yet? cheers river_kid
  11. they do sting not all that painfull just irratating.
  12. good on ya for getting out there mate, for the sambos give the tiny 1.5gram splices a go they always work for me.
  13. mate they cant actually "close" the river they just try and keep everyone away from it for the races, but really stuff em go fishing anyway mate!
  14. either make yourself up a bracket(or have one made up) or search blah blah poop ect.
  15. nice work on the tinnie mate gives me a few ideas:P