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  1. Thanks for the link, ive been looking for jackets like that for a while.. the 149 buck ones look ok.. expensive yes but also very practical . As far as the full spray jacket type goes.. is it worth paying that much for something u will only use in winter?
  2. Does anyone know wether a bumbag type inflatable life jacket meets waterways requirement while around your waste in the bag and not inflated around your neck.
  3. Hi All Great site and great ppl here as well. I have been here a little while but ive done more reading then posting lol. I prettywell love all fishing except rock ( hate the walk in lol ) I prefer to target Jew in the estuaries and Kings when around blue water but still enjoy the good ole bread and butter fish like bream ,flattys etc. I know and love the waters west of the Harbour bridge very very well but since its a polluted fishing no go zone my fishing has come to a bit of a stand still until i get a bigger boat to head straight past the bridge to the heads and beyond .
  4. NVM ... I was trying to show a vest listed on an (online shop) but it appears it isnt allowed here
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