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  1. I knew there was a trick to it! Thanks for sharing I've been doing more handlining of late, mainly because you can keep them rigged and they are easy to carry. Means I can get a full ten mins of fishing on the way to the park with the kids, without having to muck around with much gear. Actually been really enjoying it and it made me think of the astonishing levels of effectiveness you attain with handlines
  2. Always love the mixed bags Yowie. Just curious as to what your handline setup is and how you manage them when you fish on your own. Do you fish multiple at once? If so, how do you set them? Do you leave the fish to run free after they take the bait or fix them somehow so they hook themselves?
  3. Bruce and all, just curious what kind of fish this is. I'm assuming it came from the creek?
  4. Funny, I was thinking about how to play this situation when I was on the beach on Sunday morning. Thankfully I found a decent gutter after walking about 3km, randomly fishing the white water here and there along the way. Eventually found a patch of fish, so Green Hornet's advice is spot on; mobility is key! The added exercise I got was a worthwhile bonus.
  5. Great to see everyone looking well and having a great time!
  6. Sounds exciting! I've had my eye on a couple of AirBnBs in that area, just waiting on the kids to be water safe before we consider it more seriously. I'd follow James' advice. Also, the fish will likely to hold close to the jetty for protection and food, so no need to throw your line too far out. Also keep your sinkers as light as possible. If it's not windy, you can often get away with no more than a pea sized sinker. If it's windier or the water is very deep, maybe a slightly heavier sinker may be necessary. Generally you want your bait to be close to or on the bottom. Drop your li
  7. I think what Mrs Swordy was getting at was summarised by this post: As this post says, it is ok not to disclose a good spot, but it is appreciated on this community if some general information was given, e.g. 'Lower Harbour' or even just 'the habour'. Most fishos who have become good at their craft have had a helping hand at various points in their fishing careers and I think this is a big reason why this community is so valued by many. That said, one could have worked out the spot just through the pictures, plus google maps. For those who wanted to analyse a successful fisho's repo
  8. I think it's time to annoy said family member by hanging out on their pontoon all the time with a heavy line out under the wharf! Then find out what it is and post a report Either that, or you teach them to fish so they can find out on your behalf
  9. I'd add the various flats around Bayview and Church point to the mix. Also can pump nippers but to be honest I do ok on the whiting on peeled prawns as well. Pea sized ball sinker straight to a size 6 hook and just cast over the flats...No need to bother with anything beyond the dropoff. As AVR said, the superlight element is crucial. I use 1kg mono with an old nibble tip rod.
  10. Just realised one I was thinking about is Croydon Park, not Campsie. I've seen the odd report on here where the member was clearly using ISO techniques. Maybe they might come out of the woodwork.
  11. Hi Xuanhong, I'd go to a specialist shop if you are in Sydney. Can't mention them here, but they aren't hard to find. There's one in Eastwood, Campsie and West Ryde, that I know of. One runs a particularly good website and youtube channel that is informative and in English. I don't really fish ISO but I have used their floats for mullet and bream with the kids. Generally their floats will have a buoyancy rating, e.g. G2 or 3B or something like that. Then the shot are sized to match this buoyancy (also G2, 3B...). I'm just told to use the one of the right kind. Have fun with it a
  12. Nice catch! Love that spot. Only problem is, when I go there, while I’m fishing I’m always tempted to go to the bistro in the RSL, but when I’m in the bistro, I’m tempted to get back onto the water asap!
  13. Cheers Otto! No rush. Hope your MiL stays safe and glad to see she’s being looked after. Will pm you my details. Mike
  14. Hi Otto, I could be interested in a few of the cork handlines - have had my eye out for them for a while. I'd actually use them. For the rest of the stuff, by 'throwing out' I hope you don't mean the bin! Older stuff like that is valued by op shop browsers, so maybe you could donate it to one and see what they do with it. There were a few stores in Dirty Jane's in Bowral that specialised in that stuff. Not all of it was functional, but it was always interesting to see an old split cane fly rod up close. Anyhow, let me know if the handlines are still there and I'll pm to pick up.
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