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  1. defyet

    Empty Hawksbury

    Scoot around the corner in to pittwater, I usually launch in the hawkesbury and head straight to the basin etc and fish around there then work my way back around west head and flint and steel back to the ramp, as soon as I get back in to the hawkesbury the bites usually stop lol.
  2. defyet

    Near collision

    Nothing annoys me more then seeing a boat flying along the water in the dark, or even worse with no lights on, how the hell can they tell what is ahead and stop / steer away in time, sometimes other boat lights can only be visible from a few metres. At night i usually cruise at about 8 knots max and always have another set of eyes looking out as well. One night i was out at the Hawkesbury and travelling between the F3 Bridge and the Railway bridge when this f$#^%$# goose was anchored dead center of the channel with NO lights on at all in pitch black darkness. I was cruising about 8 knots and there was no moon out or shadows to see land, when i all of a sudden hear someones anchor chain getting pulled up like mad, i shit myself because i knew they we're very close and i hit the high power spotlight instantly and there's a bloody boat 5 metres in front of me, luckily i steered away just in time. I'f i was hooning like some other boats i had seen on the water that night i would have cleaned them up. Thankfully i was only going slow and i also had enough time to regain my breathe and give it to this idiot as i went past. After that incident i haven't been out at night since because its other people i don't trust on the water.
  3. defyet

    Bova SeaSickness Tablet

    Left it too late, Need it for a bunch of blokes for a charter on Wed morning and its after 5 now so they wouldnt post them till tomorrow which is too late. Looks like i'll be taking a trip to Caringbah.
  4. defyet

    Bova SeaSickness Tablet

    I've heard people raving on about the Bova Compounding Sea Sickness Tablet (ET Fishing) that can be purchased from the chemist at Caringbah (Cincotta Chemist), which is made by Bova Compounding across the road from the chemist apperantly. Does anyone know if any Cincotta Chemist sell these tablets or only the one at Caringbah? Thanks
  5. defyet


    Condolences to family, friends and anyone that knew him and those involved in the incident. Police divers have found the body of a man who was thrown from a runabout into Botany Bay in Sydney's southeast. A search for the man, who went missing after his boat crashed into a mooring buoy near Kurnell, resumed on Sunday morning. He had been fishing with his two sons and another man when the collision caused him to be thrown overboard, just after 6pm (AEST) on Saturday. His sons raised the alarm by issuing a mayday call and firing two flares. Emergency service rescue teams looked for the man throughout Saturday night before the search was abandoned at 3am and resumed after dawn. Police divers found the body of the man, aged in his 50s, about 11.20am (AEST), in water approximately 15 metres deep, near where the boat crashed. His relatives have been informed.
  6. defyet

    Hawkesbury Delivers

    Nice one mate! It certainly wasnt delivering the night before and early that morning, i did an overnighter from Midnight till 9AM. Fished a few spots under the Railway Bridge, Flint n Steel, Lion Island and drifted from Danger Island to Juno Point and still did not even get 1 bite the whole time we were out, fell asleep for a few hours and woke up and the 4 baits we had out werent even touched, burlied hard, tried prawns, squid, pilchards, soft plastics etc.. Braved the blistering cold and 20knot winds all night for nothing.
  7. defyet


    Hi, I know these threads have been done over and over but im tossing up between a Seamaster Gold 80Amp/640CCA or a Century Marine Pro 90Amp/720CCA. All im running is a Evinrude early 90's model 115hp, Fishfinder (doesnt always stay on when the motors off) and a 12V Globe for the Anchor Light when fishing at night (around 6-8hours). Would the Seamaster be sufficient, only reason i ask is because i can get it for $80 cheaper then the Century but i dont want to scrimp over $80 if getting the Century means i wont get a flat battery on the water at night because it has a higher Amp rating. The battery in the boat at the moment doesnt have a label but going by the size its the same as ones that are around 80amp/600cca however ive never used electrics on it for long periods so was unsure if the Seamaster 80/640 would be sufficient for my motor size and electrics. Any recommendations?
  8. defyet

    Cleaning upholstery.

    Id be careful using bleach if its dyed vinyl.
  9. defyet

    Cleaning upholstery.

    I'll chip in here seen im a detailer, you should be able to remove it with a Multi Purpose Cleaner and agitate it with a brush, if not dilute some Degreaser and get yourself a brush (something like the one attached - Shoe Brush), you can get them from bunnings for $2 and agitate the marks with the degreaser, dont let it dry on the surface. You should be able to remove pretty much 100% of marks on marine vinyl with the right product, problem is most off the shelf stuff is on the weak side and takes a little longer to work with but with a brush it will make it a lot easier.
  10. defyet

    Port Stephens / Nelson Bay

    Unfortunately not, will be going back up in 4 weeks and will take the boat out.
  11. Port Stephens was firing over the easter long weekend, plenty of Salmon off One Mile Beach / Middle Rock at Anna Bay, you could see them all along the beach in the waves and the occasional jumping out of the water. Pictured below - 66cm Salmon caught while fishing for Whiting, was using a small long shank hook when a big school of Salmon came through an took the bait, it demolished the hook and as i beached it the hook snapped in half, luckily i grabbed it before it swam away! Few people fishing beside me caught about 8-10 Salmon all around the 40-50cm size till a trawler came through and cleaned the place out and there was nothing around even the next morning. The Nelson Bay Marina Breakwall was also producing a lot of good sized bream, with everyone along the wall hooking up all night. Had one massive run that bent a stiff 10ft rod right over and took off like a bullet but unfortunetly spat the hook after a massive run.
  12. defyet

    Hawkesbury Firing

    Wish it was like that last week when i was out there twice, first day a 70CM jewie was caught and a lot of small snapper and tailor and that was it, then the second day there was no bites and a lot of boats drifting around and i only managed a 46CM flathead.
  13. defyet

    Brooklyn / Hawkesbury - Much happening?

    Thanks guys, Went out yesterday, didnt go out to Lion Island, just went to Flint and Steel, there was a few boats out there at 6am but nothing was happening after a few hours so drifted into Fishersmans Bay and Jerusalem Bay along the rocks and back to Parsley Bay with the run in tide. Only had one keeper though a 32cm bream, the rest were just under size Whiting and Tailor. A decent size flatty spat the hook as he surfaced though. Might have better luck next time but it was good to fish somewhere a bit calmer for a change.
  14. defyet

    Australia Day Kings

    Mate thats a cracker of a king, nice job! How big was it?
  15. Just wondering if much is happening up the hawkesbury around brooklyn, dangar island, flint and steel, juno? Dont see many reports for up there. Thinking of heading up that way sometime this week rather then the usual Botany Bay trips that produces nothing for me.