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  1. helliconia

    Lake Jindabyne first time trout fisho

    I don't know how adventurous you are, but I had a great time camping and fishing the Coxs River in the Blue Mountains National Park. Apparently everything upstream of the junction with Little River has seasonal restrictions, but below that is open season (might want to double check that with DPI). We parked our cars at the end of Megalong Valley Road (turn off near Blackheath) and walked in to the lower reaches of the river, about a 7 hour hike. Was a hard walk carrying everything for a weeks fishing and camping but definitely worth it! There are little in the way of walking tracks that far down, so most days we bush bashed our way up or down river to fish. It was VERY cold in July, but dining on fresh trout every day and enjoying the magnificent scenery easily made up for any discomfort Not sure what the fishing would be like in the warmer months, being a cold water fish I'd image they migrate to the dam and go deep for the colder water, but maybe someone knows better?
  2. helliconia

    Navionics with Sony Xeperia Z Tablet (Android)

    Steve, you might want to start with the version of Android they use on the Experia and go from there. Even if Samsung add proprietary bits to it, they are required to maintain compatibility with the version they use this should give you a start point when talking to Navionics.
  3. helliconia

    Navionics with Sony Xeperia Z Tablet (Android)

    Hi Steve, I can't answer your question directly, but if you're looking at using the tablet exclusively as a mapping tool on the boat you can down grade or load a specific version of Android on most devices. The tricky part is finding a version made for that hardware (processor and motherboard rather than the make and model) and persevering until you get it loaded. I did it with an old Samsung phone for my partner so she could get the latest apps and games that weren't compatible with the old Android. Took me most of a day messing with it though. If you know someone in IT they might be able to make it less painful if you go that route. Cheers Brian
  4. helliconia

    New Cats on the Hacking

    They look like they might be a Sailfish....
  5. helliconia

    what's a good glue for led strip lights

    I used a strip of double sided spongy tape. I figure if I ever want to remove them I can scrape off the gluggy backing with a plastic knife.
  6. helliconia

    putting numbers on boat - tips

    You could use a small block of wood cut to the right height you want, tape one of those waxy pencils to it then run it around under the lip at the top of you hull. Should give you a line the same distance from the top so they line up correctly. If you want to get really technical, you can measure the sticker widths for each letter, add a margin in between and use a set square to draw a right angle line to the top one so you get them straight as well as level. Place your stickers so they're just under the line, then when they're dry and stuck good, wash the wax off.
  7. helliconia

    Struggling. Dont know what I am doing wrong?

    Where abouts in Brooklyn are you fishing? I'd be heading to the point near the boat ramp on the turn of the tide and fish it outgoing. You get a nice eddie happening off the south end of the point and that will often hold fish. If all you are catching is the tiny bream, I'd increase your hook and bait size. Personally, I have good luck with Woolworths Banana prawns, the aussie ones not the imported. Before you go fishing, if the wife will let you, put a bunch in a blender with a handful of breadcrumbs and puree it then freeze in handful sized pancake shapes. When your fishing mix the thawed blocks with a fair bit of sand and salt water in a bucket and throw out a handful every few minutes. Use baits around half a prawn sized on a hook that will hold it. You should do OK with that. You can use fresh squid strips instead for the bait. They're tougher so you can get the bait past the pickers if they're a problem. I have a mate who likes to put his rod down and watch the tip, then strikes with a quick snatch when he sees movement. He strikes so hard though that we make jokes about his favourite dish being Fish Lip Soup. I hold the rod, tip low, and when i get a solid bite just smoothly lift the tip up. I get a pretty good strike rate with that method.
  8. helliconia


    Btter off dropping your boat in at Apple Tree Bay. Take the Kuringai Chase Rd turn off from the F3 (heading north). Turn right at the top of the off ramp, follow it all the way down towards Bobbin Head. You'll come around a left hand hairpin turn and see the car park, turn left in to the first carpark and follow it around about a kilometre or so and the boat ramp is there. From there, its a straight run north from the boat ramp and only 10 mins to Waratah Bay, its the last big bay on your left before the creek turns east a bit.
  9. helliconia

    Business Owner Survey

    Hi Raiders! I'm running a short survey, only 10 questions, on small and medium sized businesses use and understanding of business strategy. I'd appreciate any of you that own or run businesses upto around 100-ish employees filling out the survey for me. It's completely anonymous, I don't get any info on respondents except whats in the survey itself. Most of it is multiple choice with a couple of short answer questions. You can find the survey here - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QB3NNRL Cheers for your help! Brian
  10. helliconia

    Hawkesbury - School Jews

    Smiths Creek is a great spot. Much quieter than Cowan and better scenery I reckon (not that you'd notice in the dark lol).
  11. helliconia

    Must see Tuna frenzy

    Amazing footage, but hell if I know why he drove right through the bait ball. I didn't see any prop-struck dolphins or fish but that was probably pure luck.
  12. helliconia

    If you could design one thing....

    Attach an electric reel and pneumatic net arm and you wouldn't evenhave to wake up
  13. helliconia

    New PFD design

    Ditto, an inner material that prevents chaffing and rubbing would be good. +1 for the waterproof pockets too. I like the idea of the zip up model, but maybe with zip/velcro on sleeves for summer/winter wear. Stay away from spandex though - I'd look terrible in a super hero costume!
  14. helliconia

    Is my business idea viable

    You may also find that you need to look at getting a security license if you're going to be going into peoples homes. Even if you don't have to, might be worth getting for peoples piece of mind.
  15. helliconia

    Kingy on bream stick

    I spent $300+ on a Kingy stick and i've yet to boat one... its demoralising reading these reports Nice work and a great report Coyote!!