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  1. I guess they're trying alleviate the issue of people filling 1000 plus litre water tanks
  2. deek


    Hi Raiders, Looking at getting my brother a gift voucher for a fishing trip within botany Bay or Sydney Harbour. Any recommendations please PM. Thanks Deek
  3. I must give thanks to my late inlaws. Without their sensible investments we wouldn't be able to have bought the house. Unfortunately, we've just come back from down that way. So, it looks like November is our next trip down.
  4. G'Day Holls, We have a holiday place down Manyana way. We try and get down every three weeks or so. I have a 4.1m Polycraft side console. I normally fish Conjola and just around Bendalong. I don't go too far outside as I don't have radio. I've only fished Burrill Lake once, but have witnessed some good fish being caught. PM me your details and when I'm down next i'll give you a yell.
  5. Jervis Bay Marine Park Zoning Map.pdf
  6. Just sent you a PM Keflapod.
  7. deek

    Boat upgrade

    Don't discount the Polycraft range either.
  8. I guess it depends if you want to match the colour. Otherwise, you could use a silicon or a product called Selleys Knead It Aqua
  9. Korea already has Hydrogen buses and are looking at adopting it for their trains. Hyundai already have a Hydrogen car in Australia. They're just waiting for the Governemnt to sign off on them.
  10. Nice Job Josh, But you could've used a better beer mate
  11. I had the same thing happen to me. It turned out it was the bimini in the upright position. Folded it down and hasn't been an issue
  12. Just turn the music up and you won't hear a thing.
  13. Great little buy SOTW. My last boat had a 40hp Yammie, never missed a beat. If you need a name of a mobile mechanic in the Mountains, give me a shout. Deek
  14. deek


    OK FR Gurus I have a question for those who have a Polycraft. I have a 4.1m side console. When I remove the bungs after a few hours on the water, there's seems to be 2 to 3 litres of water run out. Whilst this is not worrysome, it is annoying. I've been told that the two bottom outboard mounting bolts and the winch hook can cometimes leak as well. I've re sealed the bung areas, sounder mounts and ladder mounts. As yet I haven't had the chance to re seal the engine mounts. Other than using Lexel, Sika or Soudal should I be looking at any other product?
  15. Gardening, car things, a few beers and involved with the local church
  16. Wow you could lawn bowl on that grass.
  17. Wow, That looks great. So, where do we sign up for repairs?
  18. Wow, You must be built like Arnie, 6 foot 2 inches and only weighing in at 82kegs. i'm 5'6" and weigh in at 84kegs
  19. deek

    Bow rider pros,cons.

    I always flush my Bulge
  20. Just Ordered my member pack as well. Just to add to the other suggestion, Beanies. Cheers Deek
  21. looks great. Where's the order form?
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