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  1. Set off midweek from Apple Tree Bay , before sunrise and with picturesque tendrils of 'sea smoke' on the water. It's a 12 km paddle from the ramp to the Hawkesbury River proper and it takes me the best part of 3 hours to make the journey and catch some live mullet in the Bays for bait on route. I use a copy of chart AUS204 to identify the holes and likely jewfish haunts and slow drift the areas with a heavy sinker close to the bottom and a long trace line to a circle hook. On this occasion the unfortunate mullet was around 15cm long and nose hooked. Got the strike 1 hour before high water slack and the beast dragged me around for 15 minutes before I could use my short gaff on him.It is hard work in a skinny kayak to put the rod in the holder, grab the fish by the gills, cut the line and put the fish in the hatch but I did it without going for a swim and with no one around to see me make a mess of the operation. My last good jewfish was way back in May and I was beginning to think the fish had all left for the Winter.