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  1. Little_Flatty

    Hen and Chicken Bay Saturday

    Hahaa Neil I will try very hard to heed your sage advice . I've found as my life has got busier and more stressful I've needed time on the water more than ever. So yes, more fishing and more reports is on the cards!
  2. Hi all, Been 11 years since my last report (how time flies!). All the usual life excuses - work, family, study and more - have all but killed any proper time on the water! Anyhow, with the wife out for an afternoon, I thought I would drop in to visit my folks and ended up going for a fish with my dad. Any trip with my dad comes with free babysitting by my mum (and this is much encouraged, but unfortunately I rarely have the time)! Having jumped off the train from a family trip in the city, I didn't have any gear, so I borrowed one of my dad's outfits, rigged up with a plastic from his collection and then we made our way to Hen and Chicken bay. Had very low expectations with the cold weather and all, but much to my surprise, managed to get a couple of fish. The first fish was a nice little flatty: The next fish seemed to be somewhat more lively and I struggled to get it in. When it finally came in, I realised why - it was a foul hooked whiting pinned in its tail wrist! Neither fish was anything to write home about, but I was pretty happy with that trip! It's been so long since I've caught anything bigger than an undersized bream, I didn't really know how to handle the fish anymore! Thankfully I got both back in the water after a few fumbling attempts. After that it was time to get some dinner. It was good to be back. Mike
  3. Little_Flatty

    Fishermen, fisherwomen or fishers?

    Hi all, Long time between posts. Came across this article this morning: What do you think? Mike
  4. Little_Flatty

    Lake Parramatta

    Hi Mate, There's meant to be bass in there but I haven't been able to nail one myself...not much of a bass guru unfortunately. Nice place have a go! To top it off there's a canteen where you can get a bite to eat between casts:) Mike
  5. Little_Flatty

    Lets Protect Our Sport!

    Mate, With all due respect it's probably a little harsh to think that other fishermen don't care. As far as I'm concerned fishing is important to me however I'm just as busy worrying about other things such as the interest rates staying down (and certain individuals not lying about their ability to influence them), the ability to get a decent education, the ability to get (and keep) a good job without heading overseas, being a citizen of a nation that is a responsible global player and internet access that is at least bearably fast! It aggravates me when political parties make dodgy decisions regarding fishing and the environment without adequate research or due dilligence (or anything else for that matter). However fishing isn't going to be the only thing that will drive my decision this election, as with every other one I have voted in. There's no simple solution to any of the political issues these days and that's why we all need to take a considered approach to voting. If fishing's the only thing on your agenda and you make your decision based soley on this, fair enough. Unfortunately that doesn't do it for me, and a whole lot of other people out there in Australian society. Just my two cents worth. Mike
  6. Little_Flatty

    Iron Cove Session

    Hi guys, Wasn't fishing *that* light...3lb crystal fireline (seriously doubt it breaks at 3lb...give it 6 at least?) and 6lb leader... Having said that though I do like my little 1000 sized twinpower (it even gets used nearly as much as my baitcasters!) as the smaller reels more comfortable to fish with IMHO and I've never been spooled or busted off in my life so I'm quite happy to tempt fate until I start catching fish that are big enough for that kind of business! I was using a 3inch bass minnow...greenish hue similar to watermelon but a bit escapes me! Cheers Mike
  7. Little_Flatty

    Iron Cove Session

    Went down to Iron Cove for a spin this morning to see if I could get myself a bream or two. Noticed something was smashing bait schools in a little bay, so walked over for a closer look. After about ten minutes of unsuccessfully trying to cast my lure into the boil (the things were moving too fast!) I hooked up to something rather spirited and landed this: Haven't seen sambos this far up the river before!
  8. Little_Flatty

    Pilchard Fishers Back Ongoing Restrictions

    Tried the eyes painted on the back of the helmet trick yet?
  9. Little_Flatty

    Happy Birthday

    Cheers guys:) Almost forgot it was my birthday myself then came to the painful realisation I am now on the other side of 25... Us gen Ys call it our mid life crisis seeing as we all want to retire at 40:tease:
  10. Little_Flatty

    Sharp Hooks

    I've only just started trying single hooks on HBs and so far haven't found too much of a difference. Mind you if a big bream wants your lure you're unlikely to miss the take What I have noticed is that I still manage to nail toads and other little stuff that have the guts to go my lure...interesting...but I spose that's only cos the hooks are razor sharp gamakatsu lure hooks. Mike
  11. Little_Flatty

    Fly Fishing On A Spin Rod?

  12. Little_Flatty

    Quick Question About Metals..

    Good to hear this as I've just changed most of my favourite hardbodies to these hooks! Getting trebles out of the landing net whilst trying to release a fish was definitely getting a little old so I thought I'd give these a try...not to mention getting them out of fish and the unecessary harm it does to them. Mike
  13. Little_Flatty

    Reel For Sp

    Hi Mikey, As a long standing overhead/baitcaster holdout I have to concede that threadlines defintely do the job better than baitcasters for SPs. To get a baitcaster that can cast 1/32 oz jigs a good distance you'll have to spend double or even triple your budget and it's just not worth it if you aren't a baitcaster fan like me. I still prefer baitcasters for their ergonomics, but admit to having a nice little threadline outfit lying around for the days where the wind just doesn't want to play ball My two cents worth...hope it helps Mike
  14. Little_Flatty

    Another Squid Fishing Session!

    Did you actually get to have a go at the squidding or were you on the barbeque as usual?
  15. Little_Flatty

    1 Hour Squid Session

    Must pack some squid jigs in my lure pack then next time I'm that way!