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  1. MikeMac

    Quick Session at north head

    Great fish ka-ching and love the outfits 😍
  2. MikeMac

    Broughton Island

    Quality red Ka-Ching. Bizarre that the slimes went untouched?! Mate, think I saw you heading back in today - you lads moored up in Nelson’s yeah? Sweet ride if that Bby Blue seafox is yours! I was with a mate on the red/black JetSki tailin ya.🤙🤸‍♂️
  3. Hi All, Long time lurker first time poster. Staying at the Intercontinental, Fiji next week and looking to book in either a half or full day charter - usual trolling, popping for GT's etc Likely will be myself and the young lad (8yrs old). Also have been informed by the concierge that flicking is permitted off the beach - has anybody done so? Pls PM any suggestions, thanks in advance. Cheers, MM