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  1. Hi, looking for crew to come along on Saturday, fishing on a game boat out of Wollongong. Shoot me a msg for further info. steve
  2. I'll tell em, definitely not going to fight about it, very unlikely to actually kick the bucket in. If it seems they can be educated I'll try and educate. But then I tell people to take their crap or put it in bin when they leave their rubbish everywhere at the park. It feels better to do something than nothing. Why will they most likely be caught? How many undersized fish have you caught since you last had a visit from fisheries?
  3. Inshore flares man, just saying if you're isolated they might be worth having
  4. Dunno, but if you're buggered on the far side of st George's basin on Tuesday afternoon in July they might be handy. Middle harbour on Sunday in January not so much
  5. I reckon it's incredibly liberating to leave the esky at home. Takes away the pressure to bring home dinner. Dropped fish aren't as bad and so on Or even better to catch as much as you need, 3 lizards is all we'll eat, and continue with no intention of keeping any more. the old Victorians are a strange lot, determined to max out at every opportunity and taking the freezer and generator o interstate trips!
  6. Nothing wrong with a small Christmas tree or a 3 inch skirt with a soft bead in the head either
  7. Old school rapala cd 7 and 9 with the metal bib.
  8. Moderators, i can't open this from "unread content " I need to hit tackle talk find the the topic and hit page 3 on iPhone 5 ok, carry on.
  9. More hardener, It helps leave them in the sun for a couple of days before you polish them if you can get some scales ($10 eBay) to measure your mixture to .1 of a gram
  10. Cool, Are you glueing or tying your skirts on?
  11. You should be able to predict the angle landline will have on the issue
  12. Good luck Steve, bet you can't go 20 minutes without hearing "what temperature you got there?"
  13. Where, spit bridge to Roseville ish launch tunks park or Roseville what, kings or the pelagic of the month depending on the season or other species. gear, if it's in the open 4 pound and some patience, if it's amongst the poles and moorings much heavier plus some luck. its flat flat in most conditions get out there and explore!
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