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    Water In Fuel Tanks

    G,day Luke My boat is a Quintrex Freedom Sport 460,i've been through the same drives me insane when im looking forward to a day of fishing and the Yammy starts coughing as soon as i leave the boat ramp.I've tested the fuel filler for leaks and disconnected the breather hoses at the tank and shot water at them with the hose to see if water can get in but....nothing.Because the boat lives outside uncovered i've narrowed it down to either condensation or a pin hole in the top of the tank.To save spoiling a day of fishing...the day before i always disconnect the fuel line at the motor and use the primer to pump fuel into a glass jar to make sure theres pure fuel there,then i remove the fuel filter under the transom and empty the contents into a clear container....theres always water in there without fail.Don't forget to fill the filter with fresh fuel before screwing it back on....this method hasn't failed me yet.....hope this helps Cheers.Pete
  2. petered

    First Post(bit Late)

    G'day all Love the site,thought it was about time i posted something.I only fish Botany Bay and the Hacking,but without a sounder have been fishing blind since i bought my boat 3 yrs ago.After 3 yrs of hinting Santa finally brought me one The world of fishing has suddenly opened before my eyes,the first few trips i just watched the sounder all day .Unfortunately the turns green as soon as we leave the ramp these days so my fishing trips are only short.Anyhoo while i watched the convoy of boats coming from the Penryhn boat ramp this little jewie demolished my gulp jerk shad on the second cast just near the 3rd runway.Anyone that was there that morning would have seen the huge schools of bait that were around.My yakkas went untouched for the whole morning so the jewie was a nice way to start the day.After a quick picture with our slightly fogged up camera i slipped him back in the water to grow a bit bigger. Cheers Pete.