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  1. As king chaser suggested get some other jigs which might be more suitable for the area you are fishing. Maybe your jig is supposed to be used from the boat in a deeper water and you are trying to get it to work from shore. If your jig is sinking too fast you can try a faster retrieve. You can try Shimano Coltsniper: https://www.dinga.com.au/shimano-coltsniper-wonderfall-light-jigs-wonderfall.html
  2. For the basic shore jigging technique have a look at this video. For my shore jigging I use slow blatt jigs and Shore Gun rods although there are many other brands. What jig weight and size you are going to use depends on your rod rating. I have two rods, one for jigging with 10g-20g jigs and second one for 40g-60g jigs. Be prepared to lose a lot of jigs if you fish a very snaggy bottom.
  3. If you mean the enclosed swimming area, I've never seen anyone fishing there. You may try your luck in the morning when there are no swimmers. The jetty is a good spot but it's packed during the day but if you go early you can find a spot. Rocks on the north side of the jetty are worth trying and usually there's a spot or two. I fished Parsley Bay quite a lot couple years ago and I caught 61cm Trevally there. I also caught tailor, flathead, luderick, bream, squid, yakka, red morwong. Best times are at dawn and dusk. Use burley.
  4. I'm not sure if they are the same models. Maybe these are made for Japanese market . In my opinion BG 3500 is too heavy for the rod you want to buy. 100 g difference might not seem like a big difference but you will feel it after a couple hours of jigging. BG 3000 is available from Fishraider sponsor Dinga: https://www.dinga.com.au/daiwa-bg-3000-spinning-fishing-reel-22232d.html If shipping from Australia to Norway is too expensive, check ebay or a shop.
  5. I use the same reel Daiwa BG 3000 spooled with PE 2.0 braid. BG 3000 is a good value for money. With my setup I can cast 40g jigs 70-80m without too much effort.
  6. SFSGS-103H+ is a bit longer which helps when you fish off the rocks. It's also more responsive. It's very difficult to explain it. It's like buying a new car. Both a BMW and a Kia will get you from point A to point B but which one would you buy if you have enough money?
  7. Both rods are pretty similar in terms of lure weight you can cast. ShoreGun Evolv SFSGS-992 SS is longer by 5” and you could use heavier line PE 0.6-2.0. I own 2 Palms rods, ShoreGun SFGS-80L and SFSGS-103H+, and a Major Craft KG Evolution KGS-962MH. I prefer Palms rods but you would be happy with either especially if this is your first shore jigging rod.
  8. When it's dissolved in water it might have paste consistency. It's usually mixed with bread.
  9. I have SFSGS-103H+ BL not SFSGS- 103XHBL. SFSGS-103H+ BL is rated 1.2 - 3.0 PE, 30-70 g lure and I match it with either Daiwa 3000BG or Shimano Sustain 5000FG. I used it once with Saragosa 6000SW but it was a bit too heavy for jigging. I prefer to use lighter reels otherwise my arm starts to feel tired quickly. Your Daiwa TD Sol II should be fine for your rod. Cheers and enjoy your rod.
  10. Palms Shore Gun EVOLV Blue Runner shore jigging rods are not cheap but they are nice rods. I have a couple of them, SFGS-80L and SFSGS-103H+ models. Model SFSGS-103XHBL, 10ft 3in long, 30-100g lures, 15-40lb line rating fits your criteria and it’s within your budget ($430). I also have a MajorCraft KG Evolution but I prefer Palms Shore Gun rods. HTH
  11. Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I usually fish Bundeena shore and most of the time I catch blackfish. However, being a long drive from home I’m looking for a new spot closer to home to target blackfish. I’ve read about this spot, the lamp post on Gallipoli Point, in the “Sydney’s top fishing spots” magazine and it has been mentioned on this forum as well. I was wondering if this spot is accessible from the shore. I’m not asking for location. I went there yesterday and it seems that only access is through private properties above that spot. Another spot I’m curious about and whe
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