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  1. Went out from Sydney on Sunday to try and catch a Kingfish tried all the usual spots up to Long Reef and back but had no luck did catch a mixed bag of Trevally Snapper Flathead and an odd catch of South Head a Pearl Perch? Those warn currents must still be pushing hard south never seen a Pearl Perch caught of Sydney before. Thats one of the things I love about fishing you never know what you might pull up.
  2. I was lucky work covered it, she did questioned my mentality then had a good laugh with her girlfriends when they had to detour after a concert to pick me up. I still get reminded about it at family gatherings.
  3. Mike2153 sorry to here the Dollies weren't there they must have moved on at least you got a Kingy. Your phone going overboard reminds me of loosing my car keys in the briny that I wasn't able to save, cost $950 after tow to dealership, break into car and cut new key with code.
  4. Madden


    Mike2153 they were near the surface we were throwing unweighted pilchards at them on single hooks schools of Dollies were following each hooked fish to the boat beautiful sight all lit up.
  5. Madden


    Was out Saturday fishing the artificial reef off South Head looking for Kingies no luck but got sick of catching 50 cm Dollies left them biting. Have never seen Dolphin Fish that closed to shore before.
  6. I think your right juvenile javelin fish do you get them to any size in the hacking?
  7. Yes my thoughts were it was a juvenile Sweet Lip or Red Throat Emperor but I didn't notice any red coloration in its mouth when my son caught it, obviously we threw it back.
  8. Hi Raiders, caught this fish in Sydney Harbour a few weeks ago chasing yakkas never seen one before. It had iridescent blue lines above and below its eyes. Any idea what fish it is?
  9. Ventured out to Wyangala Dam last weekend for a days fishing with my brother decided to give the trout a rest in the Nepean as the river was rising and try to target a Cod. Had to stock up on lures as we hadn't seriously fished for Cod before and so it was down to the local tackle store to spend a few dollars on lures. The day started off a little breezy but improved as the morning went on the dam looked great 95 odd percent full hasn't been at that level for a long time so we were optimistic of catching something. Trolled lures all morning and tried casting spinner baits around timber but could only mange a couple of hits with no hookups at midday decided to tie up around some flooded trees and bob a few yabbies brought along just in case, baits ended up saving the day catching three yellowbelly we also lost three to snags not reacting fast enough to the bite.
  10. Great variety of fish you can't ask for much better than that.
  11. Yes I have fished the Nepean around Penrith for 20 years and never caught or heard of one this size before, my best bass up until yesterday was 38cm.
  12. 2 to 5 kilo spin rod with a 1000 reel loaded with 10 pound braid and 8 pound leader, light drag and I hooked him in open water as I was casting for a trout.
  13. Headed up the Neapean river late on Easter Monday with my brother in hope of a trout plan was to try lures into the evening and then surface poppers after dark for a bass. We trolled tassie devils and hard bodies up past Erskin creek without any luck and spoke to quite a view other boats doing the same who reported no trout today. We managed to get up into the Warragamba arm and decided to soak a few baits while we contemplated our plan of attack and with in 10 minutes we hooked a trout and we had achieved our target species a Rainbow approximatly 30cms. We continued fishing baits with out any luck and then my brother pulls out an old pink coloured hard bodied lure that he said had caught him a few trout over the years and offered it to me to give a go, first cast and I was on felt like a massive trout with numerous runs and strong heads shakes, as the leader came up we couldn't believe our eyes at the size of the bass attached to the trout lure a few nervous net attemps later and we had her in the boat 55cm bass my pb to date by a long way, we took a few photos and released her to fight another day. We gave the surface lures ago on the way back but no hits but we were still happy with our day catch.
  14. Madden

    Sydney Today

    Thanks for the reports long time reader first time poster we went out on Sunday to try and catch a feed started of south head Sydney and trolled to the colours no takers on our lures so anchored up and tried burling for some activity all we caught was an under size king 55cm and a few rock cod. Moved to 40 metres depth off north head and could not loose a bait so decided to head further north to the Fad off Long Reef. A few boats plus a charter gathered so can't be wrong we dropped our baits and tried our luck managed three moworng two pig fish and a marble flathead, watched a few game fishing boats cruise past the fad with teasers out lures spread heading towards the shelf. Headed in early noon before predicted storms hit, boat got a wash on the way home storm hit about Penrith still a good day out on the water. Thanks again for your reports have learn't so much from this site.