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  1. deek

    Bow rider pros,cons.

    I always flush my Bulge
  2. deek

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    Just Ordered my member pack as well. Just to add to the other suggestion, Beanies. Cheers Deek
  3. deek

    No more wet feet.

    looks great. Where's the order form?
  4. deek

    Boat for Botany Bay

    Have a look at the Polycrafts
  5. Thanks Donna & Stewy for all the years of support. Enjoy your new chapter in life. Deek
  6. deek

    Sunken boat

    Did they ever work out where the water was coming from?
  7. deek

    Confused about which boat to buy

    They are a heavy boat and can be a bit wet. But if you extend the spray chines, it seems to fix the problem. I'm actually looking for a 4.1metre Poly at the moment. I think the pluses outweigh the negatives for me. If you damage it, most of the time all you need is a heatgun or hairdryer to repair it.
  8. deek

    Confused about which boat to buy

    I've owned a Polycraft 4.55m. You can plastic weld wider spray chines on them. This helps to displace the spray you would normally get. They are a heavier boat, 310kg for the 4.55 without outboard, but they are a soft ride and you don't need to worry about getting pounded as much as a tinny, and you don't have to worry about electrolysis or soft fibreglass. Cheers Deek
  9. deek

    Confused about which boat to buy

    Matt, you should also consider Polycraft boats. Cheers Deek
  10. deek

    Pre Purchase inspection

    Morning Raiders, I'm after recommendations for a pre purchase inspection and a boat transport mob. Now, here's the catch. They need to be in the Townsville area. Thanks in Advance deek
  11. deek

    Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    This is my second boat. But like some of you on this post, I had a Yammie as well and loved it. That's why I'm not sure about the Merc
  12. deek

    Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    I would always get an independent inspection anyway.
  13. G'Day Raiders, I'm interested in a buying a secondhand boat that has a 40HP Mercury Lightning XR, 2010 or 2011 with approximately 300 hours on it. The boat looks well looked after and the owner informs me he has the motor serviced annually. My concern is I've heard some bad stories about these outboards. So, I'm putting out there to all the outboard gurus. Thanks Deek
  14. deek

    Wavebreaker cost

    Thank God someone else asked the question. I thought it was just me.