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  1. Cape Leveque is a magic place and my favourite part of the trip we did from Broome to Darwin many years ago. We stayed in a hut on the beach and the scenery, water and fishing was amazing. Plenty of trevally and queenies from the shore on lures and a never ending supply of garfish from the rock/beach junction which we feasted on along the gibb river road. We also joined the flat bottomed boat that took campground guests out for a bottom bash and if you had your own gear you just pinned a livie on and there were quite a few big Spaniards caught or busting gear. One arm point further north
  2. My favourite eating fish. I cut the heads off behind the pecs then gut them and gently scrub the black lining out with a tooth brush (use an old one or use someone else's). Put them in a plastic bag with some flour, shake around, dip them in egg, roll in bread crumbs and fry for around one minute if deep frying or say two minutes if shallow frying until breadcrumbs brown. When served, turn upside down and split the gut cavity down to the tail then gently grab the tail and pull it up and it brings the backbone with it. Any left over bones are small enough to melt in your mouth.
  3. I was in Broome for 4 days last July and unfortunately agree with you about the tackle store. I loved the place though and I can highly recommend the Boab boat hire up there. We hired the centre cab for a day, they picked us up from our unit, drove us to the beach where we launched, and then were there on the beach to pick us up at the end of the day. They even rang us the day before to see if we still wanted to go out the next day as there were forecast 12 - 15 knot winds in the morning and they were willing to give us another day with a better forecast. Being from Sydney the wind was not an
  4. Got a big one to the boat at Flint and Steel a few weeks ago when fishing for Jewies but it was just holding the live yellowtail and was not hooked.It grabbed the bait when it was being retrieved for a check up. They are quite a sight with their silver bodies and large teeth. Suspected we lost another one as well that we didn't get to see.
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