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  1. Hi Raiders, Been a while since I've posted anything and thought I would update the last few months of offshore Sydney. With the warm water still around, there is the mix of kings, Trag, Jews, Groper and a slow start to Snapper season offshore (water needs to drop a lot for it to fire up)! Hoping the water starts to drop and the cuttlefish start to die, so the big reds move in close from the wide regions. Butch
  2. HI Raiders, Been a long while between reports, usual just use FACEBOOK now. Weve got a few nice reds, groper and other aquatic hero's along the way over the past 3 months during the cold water. As per usual, SYDNEY produces good reds if you fish hard and low light! And just north of Sydney, within 1.5hours...
  3. G'day mate, nice Jewie bra! Well done! I fish for Jews offshore in Summer, and one thing to note about Jews is, they don't pull hard offshore to be honest, they usually blow their swim bladder quickly and slow up, plus they aren't naturally a dirty fighter like a King or even a solid Red (Yes, had plenty of 6kg to 7kg Reds offshore run me into the kelp, and I nearly gave up on my 7kg red off Sydney as it had me bricked for a few minutes)... I guess in shallow water the Jews don't blow their swim bladders and keep their steam up! Good luck bra, very cool!
  4. OFF THE CHART zander moot!
  5. Awesome Rev! Yeh I've heard the odd tale of them, however, never encountered one buddy.
  6. Yeh good fighter, however, the first run is not as fast as snapper of its size!
  7. Hi Raiders, Went fishing this morning for reds down a berley trail. Reds didn't play the game, only kings and a spangled Emperor. 55cm beast. Kings only small, 70cm was the biggest. Pretty unusual for Sydney! Butch
  8. Hi Raiders, Went offshore chasing live squid with a plan to catch some kings in the arvo after we get a large bag of live squid... The squid were very slow and tough, however, we managed 6 after working really hard. Luck my mate Zander had the right colour, they were switched off all other colours, water was really really murky after all the rain! Ended up berleying some squid chunks to get the kings around us, after around 20mins we had some boiling on the surface along with some reds and amberjack. We got a good feed, 4 x kings, 2 x Amberjack and 2 x snapper. Tough day though! Also, took my 3 year old crabbing and we got a good feed! Yew! Butch
  9. Yeh Papas, lets do it very soon buddy!!!!!
  10. Hi Raiders, Offshore, the reds are around, nothing huge yet, not until the water temp starts to fall, however, good numbers! Also, hit the estuary chasing Jew Tuesday night, however, only managed a few bream, nice bream though, 43cm and 43cm. Both too an 8/0 CIRCLE hook with a squid strip Butch
  11. Thanks for the all kind words guys! Yeh Jett loves his fishing, we do so much of it together. My ex-wife has bi polar and cant really be with him, as she just gets so stressed and upset - so he pretty much just hangs with his dad! We fish and watch fishing videos all night! He just loves FISHING! Especially catch Snapper too and lots of Kingfish! Butch
  12. Hi Raiders, Been having more and more summer fun on kings with my little man! He's been seasoned now, catching a heap of kings (inside the heads only for now, for safety reasons). Yew Butch
  13. OUTSTANDING BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. You catch live squid and you are 90% chance of kings. Without it, scale down that probability! Personally, live squid bait is my real indicator of a successful trip in my books offshore for kings. In terms of snapper, a big oily berley trail and you will often entice some fine reds. Again, fresh baits can be the X FACTOR. In terms of soft plastics, well your variability's are not fresh bait (obviously), but the drift speed/wind and ocean currents. To allow you to the fish the strike zone etc. Especially when deep water snappering around the 50-60m marks! Wind and current play a huge role!
  15. Hi Raiders, Short video of my son on his 63cm Kingy. My boy is only 3 years old, and loves it! Butch!