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  1. Great story Waza, I too have fond memories of that wharf, albeit in more recent times (but before the ban on fishing). I'd imagine it would still be awesome these days, if you could fish there. Mike
  2. Hi Wes, Welcome to the site. It can be a bit tough going in winter. Linley point is a nice place to wet a line. I haven't done amazingly - just some flatties on the flats under the bridge (wading out - safety first - watch the tides and maybe it's an option to keep for summer when getting wetter than expected isn't such a bad thing!) and some small bream/flathead on plastics. If you live close, however, you probably could work out the best times and techniques for the area. The water certainly looks fishy! Just to give you an idea, a Berkeley 2 or 3 inch bass minnow or a Z man 2 inch grub on 1/8th jighead could work as a lure in that area. Expect a few snags along the wall - comes with the territory. In time you will get a feel for avoiding snags and also can experiment with weedless plastics etc. Treat your trips like lure casting/working sessions where hits/fish are a bonus. With these restrictions, you're lucky to be in striking distance of fishable water - just enjoy being in a peaceful and scenic spot 😎
  3. I loved the quote 'free speech is not the same as free reach'. I agree with @zmk1962's sentiments and @mrsswordfisherman and Stewie definitely have achieved their goals with creating a good community. This is the community which got me from being a casual fisho to being able to find fish with reasonable consistency on lures. All thanks to members who were willing to share. It's nice to see this community still very much alive after all these years when many other communities have come and gone. More than that, it's retained its soul and its original purpose. That's a testament to the Swordies and the moderation team.
  4. Distance and accuracy casting! I'm waiting for the day when talent ID staff turn up to a fishing comp
  5. I've got to admit I am curious to see what an Olympic skateboarding event looks like! Also looking forward to seeing the cross country mountain bike events...actually all the cycling events. Then the swimming and tennis of course.
  6. I have fishable water within my LGA but I yesterday I took delivery of a compelling reason to stay at home!
  7. Further, thanks for bringing up this topic! I think the Tokyo rig might be my answer to one of my previous questions regarding wire forming!
  8. Haven't heard of these but I do have a few comments re weedless plastics. I have been fishing a lot more recently with EWG hooks and a weedless presentation. Because I'm mostly landbased, snagging is a part of fishing life for me and I hate the wasted time of re-rigging, considering most of my fishing is local and my sessions are often <= 30 mins. The other benefit I like of fishing this way is that you don't need to carry 1000 different weight/size jighead combinations - just a few different sizes of ewg hooks and a handful of sinkers. Initially I was allowing the hook to clear the plastic but found it still snaggable. I've been hiding the hooks a progressively more and found significantly less snags and have had a few trips in a row where I didn't get snagged! That said, I did miss the only decent hit I got the other morning, so maybe there's a price to pay for the weedlessness. It's still a work in progress. Probably the best compromise is to allow the hook to clear the plastic and then stretch it and gently hide the barb, but this works better for some plastics (e.g. Z-man) than others, which might break.
  9. Nice to see any report whilst in lockdown! And I think even competent fishos wouldn't complain about a day like that in winter. I've camped at Patonga with my family before, on recommendation of fellow raiders. Brilliant spot and it is a very rare place that still allows open fires in winter (BYO fire pit). Thanks for your report.
  10. So I haven't quite achieved what I set out to do so far (allow interchangeable weights as well as hooks), but I have managed to form a knock-off of what I was using. On the top is the TT Snake Lockz product which is my preferred option. The second is a Cheburashka rig (another surprisingly cheap commercial offering) which I only learned about recently and I can get up to 3/4 oz which is useful for the deeper holes I've been fishing lately. Finally is my home-made option which I made lighter because I am currently fishing shallower waters within my own LGA. I think I have made the snap mechanism too tight - needed pliers to get a hook on which defeats the purpose of a snap - so the design needs work. I also have no idea if a plastic rigged on my DIY option will swim ok, I'll find out next time I get on the water. Right now I think I'd still buy TT's if I can get to a tackle shop...but, I had some fun, and if I can get this working, I can save a bit of money as well as get exactly the weight/hook combinations that I want. @frankS thanks for the tips and inspiration. I think it will be satisfying if I can nail a fish on a home-made SP snap! Mike
  11. +1 on the raiders. Excellent rod for the money. I will also point out that the Abu Veritas 3.0 range is also on sale if you search. Also very nice rods.
  12. I did watch those videos and what piqued my interest was their CNC wire forming machines. They look amazing but you can buy a Shimano Stella for the price of one of them! Would love to have one some day, but just can't justify it now. But in the hands of the likes of @frankS, imagine what might be possible!
  13. Frank, Thanks for taking the pics and showing me how it's done. The snaps' design certainly looks simpler than I first thought, gives me some food for thought for sure! It also looks like they could be lower profile and easier to use than the on-market snaps. That spinnerbait with the blade attached looks like an interesting contraption! I'm sure there's a story behind that one I will get crafting and report back on where I get to. Mike
  14. Hi Frank, First off, you were the first person I suspected would know how to do this Second, I would be very interested in the photos indeed. Finally, what tools did you use in the forming process? Thanks in advance for your help! Mike
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