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  1. Tasksta is on the money here!!!! I was at the Dee Why fad, It pick up quite quickly - not ideal. 1300 seasick will solve all of your problems regarding your mrs. This stuff is amazing. I take a lot of people out with me and have never had a problem. Takes the pressure off my Mrs cutting my fishing short too, now she just outfishes me for fun......
  2. I come accross a lot of occys on Soft vibes. Can be a nightmare to get off the two trebles!!!! One took the knife out of my hand last week as I was keen to downrig him.
  3. Great effort Trout Stalker. Rattled them off with ease! Could be a drinking game in that....
  4. I know. Every other boat was so friendly and there was such a good vibe.
  5. I was there too in my centre console 'McFish'. So much fun mate!!!! Only downer being that one 4m tinnie with 7 blokes with yellow raincoats on it keeping every fish that they caught. I wanted to ram it!!!!
  6. Keep at it. The rocky point at the end of clontarf will hold Yakkas most nights. Rub bread between your hands whilst under the water and they shouldn't be long. Live bait and tide change is even more key at night.
  7. Good work. Nice and close to the bait grounds too!
  8. Amazing scenes!!!! Congrats to the Mrs. I don't recall being as envious on here ever before. Too good.
  9. Congrats Dave! Only a fisherman know how rewarding some fish can be. One definitely can earn them!!!
  10. This is true mako2000. If you have a magoo or the like, send him in early on your way out. Fish are definitely around!!!!
  11. If it is small enough, butterfly it on a two hook snell for the kings - otherwise no chance!!!!!!!! I
  12. Good man. Now that you know what it feels like to catch one, your brain won't tell you that it feels the affects of the ocean anymore!!!
  13. Well done, Outstanding. On a Yakka as well. Good signs....
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