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  1. I am talking of a sounder unit only, so there isnt going to be Geo locks etc. I can live with imperial only but i doubt very very much that only little old Aus versions have both Metric/Imperial on every single unit ive ever seen but the ones in the USA dont have that option. Anyway ill keep u all posted on how i go.
  2. Has anyone bought an overseas unit and needed a repair ? just wondering how you would go if warranty was needed.
  3. Cat No: 6165X Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Mono FishFinder $399 Does anyone know where i can get one cheaper than that . I can get one from the states for 300 bucks..... can you believe that!! even with nearly $50 delivery thrown in its still 100 bucks cheaper. Every hobby ive ever been involved in has always seen aussies ripped off, our dollar is actualy worth more than theres so we should be fairly close when it comes to pricing Hmmmmm im not sure what i should do here tho, maybe warantee could be a prob with an overseas one.
  4. macnaz

    garie hot bite

    No worries ,i remembered this may have been the case,,, been years since ive fished there. We didnt always get big numbers in the fish but we always got quality size wise.
  5. Cool a cheapish fix than aye,,, beat a visit to an outboard mechanic
  6. macnaz

    garie hot bite

    Does Garie have a boom gate locking the place up of a night ??
  7. So was it the battery ?? I hope thats all that was wrong .
  8. Great report and congrates on the fish mate. yeah im hanging to get out there but just too busy at the moment,, Boats nearly tweaked and ready to go so i hope im not to late to get amongst them .
  9. How long does the run from here to Botany Bay take ? Ive never attempted it because i couldnt stand all the 4knt zones.
  10. Dam this link is dead.. anyone remember what it said ?? good or bad
  11. macnaz

    Towball Weight

    Hey Burley i have to maneuver my boat around by hand and its a real pain as well as hard work particulary when i wanna have a fish on my own. What i am going to make over the next month or so is a motorised jockey wheel, maybe u can look into wether they are available comercialy or wait around till i have mine goin and ill post up here on how i have designed it. The main parts in what i am making will be about 200 bucks so that may be cheaper than concrete.
  12. Is this the one ? I just spotted this old post that may help you. Im only guessing they leave it in the same place, im sure others here will know for sure.
  13. I think this may be right, not only are African fish much larger im sure most women will swear African men are as well lol
  14. I know this has been asked a million times but models have changed and peoples budgets are differant . My budget is around the 250-300 buck mark and id realy like suggestions on what i should looking for in what ever unit i buy. I know my budget isnt going to buy me anything real fancy but i was hoping to find something that can be used reliably for proper fish arches as apposed to fish id symbols. Also in this budget range is colour offering anything over b and w or is it just a gimick. Any brands better than others ? looking forward to hearing some feed back here are a couple ive looked at . LOWRANCE MARK 5X GARMIN 160C
  15. Thanks looney... was the guy you spoke to using soft plastics ??