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  1. i went on one of the skinny little fishing boats which i would recommend. Me and a mate basically joined a fisherman on his little outrigger boat and learnt how simple fishing can be or moreso how much our fancy gear can complicate things. We spent the day trolling and chasing congregating schools (watching the forming birds) and it only cost me $50Au. He (the driver) would pretty much take us for however long but we turned in pretty early as my mate was extremely hung over.
  2. just curious, which groynes do you have most luck on?? i tried the western most groyne a few times for zuilch
  3. Well it looks like i probably try some of those places at the hacking, iv attempted at wallys wharf once but that place was chock a block, even at 11 at night. Do squid follow the clean/clear water?
  4. Hey guys, would really like to try my hand at some squid to feed either a juicy kingy or myself. I rarely have a great deal of time so would need to go somewhere close by (landbased). Im thinking captain cook bridge either sutherland side off the old boat ramp (but surely the jig would struggle in all the weed?) other option was the wharf on the opposite side. If anyone has had any luck these places i would greatly appreciate an inside word. Cheers
  5. doesnt everyone struggle climbing down those rock type structures, they were a pain in the ass to climb around and it seemed a very uncomfortable spot to fish
  6. yeah sorry thats what i meant i think, through the jaw would be a more appropriate way of saying it. as in up under the chin and out of the nose
  7. Where abouts do you fish off there?? last time i was there the water level went over the rocks and made the point inaccessible? could only fish in closer to the green on the pic
  8. iv always been told through the mouth is the best bet with poddies, though havent had a great deal of experience with them. just curiously where about are u getting your poddies and u getting them with a trap?
  9. pyoubs

    Popper Love

    thats a dangerous photo, looks like my savings will suffer again this week those pencils look awesome. Might be obvious but why would you put on bigger hooks?
  10. i felt like we moved into the wrong spot by setting up a lazy drift in towra, it seemed like there was a bit of action in the bay but we were both over the moon thought and couldnt be bothered dealing with much else. i didnt see anything at all being pulled by other boats did any other raiders get any solid fish on the saturday??
  11. Went out this morning and got onto the water about 6am. Went quickly to baldface and got some live bait, herring im pretty sure. After we had about 10 we headed over near the airport. Picked a marker and set camp, sent the first bait under a float then the other with a size 2 sinker and no exaggeration about 1 minuted after it was in it holder it got smacked. Was soo nervous when it was on the line as i had a good idea what it was. Boated it and it was a king at 68cm! I am still over the moon. We left livies out to no more such luck, on bait picked up a 39cm flattie and 33cm trev which went b
  12. i live about 2 minutes from there, have only really tried fishing there twice and went home empty handed
  13. pyoubs

    Popper Love

    Cheers the information looks good. What is a pencil though im not entirely sure?
  14. where abouts do you fish at dolls point? do you have much luck on plastics usually?
  15. pyoubs

    Popper Love

    I was near there! fishing around sylvania waters/capt cook bridge will definatelty be giving the lures a better go on the boat on the weekend.
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