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  1. I’ve sighted gars on the surface there near the weeds but not sure if they are a regular target. Have tried a variety of lures there to no avail. There should be plenty of small fish in the shallows to keep the kids entertained. Apart from fishing my family also enjoys the long jetty hipster cafe and op shop strip. Also visit the tackle shop while you are there. I found the jetties a little rickety so be a bit careful especially with kids. Otherwise closer to the entrance as rebel suggested is probably better. Last I was there I did ok on the flatties and bream on squidgy
  2. Marlin on a bream rod? Is there a Waza epic tale to be told? I would love to hear it! Great to see some old gear still doing the rounds on raiders’ boats.
  3. Hi all, What's your oldest piece of fishing equipment still in operation? Mine is a Sigma Whisker Titan which I bought second hand from Ray at Anglers World North Rocks whilst I was still in high school (I'm nearly 40 now). I actually have no idea how old it is, but I suspect it might be at least 20 years old. It's spooled with 1kg mono and has been my go-to reel for stalking whiting with bait on the flats. It's a positively tiny reel (equivalent to a 500 size these days?) and has a beautifully smooth drag. I have a big collection of higher tech gear but I keep coming back to th
  4. You did the right thing. The sad thing is that the offending individual is probably only a once-a-year fisho. It's actually hoons like that who get wharves closed and fishing banned.
  5. I just did this tonight on a new outfit and it worked a treat! I wouldn’t have had a hope in the world of guessing the required amount of backing (3/4 of a 2000 sized spool) with 4lb braid so thanks to all for their advice!
  6. I saw that video too. Shroom absolutely did the right thing and handled himself well. From the DPI website, it says that even if a fish is dead or injured on capture, you cannot keep it. I came across this rule the other day when I was checking something else: This rule always confused me a bit (if a fish is dead, why waste it?), but I guess there are unscrupulous types who would dispatch an undersize/over-bag-limit fish and claim it was fatally injured in capture. There is probably also an argument for keeping the fish in the aquatic food chain.
  7. Now that’s a quality feed out of the lake. Enjoy the lake opening event for us and keep the reports coming so we can all live vicariously through you
  8. Great to see that the fish came to you, seeing as you can’t really go anywhere else hope all is well there. I can’t wait till I can get back up that way when things settle down a little.
  9. Wow that’s a beautiful outfit. Not that you would ever sell it but stuff like that is on sale for a motza at dirty janes in Bowral.
  10. Yum...well done. I got to get over that way sometime soon to get some eating flatties rather than the glow-in-the-dark variety from my local... Hope the foot is on the mend soon!
  11. Totally agree! They have actually become my go-to plastic over bass minnows which have been my go-to for over ten years. They are a lot more expensive per plastic but then again my fishing time has reduced in recent years so overall it doesn't make a difference cost wise
  12. I had big plans to travel further afield this morning but as often happens with me I ended up fishing locally instead. Started out in z man grubs which scored me two undersized flatties in quick succession. Then I switched to a squidgy shrimp and came up tight on a bigger model. No monster, but might have reached mid 40s at a stretch. All fish released. Not long after that I got snagged and got the call that the kids had woken up so it was time to go home and take everyone to the beach. Glad to have got my fishing fix before that!
  13. But...what if he hooked onto Whiskers?!
  14. I was intrigued by the idea, until I saw the price! For that money, you could buy a boat!
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