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  1. Cheers Donna @mrsswordfisherman - it was dry indeed, we maybe had 5 proper river crossings the whole time, most beds were dry as you say. It is always so tough keeping the expectations low, as you want to fish all of these magical places you’ve read about when traveling, but being realistic and understanding that when staying 1 or 2 nights in a new location - luck plays a much bigger hand than you’d usually like! What I’ve posted is obviously a highlights reel, there were many fishless hours also - though it’s hard to complain in such beautiful locations. Anyhow, I’m about to head out for a beach session this evening so we’ll see what’s happening on the home front! Dave x
  2. It has been quite a while since my last post - mainly because we’ve been traveling through this beautiful & special country we call home. Out trip took us from Broome up the Dampier Peninsula, to the Gibb River Rd through the Kimberley, up through Kakadu and Litchfield and on to Darwin. We saw so many wonderful places, people and things, and whilst it wasn’t a “fishing trip” as such, there was great fishing to be had along the way. Most of the beaches held queenfish which were hungry for white plastics if we had the luck of the tides. I had a 10ft rod and fairly simple rig 15lb braid to a 25lb Fluro leader casting lures from the shore, and also managed to get out on a few boat trips along the way. Here are a few highlights hope you enjoy seeing them - back in Newcastle now and and am keen to see what the beaches and rocks have in store as the weather warm up.
  3. Good on you mate! I have been struggling to find any around Newcastle for weeks, I may have to try the lake (though I'm land-based so not sure if that's an issue?)
  4. Good one you mate thanks for that. We will be spending some time at Middle Lagoon & Cape Leveque so i'll take your advice there. Great tip also for the yabby trap!
  5. I really appreciate all the tips here. We're both reasonably experienced travellers with a fair amount of caution/common sense - though it never hurts to be reminded of how careful you really need to be. Being prepared to deal with issues in a remote location is quite different to the usual "fishing trip plans" As an example I learned my lesson re crocs on our first trip to Broome some years ago, a call close enough to remove any complacency! I will look into an emergency beacon to be sure!
  6. Good on you Rick thanks for that - I'll give this a try.
  7. Just a short report on my quick session before work today. I've been itching to get out there, but quite honestly it is tough going among the holidaymakers (not a complaint - everyone should be encouraged to get amongst the outdoors!). It just means a little more walking to find a quiter spot. Anyhow - I had one worm that survived my home curing attempt and looked passable. I found a little corner spot at the (Nobby's) breakwall where I could cast to a patch of sand. A few 'silver biddies' (herring?) came on the bite right away. That was followed by a small whiting, then these two fish in two casts. I have never caught a morwong before - I thought I'd hooked a drummer as it certainly gave a good account of itself on the whiting rod! After landing these two, a crowd of fishing lines magically merged from further down the wall to be in very close proximity to me - so it was time to pack it up. Both fish measured 37cm caught on preserved worm, #4 long shank hook 8lb line with a very small (pea size) running sinker. In at 6am done by 7am. If anyone has some advice on how to best preserve beach worms I would be keen to learn more. This was my first time doing so (with methylated spirit in a jam jar) and I don't think it quite worked out - are they better to freeze in some newspaper? Or is there a knack to curing them?
  8. Whilst I absolutely am trolling through the awesome information already available on the site, I thought I'd ask the question here too. Mrs & I are headed on a driving/camping trip from Broome to Darwin via GRR throughout July & August. We do have a good 4wd setup & plan to do some fishing along the way. Any advice on land based options would be much appreciated. Dampier Peninsula/Cape Leveque > Derby > Kununurra/ Ord / > Kakadu/Jabiru > Darwin is the rough itinerary. Any other advice on special things to see would be welcomed also!
  9. Good on you mate! The whiting have been lighting up recently (as long as you can find a clear patch between the holiday crowds!)
  10. Good work you've got the idea! Size of the hook shouldn't make too much difference (I use #2 or #4 depending) - I think you can always catch a big fish on a small hook! Long shank is the right type to use here.
  11. Mate I use a 12ft light action rod, but I don't see why something around 8-10ft wouldn't work equally well. You don't need to cast very far to find the fish (in fact - I reckon most people are casting out well past them!). Try a slow retrieve too with plenty of pauses. This will remove slack from your line, and the whiting seem to like a bait that moves a little.
  12. Awesome catch & excellent photography too!
  13. That is an awesome catch in anyone’s book! Well done